Highcliff Veterinary Practice - Brantham

Website: http://www.highcliffvets.com/
Tel: 01206 391511

Factory Lane
Essex CO11 1QL

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Practice Details

  • Long established practice with four surgeries around Suffolk and Essex-border area
  • Treating all domestic pets with a wide range of services including emergency treatments and operations
  • Fully equipped and up-to-date practice including own laboratory, ultrasound and x-ray
  • 24 hour emergency cover, 365 days a year
  • Vast range of Nurse Clinics, including routine procedures, weight management, micro-chippng and nail clipping

Average Rating

Highcliff Veterinary Practice - Brantham Based on 8 rating(s)s
Best possible rating: 5
Average rating: 4.7
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Kay Musk on 06/05/2016

Overall rating:



I have always found all the vets at the practice, friendly and very compasionat. Tom always takes the time to connect with my dogs and my dogs love him.
Bruce my Rottweiler has issues and Tom is the only vet who will see him without a muzzle. Now Bruce trusts Tom. Our latest visit was with Poppy, Tom removed thorn from her foot, Poppy and I are so grateful for the excellent service thanks to Tom Poppy will be back enjoying her walk in the morning


Reviewed by: holly on 17/09/2015

Overall rating:


“absolute confidence in this practice”

Our dog has been a patient here for 14 years (and still is ). We have total confidence in the vets, they always discuss all treatment options and keep us well informed. I do not know how fees compare with other practices but because the service is excellent we would not consider going elsewhere. As I see it, vet fees are minimal if compared with costs for human private health care. No health care is cheap !! these vets provide very good value health care and lovely, friendly service.


Reviewed by: Jodie orr on 06/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Used for first time today ”

I used this vets for first time today for my beautiful whippet sola ,not only was the welcoming friendly all the animals including sola were relaxed an happy to actually be in a vets waiting room rather than trying to run out the door ,the dog an cat separate seating area is fantastic so put less stress on the animals ,the place was clean too ,although my first experience was a very devastating one for me as I sadly had to put my beautiful girl to sleep very unexpected too,my vet Gemma was so kind an gentle towards her an even us ,I was In shock an Gemma never rushed me ,the compassion for us an sola was second to none ,the vet even allowed me to have a last walk with her an never did I feel rushed ,this traumatic experience was made more bearable thanks to the kindness of the vet ,this is a one in a million vets who actually do put animals first rather than money , even sola was relaxed an stress free an this made her end more bearable for her an us , I would only use these vets from nw on an I carnt thank Gemma ( vet ) for all her kindness an support today xxx top class service xx if I can suggest one thing it would only be to maybe make a room seepage for ppl to grive in as when you get bad news it's not very nice having to walk into waiting room crying eyes out with everyone looking at you ,maybe in time you could have little room out back so you don't have to walk threw main reception ,again it's only a suggestion xx THANK YOU all for today xxx an I'm sure sola is thankful too xx


Reviewed by: English Setters on 01/02/2015

Overall rating:


“Highclifee ”

I have been coming to Brantham for over 20 years and would not consider going anywhere else. Tom is brilliant and was so caring when we lost our last dog Poppy. I always recommend Highcliffe to my friends and colleagues.


Reviewed by: Carol on 07/01/2015

Overall rating:


“ Amazing amputation operation!”

Max is a x Lab. 9 months old. Max was late for his walk over the fields,getting dark, he spotted a fox and gave chase ran onto the lane where he was hit by a car. His back leg was badly injured!

Phoned after hours service at vets, advice and reassurance given! Vet and nurse were at the surgery when we arrived. Excellent care was given, was good to see Max relaxed and pain free while the vet explained Max's injuries and treatment options.

Max's back leg was amputated, he made a wonderful recovery, veterinary care, advice and reassurance was given while he was recovering. He was a happy unperturbed dog during the recovery period, building up his exercise happily and was kept pain free thanks to the diligence and care of the vets.

Couldn't ask for better!


Reviewed by: louise on 30/11/2014

Overall rating:


“Excellent practice”

having changed vet practice five years ago due to poor experience this practice always delivers excellent service.
We have had to use their out of hours service twice in five years and they have always provided professional and friendly care with compassion and thought for us as pet owners.
I have recommended this practice to my friends as it's the best by miles.


Reviewed by: tim on 28/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Professional courtesy”

Whilst appointment times have to accomodate the variation in time taken to treat individual animals, it is less than professional to misjudge the schedule by 45 minutes without any comment of remorse from the vet. Good manners cost nothing and should have been learnt at an age well before studying vetinary science.It is to be regretted that younger vets seem oblivious to where their very considerable incomes originate.3

Highcliff Veterinary Practice - Brantham

Thank you for drawing our attention to your extended wait. We are truly sorry for any inconvenience caused and always try to keep waiting times to a minimum and clients well informed of any delay and the reasons for that delay. We are always happy to discuss specific situations if you would like to contact us directly. Rightly or wrongly, we believe rightly, we will not rush a client who is having to process sad or unexpected news or delay treating an animal that is in urgent need and many times these emergencies may arrive at the practice without any notification, reflecting the A&E role we play in addition to our GP role. We believe and hope the majority of our clients appreciate this policy if they find themselves in that moment of need. On the matter of professional courtesy, we would like to think that we would always apologize for keeping someone waiting, but there can be times when the vet may be unaware of a client's wait, for example if a client has not checked in for their appointment on arrival at the surgery. Aside from your wait, we hope you felt that you and your pet were important to us and that when we did help you, that we did so to a high standard. We hope we may do so again.


Reviewed by: YES on 21/06/2014

Overall rating:


“Simply outstanding Veterinary Practice. ”

What can we say?

We have used this practice having transferred from another in Colchester since 2010.

Excellent service, & our regular veterinary Surgeon Tom is Brilliant...

We have 2 Pugs, which prone to there sometimes common ailments rendered more visits to the vet compared to normal pedigree breeds, we have seen a dramatic drop in the need to see the vets due to Toms help & advice that he provides us.

Nothing is too much trouble for anyone at this practice and all my wife & I can say us a Big THANKYOU.

The fees are very reasonable too..