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Wilderspool Causeway
Cheshire WA4 6QP

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Practice Details

Beech House Veterinary centre is a Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Tier 2 hospital with extensive facilities including in house digital x-rays and laboratory and a dedicated operating suite with an additional theatre for our orthopaedic surgeon.

We are open 7 days a week, providing overnight care for inpatients and an out of hours Emergency Vets service. Our weekend consultations are open to all pet owners even if registered with another practice. All consultations are by appointment.

We are part of Willows Veterinary Group - an independent group of veterinary surgeries across Cheshire.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: jo Onslow on 30/04/2015

Overall rating:


“The best vets ”

I have been at this vets for around 4-5 years & have nothing but praise & thanks for all staff each & everyone is friendly, professional & welcoming. I can't thank them all enough for all they have done me & my pets during my time with this practice, nothing is too much trouble, from emergency appointments to routine checks. Thanks beech house keep up the good work we really are grateful!


Reviewed by: Kate Moore on 30/04/2015

Overall rating:


“Final Farewell”

We had to call the emergency vet out, Rachel, two weeks ago. My partner had found my cat unable to walk and in a lot of pain. Rachel speedily met us with a Veterinary Nurse at the surgery. She had made a diagnosis of a burst blood clot over the phone which she was able to confirm.

At all times Rachel showed compassion towards Tedney, myself and partner. She explained clearly that putting him to sleep was the only humane option. Both staff were empathetic in their approach and treated Tedney with respect and dignity.

This is the fourth cat I have had treated by Beech House and when I have my fifth. He or she will be going there too.

Thank you.


Reviewed by: jayne on 01/04/2015

Overall rating:


“highly would recommend and a big thank you to all the staff”

Hi love this practice and have recommended it to plenty of my family, friends and even strangers. If it was not for beech house I would not still have my bichon frise candy they have helped her so much over the last 11 years. Candy has had 4 operations on her legs 3 on her eyes many skin conditions, she is highly allergic to everything she has cushions and plenty more they have helped her out and never have never given up on her. Sean is amazing and she loves him and will run in to his room. She is well looked after when I have to leave her there. They have also helped out with a lot of the dog that come though bichon frise rescue if anything happened to this practice I don't no what I would do. Keep up the good work beech house.


Reviewed by: Julie on 09/03/2015

Overall rating:



I took my elderly cat for her routine annual injections, Thursday 26th February. We were kept waiting for over half an hour past our appointment time, and no apology was given. Once in with the vet, I wasn't happy with the rough way in which my cat was handled. The vet showed no respect to my elderly cat whatsoever.

I felt I needed to put this review on to make you aware, as normally my experience of Beech House is excellent.

Willows Veterinary Group

Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry that we have not met our usual 'excellent' standards of service. Occasionally there can be problems with appointment times if an animal needs urgent emergency care, or complications arise during surgery, etc. We should have informed you of what was happening and apologised for the wait. Your comments re the way our vet handled your comments have been passed on to the Practice Manager to be acted upon. Once again we apologise.


Reviewed by: Ainsley on 24/02/2015

Overall rating:


“Kind, caring, informative and supportive!”

When I knew I was getting a puppy (which was some months in advance of actually getting him), I rang a few of the vets in the local area. First port of call was the vets4pets chain; being money motivated they seemed to have a good vacs offer. Naively I assumed that all vets would display interest in my new puppy and share my excitement but I didn't get a good vibe about them. I rang a few others and then Beech House. Within moments of speaking with someone, I KNEW that I wanted these guys to look after my boy- deals and bargains aside.

When we first got Alan, he came with Giardia (a parasite), which was dealt with in an effective manner and always with a sympathetic and supportive ear and advice. Alan is our first puppy and the vets we saw on each occasion were always superb and really put our minds at rest. Despite being poorly over Christmas, they did everything within their power to deal with his tummy as soon as possible and kept us regularly updated.

