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Our branches provide a dedicated local service to clients, offering a comprehensive, quality service at affordable prices. Our branches can also provide access to 24 hour services via our linked Southend 24hr Continuous Care and Emergency Centre.

As a part of the Medivet family, your pet will have the benefit of the skills and experience of over 200 vets throughout the company. Our staff aim to provide a welcoming and professional environment for both pet and client.

We offer both diagnostic and surgical care as well as a wealth of additional benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Valerie Durham on 14/02/2014

Overall rating:


“Big Up to Medivet Hockley”

This is a veterinary practice to be treasured. Nik has always spent time explaining procedures very carefully and, when recently operating on my little dog (with immense skill), telephoned me before and immediately after the procedure. His patience and good humour has made even my little terrorist warm to him.

I must add that his staff are knowledgeable, welcoming and reassuring and their love of our animals shines through. A truly five star practise.


Reviewed by: lg on 04/02/2014

Overall rating:



Having used this practice since its opening the current team of vets and nurses is the best I have ever known.
Nik is a fantastic vet and Alex is a wonderful and very knowledgeable assest to his team.
I never leave not knowing every little detail and can imagine changing vets if this team stays around.
Can not recommend this practice more highly.


Reviewed by: red on 01/02/2014

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My cat Lucky was injected with 80mg
of CONVENIA.I have found this to be very dangerous and Lucky had a bad re-action to it which resulted in death. I realise I have no concrete evidence but Lucky had all the sypmtons,unable to swallow due to throat swelling up,lethargic,back legs were so weak just dragged himself about,starved to death.Result was death on 13/01/2014.Family are devasted, please please do not continue to use this drug CONVENIA. It is a kill or cure drug.Lucky's result was death.

Medivet Hockley

I am very sorry about your loss and appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review. I was extremely worried about Lucky not eating for such a long time and was hugely saddened that all my suggestions and efforts to help, including making a home visit were unsuccessful. This is an antibiotic we, and the majority of vet practices in the UK use daily without any serious side effects. Lucky's anorexia may have been related to a very rare drug reaction or may have been related to something more sinister like a tumour or other disease process. Please do call the practice and I would be glad to speak with you.

Kindest regards


Reviewed by: jules on 20/06/2013

Overall rating:


“A truly caring practice”

The staff are so helpful and friendly. We did not have to wait beyond our appointment time to be seen and were given lots of time during the consultation. The vet was so kind and answered any questions in detail. I would certainly recommend.


Reviewed by: Jan W on 19/06/2013

Overall rating:


“Brilliant !”

Cannot praise Vet Niki enough for his care and compassion when dealing with our 8yr old Border Collie, Merlin. Merlin is very nervous of "everything" and Niki always takes his time in a calm, quiet, gentle way to reassure Merlin before starting any examination. He also takes his time to explain everything to us, the humans, so we also leave reassured. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting an honest, caring Vet to medically look after their "family friend"


Reviewed by: David & Jan Winterborne on 01/02/2013

Overall rating:


“Outstanding care”

Thank you so much to Nick and teams from Hockley, Thorpe Bay and Eastwood who looked after Merlin our Border Collie who collapsed just before Christmas. The care and consideration was just superb and Merlin underwent a series of tests over a few weeks under several anesthetics, including a trip to a specialist in Cambridge. Nick took him and stayed with Merlin for the tests and brought him home to us the same day. We now know what our little hairy fella has wrong and Nick and his team will be helping us take care of him, ensuring we know how to manage him for hopefully many more years, an interesting and unusual case to quote Nick. We can't thank you all enough for making Merlin's time with you as stress free as possible and helping us understand what was happening at all times. Bless you all.


Reviewed by: matt on 27/08/2012

Overall rating:


“in safe hands”

Very pleaseed with all aspects of the service i recieved.Staff friendly and helpful.Unlike vets i have dealt with in the past nic spoke and explained things in laymen terms and was reassuring.Felt confident that my dog was being left in safe hands.Totally recommend.


Reviewed by: heather beale on 27/05/2012

Overall rating:


“Great Vet”

Niklaas Kwint is an excellent vet in medical terms but he is also a vet that really interested in animals, their care and well being. He also cares about the owners knowing what is best for their pets and what treatment he and his staff can do for them. He is always willing to spent the time to explain and do a full examination.


Reviewed by: loopylou on 21/01/2012

Overall rating:


“What a great man he is!”

I have worked with animals for many many years & have, in all honesty,encountered the good,bad & frankly frightening in vet form!
I have seen vets abuse animals & owners alike and many be concise to the point of silence when its come to explanations of ailments or their treatment.
I visit horse owners as my job dictates & so I know that dealing with anxious or even ignorant owners,is a major part of the job,and possibly the most difficult!
I have taken my dog Marley to Nick since getting him at 4months old,and while thus far,its been for "routine" procedures,I have always felt safe in his hands.
I am very studious about my pet ownership & feels its my duty to be informed & up to date in my thinking,this is not always well received by a vet,as many seem to resent being questioned too deeply,and as such can leave you feeling confused about the procedure.I have honestly known people who have left a vet with no idea what their pet was suffering from,or what the treatment consisted of,despite their efforts to be informed.
Nick takes the time to discuss any issues or questions(no matter how random!sorry Nick lol!)& you never feel you are being pushed out of the door or that the question wasnt relevant or too stupid(!) to answer! I have concerns about leaving my dog alone anywhere,as he cant tell me if something went wrong,and yet Nick has made great efforts to make me comfortable and has happily agreed to my being "around"when he goes for his dental soon.That means a lot & I think says a lot!
I cant speak much about the staff as Ive not really had to "use" them much at this point,although they are always polite & helpful on the phone,although I do know Rachel,the head nurse & can vouch for her knowledge & kindness.
So,Im aware of some bad press in the past re Medivet,but I am reviewing Nick,not Medivet and sincerely believe that this vet could impress you too,particularly for those who want to know & understand any issues they may be having,rather than simply have them treated.