St George's Vets - Wolverhampton Hospital

Tel: 01902 425262

8 St George's Parade
West Midlands WV2 1BD

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Practice Details

  • Quality treatment for pets 
  • State of the art diagnostics and treatments
  • Vets and Qualified Nurses on site 24/7
  • Free parking
  • Mobile visiting service covering the Stourbridge and surrounding areas 
  • Best Start packages for your new pet from £75

Average Rating

St George's Vets - Wolverhampton Hospital Based on 474 rating(s)s
Best possible rating: 5
Average rating: 4.8
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Mark on 17/06/2016

Overall rating:


“Friendly caring and professional”

Our Labrador Barnaby developed a large benign fatty lump on his chest. The ensuing operation was traumatic but the outstanding support and treatment from the whole team but especially Susie and Monika was much appreciated. He's home and well on the way to recovery and I just want to say Thank you to St George's . We were kept updated through the day and when we collected our befuddled Lab Susie even came out to the car to help us load him in. Barnaby's a big part of our family and I can't thank the team enough.


Reviewed by: Happy camper on 17/06/2016

Overall rating:



1st class service either day or night
Very friendly staff but very professional and you always know they are doing the best for your pet


Reviewed by: Faye on 15/06/2016

Overall rating:


“Over all very good”

Overall good service. However ideally it would be nice to have the cost of each individual treatment told to you before the end of the consultation


Reviewed by: graham on 09/06/2016

Overall rating:





Reviewed by: Jayne Hitch on 03/06/2016

Overall rating:


“Poorly Westie”

Have been with St. George's since they took over our Bushbury practice. Our 14 year old westie has many health issues linked with the breed. Each visit has been dealt with professionally and with great care. They make you feel that your pet is their only client. From his yearly boosters to his more serious opperations, the last being two cruciate repairs within 3 months of each other, we are always over the moon with the service. From Reception staff and up we feel that our westie could not get better care anywhere.


Reviewed by: Kate on 03/06/2016

Overall rating:


“Such a caring vet”

We had been using a more local branch of the practice but our dog had to be forced through the door there. It was distressing for us to see him behave in this uncharacteristic way. At the Wolverhampton branch the vet put our dog completely at ease. He was not stressed at all and I am now not dreading returning in 4 weeks. Thank you so much for letting our dog show you he's a big softie really, with the right approach


Reviewed by: Francesca on 02/06/2016

Overall rating:


“Brilliant for Brian!”

Thanks so much for your time and friendly service, Sam, you really set my mind at rest and didnt think I was silly for being a blubbering mess.


Reviewed by: Al on 02/06/2016

Overall rating:


“Happy, playful and mischievous Mr Meow”

Sunny's mouth getting healthy and he is happy, playful and mischievous


Reviewed by: Pam H on 23/05/2016

Overall rating:


“Outstanding emergency service”

I rang the St Georges Emergency number at around 9.30 on a Saturday night and spoke to a very helpful and friendly lady who arranged for our dog to be seen within the hour - she even arranged for us to come at a time where they would be no other animals waiting so as not to stress him further.

When we arrived we were seen very promptly by the vet, who was very friendly and professional and extremely reassuring. Our dog was not particularly cooperative and quite aggressive as he is not a fan of vets but the vet remained calm and reassuring which ensured the visit was a stress free as possible for all of us!

Happy to report that our dog was back to his usual happy and boisterous self within 24 hours. I would certainly recommend this practice to anyone.


Reviewed by: Sue Farrow on 22/04/2016

Overall rating:


“Monika rides to the rescue!”

She may arrive in a practical white van rather than on a glamorous white charger, but Monka Kleyenstuber is a vet that stands out from the crowd. Why? Because she goes the extra mile in everything she does.
Her medical skills are beyond question, but that's just one (undoubtedly vital!) aspect of her job. What makes Monika unique in my experience of vets is that she brings a whole range of other skills to her work. She has an instinctive empathy with the animal she's treating - it's as if she 'listens' to what that individual animal is trying to tell her and responds in an equally individual way.
Busy though she undoubtedly is, Monika makes you feel that she has all the time in the world to listen to you as well as your animal. Explanations are given without any hint of patronising or talking down, questions are answered frankly and always with compassion, options are always clearly laid out.
In a very recent emergency with my beloved Jack Russell, Monika arrived within what seemed like mere minutes of my call. As on previous occasions, one very distressed little dog (and one very anxious owner!) were swiftly sorted, reassured and left smiling.
If you're looking for a vet that works in a way that's truly tailor made for your animal, look no further than Monika Kleyenstuber!