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  • We are a group of veterinary practices in Harrogate and Ripon
  • Dedicated to providing the best possible care for your pets
  • Continually improving our excellent clinical care and personal service. Investing in training and equipment.
  • In house laboratory for rapid reliable results
  • RCVS certified, with nursing staff present 24/7 days a week.
  • We provide our own 24 hr emergency service
  • Two sister practices, Acorn Veterinary Clinic and Ashdale Veterinary Clinic


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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Eva on 20/08/2015

Overall rating:



i had to use emergency services for my little hamster, Pickle. I am delighted with a fantastic care which my poor little boy received, doctors and nurses were absolutely great.


Reviewed by: Anthony Harrogate on 17/07/2015

Overall rating:


“Polite professional and good value for money!”

We have been using the Vet Hospital for a number of years and they have dealt very well with Bobby(our pet Labrador) we feel at home when we go there the surgery is immaculate and Bob and his team always find the extra time to make sure we feel very cared for I would without doubt recommend this vets to anyone that would like to have first class treatment for their dog . Many thanks and see you soon for Bobby�s check-up. Regards Anthony.


Reviewed by: Nala's Mummy on 21/05/2015

Overall rating:


“Kindest vet I have ever met! ”

After my baby nala became seriously ill we took her to a vet in knaresborough, he was harsh, heartless and didnt make me aware of anything going on, we took her home and she started getting worse a friend recommended Oakbeck so I booked an appointment for her, she didnt make it to the appointment we rushed her in and Gemma saw her within 5 minutes of arriving and she was incredible the sweetest, kindest most informative vet I have ever met, I was a complete mess and she took me through my options and made me aware of costs and what she thought was necessary etc amazing considering it was the worst day of my life! Gemma and all the staff really understood. Will take my other girls to them from now on. Gemma dont ever leave please you are amazing at what you do and dont know what I would have done without you. Thank you xx


Reviewed by: Miss C Gilbert on 21/04/2015

Overall rating:


“A very big thank you”

I would like to thank Bob Partridge and all his wonderful team at Oakbeck veterinary hospital for treating my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Mr Darcy, when he suddenly became very ill.
He was admitted immediately and given treatment. The vets and the reception staff as always, were truly amazing. I had every faith in Bob and his team and knew that everything possible was being done for Mr Darcy. I was allowed precious time with my boy over the 5 days he was in the hospital which meant a lot. The nurses and Mr Partridge kept me informed of his progress by phoning me first thing in the morning and last thing at night, which was also very reassuring. I think you are all truly amazing.
Mr Darcy is now at home recovering with the aid of his nurce, Mr Bingley! Thank you so very much.
Carol, Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley


Reviewed by: lucy on 03/03/2015

Overall rating:


“laceys mandibulectomy”

My boxer lacey was referred to oakbeck in dec 2014, when my vets were unable to diagnose why she had a large lump under her chin. We were seen by Mr Partridge who immediately diagnosed a dentigerous cyst. Lacey had a series of two operations, the second being a partial mandibulectomy, this involved removing a section of her jaw. She stayed at the hospital over night, and then had several follow up appointments to check on her progress and has now been given the all clear. I cannot fault the service that both myself and lacey received, I was greeted with a drink each time I arrived, shown around the hospital as well as had all the equipment explained to me, and although worrying about her was always on my mind the communication was fantastic, they updated me throughout on her progress and maintained contact after she came home, as well assuring me I could contact them at any time. The service, care and dedication to the pets in their care is fantastic and I would not hesitate to recommend, and would be more than willing to speak to any future clients if needed. Many thanks to all the team.


Reviewed by: Deborah on 02/01/2015

Overall rating:


“Exceptional standards of care ”

We travelled from London to Harrogate with our Border Collie Soni, initially because we knew we needed a specialist dental vet and could not get an appointment in the south east for a couple of weeks. He had a bad tooth injury sustained abroad and the Oakbeck practice were really helpful fitting us in New Years Eve with Bob Partridge. They were friendly ( we even got tea!) and extremely professional and reassuring explaining everything to us that would happen and what they may or may not be able to do. We also had a tour of the facilities, which was something new for me but this helped us worry much less during the day when he was having the operation. Bob had to remove the tooth which was badly fractured. We were kept informed throughout and when we picked him up we went through the pictures and after care. The pictures were a bit shocking but helped us to understand why the tooth couldn't be saved and justified the decision to make the journey to an expert. Even though it was New Years Eve we got a call later in the evening to check everything was ok . With this standard of care we would most definitely brave the M1 next time in preference to staying local.


