Sanders Vets

Tel: 01633 483208

Maindee House
Mount Pleasant Road
Monmouthshire NP44 1AN

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  • Cwmbran's most established and trusted Veterinary Surgery
  • Friendly and professional staff, always at hand to help you and your pet
  • High quality Medicine and Surgery at affordable prices
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Average rating: 3.6
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Dann1973 on 21/02/2015

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Reviewed by: Not happy on 31/01/2015

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Reviewed by: SallyW on 14/11/2014

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“Care and Empathy”

My mother's 3 year old shi tzu hd a phantom pregnancy and became ill with mastitis, which unfortunately caused her to have kidney failure. Sanders Vets did everything they could, but she did not get better and had to be pts. My mother was devastated, but what helped hr a lot was knowing that Mollie had exemplary care during her final illness and the caring empathic way that the staff treated her during a very difficult time. My mother has been a client of Sanders for probably 30 years and would not consider going anywhere else with her animals as the quality of care has been consistantly excellent. They are not the cheapest vets around, but in terms of the service they provide they are certainly up there with the best.


Reviewed by: Danielle on 06/10/2014

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“A super, super Vet Surgery”

This place is so amazing that everyone in my family uses it as their vet and we all live 20 miles away. Trustworthy, professional, empathetic and accommodating!


Reviewed by: ihatesandersvets on 21/05/2014

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Reviewed by: Sue on 22/02/2014

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Reviewed by: dawn on 28/01/2014

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“would recommend”

been visiting this practice for years with my cats and my whippet Eric,,although they may be a tad more expensive than other local vets,,if you are properly insured this not an issue.
the friendliness and professionalism is exeptional


Reviewed by: Linda on 20/01/2014

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“Great Practice”

I have used this vet practice since 1976 when I started adopting cats. They have always been brilliant, especially when explaining what is going on with my pets and dealing with difficult situations with great sensitivity and understanding. They make themselves available at almost any time - shame the human health service can't deliver the same!!