The Cat Doctor

Tel: 07961 154886

Feline-only veterinary housecall service
Surrey CR5 3AD

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Practice Details

  • At home veterinary care just for cats.
  • No dogs, no cat baskets, no stressful car journeys.
  • Feline-friendly medications and handling techniques.
  • Relaxed and in-depth 30 minute consultations available evenings and weekends.
  • Full service veterinary practice with an associated clinic.
  • Independent, family-run veterinary service tailored to you and your cat.


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Average rating: 5.0
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Carol on 29/05/2016

Overall rating:


“The Cat Doctor - compassionate end of life care”

We had Amy and Shreen attend to our cat Madge regularly as her illness progressed. She was so much happier being treated in the comfort of her own home - particularly as she got more unwell.

The treatment our little girl got towards the end of her life was everything we could have wanted for her - gentle, kind and understanding. Amy and Shreen made time for us whenever we needed it and couldn't have been more supportive of us all.

A real find. We couldn't hope for better care for our cats and would not hesistate to recommend them


Reviewed by: Madihah on 05/05/2016

Overall rating:


“Incredible service at such a difficult time”

I cannot recommend The Cat Doctor highly enough following my experience two days ago. Unfortunately, my beloved cat Tigger suffered from a rapid decline in health over the course a few days, and I called Amy on Tuesday morning. As Tigger was very afraid of cars and would not have fared well in a vets' surgery, I was very pleased to find out that Amy's mobile vet service was local to me. Even at such short notice, she made an appointment to come and visit us at home that same morning, along with Shreen and Mary.

Their treatment of Tigger was wonderful, and they were quick to diagnose him. They were so gentle and caring with him, and also with his brother Eeyore. Unfortunately, Tigger had to be put to sleep, but Amy and her team were so very supportive and caring and allowed us to make the decision without pushing us at all and giving us plenty of time to think about it. They were so compassionate yet so professional, and carried out the procedure with the utmost care. It was fitting to end Tigger's long and happy life in the comfort of his home, laying on his favourite rug.

They were also very compassionate and kind with us, noting how deeply upset we were in the situation, comforting us with the most lovely words and assuring us that he was at peace. Their passion for the wellbeing of cats is clear, and reflected solidly in their work. Amy and her team were the perfect fit for Tigger, recognising just how special he was to us and treating him as such. We were also sent a beautiful card today in remembrance of our beloved cat, which made us very emotional and made it even clearer just how much Amy, Shreen and Mary care about their patients. We'll be sowing the forget-me-nots over Tigger's grave in his memory.

In addition to all of this, after the visit, Amy was very helpful in advising how to help Eeyore cope with the loss of his brother from whom he had never been apart since birth. All of this adds up to the most excellent experience from a wonderful group of vets who truly do care.

I cannot thank you enough for everything that you've done.


Reviewed by: Samantha Cook on 20/04/2016

Overall rating:


“Truly amazing service ”

I cannot rate the cat Doctor highly enough they provide a fantastic service and are lovely people


Reviewed by: Phil & Marina on 28/02/2016

Overall rating:


“Thank you for your help at a difficult time”

Amy and Shreen came out late in the evening and at short notice to see our elderly but much loved cat Dipsy. She had been declining for a while and we didn't want to put her through the ordeal of a visit to the vet. Thankfully we found the Cat Doctor and although sadly Dipsy's time came to an end, it made a world of difference being able to say goodbye to her in the familiar surroundings of her own home. Amy and Shreen were superb with Dipsy from the first moment through to the end. They were very compassionate and supportive but professional and honest and helped us to reach a decision about Dipsy's best interests without trying to steer us in any particular direction. They clearly care deeply about cats and about the work that they do.


Reviewed by: Helen on 11/02/2016

Overall rating:


“Best Service ever”

What a magnificent service! Both Amy and Shreen show true empathy. It's wonderful to have the assurance that your beloved pet will be attended by the same vet who really gets to know and understand them. Sadly, I only found this incredible service at the very end of my precious Bill's life at the grand old age of 19 years and 5 months but the kindness and understanding shown by Amy helped me through that very difficult time. It is most definitely the service I will use in the future. I cannot recommend The Cat Doctor highly enough.
Helen, in memory of Bill


Reviewed by: Marian on 20/01/2016

Overall rating:


“Excellent service”

Very happy to have found The Cat Doctor for our highly nervous, elderly cat, Marge. Taking her to a busy surgery would have been awful for her and for us! Amy and Shreen are a terrific team.


Reviewed by: Andy on 03/11/2015

Overall rating:


“A good start”

The Cat Doctor was everything we wanted for our new rescue kittens. They were prompt and professional, kind and reassuring, expert and informative, and well worth the fee. We are very grateful to them.


Reviewed by: Janet and Happy on 27/08/2015

Overall rating:



Amy and Shreen came highly recommended last year and have just visited Happy for his second annual health check. I was told by his previous owner that he really hates travelling in the car so jumped at the chance to have these lovely ladies come to our home to see him. Happy doesn't panic or get stressed as both Amy and Shreen are fabulous with him. They are kind, gentle and patient and nothing is too much trouble.

It is no more expensive having a home visit than it would be taking Happy to a vet and the really big advantage is there is no stress involved for anyone, but especially not for Happy!

They offer good advice and you don't feel patronised (which has been the case with other small animal vets); they just want to help you provide the best care for your moggie.

Thank you Amy and Shreen, Ican't recommend you highly enough!

Janet and Happy x


Reviewed by: Lucy Harrison on 16/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Very happy kitties”

I have two cats, one of whom is extremely nervous and runs away terrified when someone new comes in, taking her to the vet was hopeless. Amy and helper came to see them and there were no issues whatsoever. We got both of them weighed, vaccinated and checked over all before either knew anything was going on. I will definitely be using the Cat Doctor from now on. Thankyou Amy and team,


Reviewed by: Joanna on 05/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Highly recommended”

Amy and Shreen are lovely people who provide a very professional and caring service in the home. This greatly reduced the stress to our cat when he was sick and vastly improved the quality of his life. I would highly recommend them. Joanna