Beacon Hill Veterinary Clinic (Waverley Vets)

Tel: 01428 606396

Beacon Hill Road
Surrey GU26 6NU



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  • Beacon Hill Veterinary Clinic is part of Waverely Vets which consists of 5 branches
  • We have a full range of equipment, such as digital X-rays, sevoflow gas anaesthesia and in-house laboratory
  • Full operating and hospitalisation facilities available
  • 24 hour Emergency Service provided
  • Nurse run Puppy classes, Weight loss and Geriatric clinics available


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Reviewed by: on 05/06/2014

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“Very Happy”

Ever since being with the Practice. We take our dogs between Beacon Hill and Shortheath.
We are very happy with the professionalism of the Vets and their Practices.
When our animal needs extra Specialist advice/referral to another Professional, it is done promptly.
I would not feel comfortable with any other Vets looking after our dogs as we changed from a Vet 6 years ago, after moving to Hampshire 10 years ago, and joined Beacon Hill and have been happy ever since. Previous to that we were at our last Vets in Surrey for 21 years, so I felt it was important to be comfortable with the care of our dogs.
We have lost 3 dogs since being with the Practice and the care and love that we received from everyone at both sites was phenomenal.
Thank you to everyone at Beacon Hill and Shortheath. xxx