Reviewed by: zeps mum on 07/09/2014

Overall rating:


“tooth trauma”

Our lab was attacked by a pit type dog and ended up with a fractured k9.
We found Bob and his team on the internet,we rang and they said they could see him on the monday,we took zep down and he was operated on that day.
We were shown all round the hospital everything was silly explained and we were told the price upfront.
Zep sadly had to loose his k9,we were shown his operation step by step,that was a bit traumatic but it made us aware of how much zep had gone through.
We came home and the hospital rang to see how the journey home had been and if we needed anything not to hesitate and ring them which was reassuring.
Zeps recovery didn't go quite as planned but Bob and his team were there at the end of the phone or via email.
It's now 8 weeks since his operation and everything's healed nicely,zep does miss his tooth when he's playing and the ball slips out the Side of his mouth,we just call him 1 fang.
We come from cumbria but wouldn't hesitate to travel to use Bob's expertise again.


Reviewed by: carol on 23/07/2014

Overall rating:


“Thank you”

I would like to thank Bob Partridge and the wonderful team at Oakbeck veterinary hospital for their continued care of my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Mr Darcy.
Being a Cavalier, he does suffer with eye problems on occasions but, no matter when we need to see a vet, all I have to do is pick up the phone and we are usually seen within a couple of hours.
I have been with this practice for 18 years and I can honestly say, I have never had more caring, sympathetic and helpful vets who I could trust to treat my 'fur babies'. Not forgetting the nurses who always have a friendly word.
Having been lucky enough to added another Cavalier to my family, I did not hesitate to register him with the practice.
Thank you again, you have a great team.
Carol, Mr Darcy and Mr Bingley


Reviewed by: Nancy Prest on 23/07/2014

Overall rating:



Hunny has this year (2014) had two major (to us anyway) issues. The Vet Hospital have been absolutely amazing. All of the staff have supported us and both times she was sedated they have contacted us when we have brought her home to make sure were happy and to ensure Hunny was comfortable and to follow up how she was. The service and aftercare have been above 10/10.

Hunny's first problem was difficult to diagnose but they explained all along different issues it could be and the investigations were kept to a minimum and throughout the day of the procedures we were kept informed as to her progress. The vets (Bob, Paulina and Anne) have been exceptional in their support (even hugging me when I was worried), and when we had to return a few weeks ago with a dislocated toe (poor Hunny) they made us feel so at ease and constantly kept in touch to let us know how she was doing.

We would not take Hunny anywhere else, we know that no matter what her problem she will be looked after as if she was one of their own and the support they give to their patients 'parents' is priceless.

Thank you so much to all the staff at Vet Hospital
Nancy :)


Reviewed by: J.Render on 23/07/2014

Overall rating:


“I wouldn't go anywhere else”

I have had all my pets cared for at Vet Hospital, and I would go no where else.

The hospital equipment & cleanliness is fantastic! The team are helpful and clearly passionate about loving and caring for all pets.

I went round the hospotial, and the level of 24hour care from the nurses is astounding - one nurse was layed in a kennel with a dog giving him some food, and had done so repeatedly through the night.

Everything was well explained to me including pet insurance, which I could get started straight away, there and then for my puupy.

I cannot recommend Vet Hospital enough!

Take a look around the Hospital, you'll be amazed!


Reviewed by: James Loudoun on 21/07/2014

Overall rating:



My dog still has the original issue after a number of weeks treatment and over £4k of costs (that was 4 visits and two ops). Oakbeck and the specialist that was advised by Oakbeck have both treated him with no improvement. I am now looking for a new vet to try and get my family pet back to full fitness!

Oakbeck did contact us to arrange a follow up appointment but we were already looking at other options at this point. I have no issue in paying for good quality advice and a premium for it, but I expect value and unfortunately; the original diagnosis was wrong, (we were treating an eye infection which was really a mouth abscess going up behind the eye, I was told £2.2k for a CT scan at the specialist that was then over £3k, drugs prescribed that could not have been used and a family pet that is still in discomfort!

All the staff are very nice but aware that your costs will go up quickly here so I hope your animal has a better experience than my dog.