It's only since this situation that I've evaluated the cost difference in vacs (vs the vets4pets vac4life offer) and in reality, over the duration of a dog's life, it's not a big difference and the care of my dog is way more important. I am a huge huge fan of this practice and everything they do; I wouldn't take Alan anywhere else!

As an aside, I have visited Holly House in Knutsford once and they're just as lovely. The group clearly work hard to hire the best people and they should take pride in the fact that they do.

Thank you so very much!

Ainsley, Chris and Alan


Reviewed by: lynne on 24/02/2015

Overall rating:


“great practice ”

Beech house was recommended to me and I changed from a vet's I wasnt very happy with. Beech house is so much better. Our cocker spaniel has her yearly boosters here and in the last year has had surgery on both knees.I have no complaints whatsoever,every thing went well and the staff were very caring and professional.They deal with your insurance claim on your behalf which takes the mither out of it.It also really helps that the hospital is on site. I will and do recommended Beech house to anyone that asks. Thanks


Reviewed by: Pauline Preston on 01/09/2014

Overall rating:


“Highly Recommended for Small Animal Practice”

The Exotic Vet at this practice Mr. Stuart Becker is one of the most knowledgeable surgeons I have encountered. He is very skilled and I have found him to be one of the best vets around for treating my guinea-pigs - I cannot recommend this vet highly enough. He listens to what you have to say and genuinely cares about the animals that he is treating and he really knows his stuff. I will not be taking my guinea-pigs to any other vet in the future.


Reviewed by: Sarah on 01/09/2014

Overall rating:



I use lymm surgery and they are really good and understanding on reception i find beech house a little rude and abrupt my dog was having xrays yesterday i rang to ask if shed had them and was greated with " we told you the vet would ring " in a rude tone and i replyed and i told you that i has a christing and wouldnt b able to ans the phone so wouldnt recomend

Willows Veterinary Group

Hi Sarah. We are sorry that you found our staff a little rude and we have spoken to them. Although it is no excuse, Beech House is also a 24 hour emergency centre that is open 7 days a week. They are incredibly busy and see lots of patients needing emergency surgery and round the clock critical care, sent there by other local surgeries who can't offer this service. This does mean that at times the staff may experience difficulty when trying to ring somebody back at an arranged time or may appear abrupt simply due to the pressure they are under. I am glad to hear that you have a great experience at our Lymm Surgery and hope that between our two surgeries you can continue to receive a caring service for all your routine needs and an unrivalled emergency service if ever you are unfortunate enough to need it.


Reviewed by: Suzanne Rollings on 28/07/2014

Overall rating:



I would just like to say the staff at Beech House were so helpful and kind when I took my little dog in for routine worming
Even though the practice is very busy, the staff are very courteous and reassuring
I would recommend Beech house to my family and friends
Thanks from
Molly and me


Reviewed by: Jo on 09/06/2014

Overall rating:


“Excellent vets”

We have nothing but praise for this amazing veterinary practise. We have attended this practise for the last 5 years or so. We sadly lost 2 beautiful cats in the last three years and the care and compassion shown 2 us by Sean and the team was outstanding. We now have a dog and have adopted a cat and kitten from a local rescue centre and continue to receive wonderful care and treatment for our pets. I would recommend this practise 2 anyone and everyone. A massive massive thank you to all the amazing staff at beech house xxxx


Reviewed by: Lea T on 21/10/2013

Overall rating:


“Caring vets, would recommend! also one of of the cheapest in the area”

Transferred here recently after being recommended by other people, they are very friendly and helpful. They show great compassion towards your pet. They listen to you and your thoughts about things unlike other vets that I have seen. great vets!


Reviewed by: Jo on 19/05/2013

Overall rating:


“Brilliant friendly service”

As a first time dog owner, everything is new to our family. The vets and staff at the practice are extremely helpful and dont make me feel stupid, no matter how simple my questions are. They have helped us all with regular puppy check ups and advised on all areas of immunisations. Fast appointment times, friendly staff and a happy dog.


