Willows Vet Group - Broom Cottage Veterinary Surgery

Website: http://www.willowsvetgroup.co.uk
Tel: 01625 525175

28 Chapel Lane
Cheshire SK9 5HZ

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Practice Details

Broom Cottage Vets is a traditional local vets, promoting responsible pet ownership and animal health in talks within the community and schools in the Wilmslow area. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and service to you and your pets.

Our services include in house blood testing, x-ray and soft tissue surgery. All consultations are by appointment.

We are part of Willows Veterinary Group - an independent group of veterinary surgeries across Cheshire, providing 24 hour care and an Emergency Vets service.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Ivor Cat on 15/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Vets are nice. Receptionists are a nightmare.”

I bought some ointment for my pet and the receptionist spent ten mins explaining how she used the same ointment on her face for cold sores. Not kidding.
I stood there wondering if she was insane.
A few weeks later, another receptionist rang me up an insisted that I "settle the bill" ...
"What bill?"
She insisted that I owed the practise money. She was fairly rude and again I was left thinking "is she nuts?" She was talking about a small amount, (under a tenner) so I will pay it, and move my custom elsewhere....
One time, there were several clients in the waiting room and the receptionist was just not on top of the situation, so I had to miss my appointment, because she let so many people in front of me. In the end I just left without saying anything, because why bother?

Willows Veterinary Group

Although we would always ask our staff to fully explain the use of medications, and we do ask them to ask for outstanding amounts to be paid, we are sorry that you were dissatisfied with the way we approached this. Your feedback will be discussed at the next staff meeting and used as part of our continual staff training.


Reviewed by: Michelle on 24/02/2015

Overall rating:


“Fabulous Practice”

The staff at Broom Cottage are always so helpful. It is great being able to phone up and get an appointment the same day. No appointment feels rushed and the vets are brilliant with all my animals. So glad to have found this surgery.


Reviewed by: sarahf on 10/10/2014

Overall rating:


“The dog loved it!”

This experience to the vets is definitely the nicest i have had with a pet, previous vets have just not shown the same care and attention as the staff at broom cottage. She instantly got made a fuss of when we went in and with it being the first time at the vets they made her feel at ease, giving her a treat etc. We then got seen promptly, and the vet was just as nice as the staff at the front desk, she also gave a treat to our puppy and helped to make it a comfortable experience for our dog, so comfortable our puppy fell asleep on the table. I'm happy to say when she gets neutered further down the line i will be more than confident she's in the best hands. So glad to call you our vet practice.


Reviewed by: Clayts on 27/09/2014

Overall rating:


“Never felt more welcome”

Absolutely outstanding service, the team were brill with me and my pet benji, I was so embarrassed to take my pet I rescued as he was riddled with fleas not only did they assure me, this is what pets catch they also helped me stop benji from coming home and catching them again as they explained where theses fleas could be hiding they didn't try to make me buy a load of products but helped me make my home benjis home aswell.
Another good point other vets I have been to in the past have made a lot of sales out of me ie flea programmes here at broom cottage u can buy as many single flea treatments as u want you can by 1 dosage a month which is as little £4 a month that really helps me out, I have also recommended my family and friends to this vets practice
Keep up the good work ladies xx


Reviewed by: TonyC on 10/06/2014

Overall rating:


“ Bad to the Good ”

We had been with our previous Vets for over 35 years and always thought they were a caring and considerate practice until recently.

Earlier this year we lost one of our little dogs in very sad circumstances and the response we got from our Vets left a very sour taste.
When our little dog was killed our vets never even contacted us only to send us the final bill even though it was on there recommendation that we took her to a vets hospital.
We then started to look for a new Vets and the name that kept coming up was Broom Cottage.
We have only be with you for a few months and the difference in practices is unbelievable from the very friendly receptionist and caring Vets who give you the time and explain what treatment you are been given.
Also the way they treat you not as a client but as a friend and seem to totally understand your concerns about your pet.
Many thanks for making us feel welcome from jack and Lexi(the dogs).


Reviewed by: Mrs S Royle on 09/05/2013

Overall rating:


“No1 Vet of Choice, so gald we found Broom Cottage”

We have owned dogs for many many years and after transferring to Broom Cottage part of Willows Vet Group recently I was so glad that we did. We first took our Irish Setter to have his first annual vaccine, Katie the vet was lovely and adored our dog and he felt the same he loved it that much he fell asleep in reception he was that relaxed! The second visit wasn't under such pleasant circumstances, we had a very poorly dog who was 13 years old and had been my best friend all her life I had her since she was a pup. We had to make the painful decision to put her to sleep as she was too ill to carry on and the vet and the vet nurse Alison were absolutely wonderful they treated us with such kindness & our dog had the very best care & was treated gently & lovingly during her last moments. I would highly recommend Broom Cottage to anyone in Wilmslow they really DO care about your animals, we feel in such good hands - thank you!