Mr Bob Partridge
OakBeck Veterinary Hospital

It is always upsetting to receive negative reviews - especially when you know the level of care that has been provided and when there are constraints on what you can say in your reply due to the requirements of client confidentiality.
Sometimes cases are not straightforward - sometimes an initial appearance and signs point to one diagnosis, but over a little time, circumstances and appearances change making another, different, diagnosis more likely. This is why we constantly re-evaluate cases and do not rely on making one snap judgement on a condition - never considering other options. I wish I could say that we were perfect and always made the right diagnosis immediately with every case - but that perfection is unachievable in the real world. What I can say is that we try our very best, with some of the best equipment and facilities, with our dedicated veterinary and nursing teams, to get to the right answers as quickly as possible.
When some especially complicated and difficult cases are seen by the team at VetHospital, we sometimes recommend to clients that they might wish to travel to where specialist imaging (such as MRI or CT scans) is available. Sometimes we also recommend travelling to be seen by a Specialist in a particular subject (such as neurology or orthopaedics). This is always done with the best interests of our patients at heart. We have a great deal of expertise in our practice - but we don't pretend to be experts in everything. As a recognised European Veterinary Specialist in Veterinary Dentistry, I have cases referred to me by veterinary surgeons from around the UK who value my additional expertise in my subject. In the same way we value other specialists' expertise in their chosen subjects. We don't think this makes us a 'bad' practice - simply one that wants the best results for our patients.
Sometimes, when those world leading, internationally recognised specialists agree with the diagnosis that we have made and agree with the treatment regime that we have suggested it can be professionally very rewarding - even if the experts' opinions are not accepted by others. We only refer to Specialist Centres where we know and trust the quality of the investigation, treatment and advice that is given. Sometimes the advice is that treatment will need to be very prolonged and will require regular follow-up care to resolve problems. We can only recommend that owners comply with the advice of the experts.
The costs of investigations by the specialist centres can be high. Which is why the specialist centres themselves ensure that the referred clients understand and agree to the costs of their investigations and treatment. These are not fees paid to us at VetHospital. These are fees paid separately to the referral practice, over which we have no control. It is wonderful that insurance companies are often willing to cover the costs of the treatment and investigation, but they can only do this by ensuring that legal and accurate claims are submitted - which is why we are very strict on this issue.
We only wish the best for Kip and wish him well with his new vet. We have already discussed your concerns and I am happy to meet with you to go through things again if you wish to contact us again.


Reviewed by: Mrs A Buckle on 27/03/2014

Overall rating:


“The wonderful team at Oakbeck”

My 10 month old cat was hit by a car, we took him to a local vets who couldn't help him so he was then transferred to Oakbeck Harrogate, under the care of Bob Partridge. I was rather distraught when we arrived but the reception staff were truly amazing. Bob saw us straight away and he was absolutely wonderful. He talked to us as human beings, he was up front and honest with his diagnosis and cost and he treated our boy with respect and care, and that was the important thing. He operated immediately, even when he was not on call and called in 2 lovely veterinary nurses (who were also not on call) to aid him. I had every faith in Bob and we knew that we had done everything possible for our boy. Bob rang me at 11.30pm and updated me, the nurse called me early morning to give me another update and then Bob called me again at 11am to let me know exactly where we were with our boys treatment. He certainly ist' out of the woods yet, but I know without doubt, that he is getting the best care possible and we made the right choice. I can honestly say, that I have never known a veterinary practise like this, they are truly amazing. Thank you


Reviewed by: lucy on 04/07/2013

Overall rating:


“really wonderful”

my cat means everything to me, and everyone i came across there was amazing, very kind, they clearly have a lot of empathy towards her and that meant a lot to me. i was extremely impressed with every aspect and would recommend them to anyone. wonderful


Reviewed by: phill , Darlington on 14/05/2013

Overall rating:


“Outstanding service”

I took Dexter my English springer spaniel in to have some dental work done and Bob Partridge and all the girls at the vethospital gave us first class treatment from the moment we walked in we were told about the procedure that Dexter was going to go through and they even showed us around the facilities, we were kept updated throughout the day and even when we arrived home we were given a early evening call to make sure Dexter was ok, i wouldnt think twice about trusting the Oakbeck team again with our dog i would like to say a big thankyou from the Shields family and Dexter

Regards Phill Shields


Reviewed by: Davidasalter on 19/03/2013

Overall rating:


“Would recommend ”

Looked after our dog and provided a caring and compassionate service through a very difficult time. Would recommend OakBeck to any pet owner.


Reviewed by: Clare on 04/01/2013

Overall rating:


“Excellent Vets”

I have used Oakbeck Veterinary Hospital for the last five years, to treat my two cats. Throughout this time I have always received outstanding service from both the vets and nurses.

One of my cats was diagnosed diabetic three years ago, which means we have had more visits and hospitals stays than the average pet owner. I have always felt that the treatment, care, training and support, both myself and my pets have received (at all hours of day and night) has been excellent. The staff are always supportive and helpful and I feel re-assured that my pets are receiving the best possible treatment and care. I would recommend Vet Hospital without reservation.


Reviewed by: Wendy W on 25/11/2012

Overall rating:


“Excellent friendly service”

I have used Vet Hospital for eight years for my two cats and more recently my border collie dog. I have always found them very helpful and professional and able to answer my questions. I would recommend them to anyone.