Reviewed by: Amanda on 31/01/2013

Overall rating:


“very disappointing”

very bad experience. was refused entry after only being 5 mins late!

Willows Vet Group

Whilst we sympathise with the client, this particular client arrived 15 minutes after the last appointment time of 6.50pm by which time the practice was shut. The premises shuts at 7pm and the vet had left the premises. Because of Lone Working Regulations and Health and Safety and insurance constraints the night staff are not allowed to let members of the public enter the building after official closing time so in this case the member of staff acted correctly. In an emergency additional staff can be called out and the client can be let in once the additional staff arrive but a call out fee would have to be charged. We do get people who just do not turn up for consultations so we are unable to insist that members of staff, including vets stay behind after their contracted hours. Although we could, we have a policy that we do not charge clients for missed appointments and we make every effort to be flexible with appointments. We offer longer opening hours than any other vets in Warrington to try to accommodate the needs of clients but at some point our vets need rest and their home life just like everybody else.


Reviewed by: Emma on 01/12/2012

Overall rating:


“Enormous kindness to my greyhound”

Recently my greyhound Genie had an accident involving a van door and her thigh resulting in the skin being peeled off her thigh muscle. She was with my wonderful dog walker at the time who reacted so quickly and got Genie to Beech House. They had been forewarned that Genie was on her way and as soon as she arrived they whisked her off in the lift for surgery. The reception staff comforted my dog walker who was so upset and were so kind to her.

I called Beech House after finding out about the accident and they were really calm and told me everything that was happening with Genie. I knew she was in safe hands. It was later on in the afternoon when the accident happened so I was concerned that Genie would have to stay over but I was relieved to hear she could come home.

When I collected Genie the reception staff were amazing and really comforting - I hadn't seen the injury, only heard about it by phone, so didn't know what to expect and they really put me at ease. Genie had to have 14 stitches and a drain under her skin. The nurses were fabulous with Genie. They behave with animals as if they are their own and are so caring.

I had to go back to Beech House 3 times for check ups. The first time I went to see a nurse to check everything was OK with the wound, Philippa, the vet who did the surgery on Genie, made an effort to come and see us and check Genie was OK - so kind.

We have never had anything but brilliant service from the staff at Beech House. They are so warm and friendly and almost feel like they are your friends.

Thank you everyone who was involved in looking after Genie. She's doing really well - just can't wait for her fur to grow back - she's got a chilly thigh in this cold weather.


Reviewed by: pat iddon on 26/11/2012

Overall rating:


“Friendly vet ”

Sean looks after our 4 dogs, one who thanks to Sean is still with us but has a long term liver problem.The care he and the staff have given Molly is fantastic and as I said she is stll with us and healthy so long as she takes her medication.Thank you.


Reviewed by: Marie kemp on 13/11/2012

Overall rating:


“Lovely treatment of stray cat”

I am a long time client of beech house and very happy with them. I found a poor stray cat outside a shop that was obviously lost and took it to [a local animal charity] who werent, as usual, very helpful.
I took him to beech house where he turned out to be chipped and i said i was concerned about the cat not eating for three days and the staff took the cat in for the vet to check over and they contacted the owner who then came to pick him up. Alice then rang me to let me know all was well and the cat had gone home, which i thought was very thoughtful of them. I think they are a lovely caring practice and i know they do a lot of work with warrington animal welfare and the strays.
Well done alice and beech house!


Reviewed by: FIONA on 07/11/2012

Overall rating:


“Vets are fab”

Transferred to Beech House after 20+ years with another vet whose out of hours practice had let us down badly. Sean was the first vet we saw and I cannot rate him highly enough. He takes time to explain things properly to you in language you can understand. more importantly, he listens to what you have to say. We have seen all of the vets there now and have no complaint about any of them. Jo on the reception is also fab. We have since managed to get friends and family to transfer also! Well done Beech House.