Portland Road Veterinary Surgery

Website: http://www.portlandvets.co.uk/
Email: welcome@portlandvets.co.uk
Tel: 01342 327799

27 Portland Road
East Grinstead
West Sussex RH19 4EB

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Portland Vets is a family run Veterinary Surgery which care for the pets in the East Grinstead area. Our friendly team of 5 talented vets provide an individual and personal approach to each of our patients. We are proud to provide 24 hour emergency care and have outstanding modern surgical, dental, laboratory and hospital facilities. Most of all we genuinely love the work we do and consider it a privilege to care for your pets. We are here for you and your pets throughout their lives - in the good times and the bad. Pop in and visit or see our website for more details about how we can help you and your pet.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Laurie on 19/11/2015

Overall rating:


“10 years of great veterinary care”

We moved to East Grinstead 10 years ago with two elderly dogs and chose Portland Road Vets, mostly on the basis that it was the most local to us. What a great move for us and our dogs, Nelly and Musti! We are always greeted by name, and Jenny and the other vets took a personal interest in our two old gals. We lost Musti two years ago this Christmas, at the age of 18. The inevitable was dealt with very tactfully and we were given plenty of time to comfort Musti and then afterwards to say our goodbyes. Nelly is now 18 but still pretty fit -- if she doesn't run anymore she still trots and enjoys life. Jenny and the other vets, and the veterinary nurses and receptionists have seen us through a variety of the usual ups and downs as well as the regular check-ups. This has kept both our old ladies in good health despite the odd accident and illness, and one is still going strong. We also enjoyed very much the open days and events likek the dog walks, which gave us a chance to meet the staff on an informal basis and get to know some of the other dog owners using Portland.


Reviewed by: marie on 27/09/2015

Overall rating:


“Our fur babies ”

I would recommend Portland vets to any of my friends or clients, jenny & her team are professional & compassionate about their work with the animals. We had Jack the Jack Russell he was 14, Molly whippet who grew up with Jack she's 4 in November & Rosie whippet who's 17 months. We got Molly when she was 7 weeks old to keep Jack company they were inseparable, Molly looked up to her best friend they did everything together. We got Rosie knowing that Jack was getting old to keep Molly company when Jack was'nt here anymore, it was just the three of them then, Jack had a new lease of life. Jack had an fantastic life & was never ill apart from having a few teeth out! When it was his time to pass over the rainbow bridge, the male vet we had was very sympathetic, we had time before & after with Jack to say good bye to our little boy. There was no pressure on time with him, which meant such a lot to us. Molly was depressed when Jack went, but Rosie sensed that Molly was & followed her every where & when Molly took her self off on our bed, Rosie was there for her. Jenny was right it was the best thing we ever did was get Rosie when we did. Rosie when we got her was very under weight, full of worms & insecure, well that all changed into a very confident little girl. Unfortunately poor jenny has had Rosie in for a barbwire incident, then a bee sting to the mouth, she looked like something out of elephant man !! bless her. And then recently again just before holiday through barbwire! Fantastic stitching jenny, even matching up the spots! I cannot thank jenny & her team enough, for every thing & the advice they have given for our fur babies. We know we can phone anytime, even if it's just for advice. A big thank you from Marie, Dave, Molly, Rosie & Jack