Willows Vet Group - Manchester Vet Centre

Website: http://www.willowsvetgroup.co.uk
Tel: 0161 320 4438

6-8 Tatton Road
Haughton Green
Lancashire M34 7PL

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Our purpose built vet centre is located within My Pet Stop and includes a dedicated operating suite, x-ray, ultrasound and laboratory. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of care for your pets at an affordable price.

All consultations are by appointment. Weekend appointments are available to any pet owner from 9am-4pm at the same price as weekdays.

We are part of Willows Veterinary Group - an independent group of veterinary surgeries across Cheshire, providing 24 hour care and an Emergency Vets service.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Donna S on 24/05/2016

Overall rating:


“Excellent Service All The Time”

I have an elderly female dog that has her problems, she is blind and only has one eye the remaining eye may also have to be removed. She also has a recurring anal sac problem. I have had excellent service every single time for elmo she is becoming a regular visitor, she had a problem this morning and although they didn't have any appointments available the reception spoke with a vet about the issue and the vet advise I bought her in straight away, she had a prolapse they attended to her and we were sent away, only charging me for medicines, I wouldn't trust elmo in anybody elses hands now. Thanks


Reviewed by: Jo layfield on 28/10/2014

Overall rating:



I have used Manchester vet centre twice. On both occasions my elderly dog was vey ill.
I was absutley overwhelmed by the friendliness of the staff. I could tell the minute I walked through the door ghat every member of staff were animal lovers. They were understanding with me as I was upset and they spoke to the animals to reassure them as well. Unlike some vet centres,the willows want to help the animals not just make money.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this surgery.


Reviewed by: Dan Howe on 01/09/2014

Overall rating:


“Best vets ”

I have three cats. I love them all very much and wanted the best for them. The woman (Tammy) at the reception is a very friendly human being and genuinely loves and remembers every animal that comes in. She deserves a raise or something! Always has a story when you're waiting for your appointment! She always comments on my Archie's little black cap and how much he's grown.
David is one of my favourite vets there. The cats are always super calm around him and he always gives the most honest advice. He's one of the best vets. He was also give make you feel calm. When we got our Garfield, he was also very keen about her health and weight and we were shocked that he wanted us to phone him to give us an update on her progress and weight gain with us. (Whic was nice as then it wouldn't cost us any extra consultation fees)
I would ALWAYS recommend this practice 100% :) xx


Reviewed by: Senwod on 22/05/2014

Overall rating:


“Excellent service. Dedicated staff who put welfare of your pet before profit.”

Went to Manchester Vet Centre when I saw that Carole Lynch was working there. She looked after my old cat so well particularly in her last year after she had been diagnosed with cancer. Carole put her to sleep, aged 20.

I have two cats now, Rosie, 13 and her daughter, Poppy, 11. Last August Poppy was attacked on my driveway by a dog. She had very serious injuries to her stomach with puncture wounds which had torn her stomach wall. She was operated on by David Bradley, who throughout was reassuring but very honest about her chances of survival. The standard of care was faultless and I was amazed how reasonable the charges were. Thankfully, Poppy has made a full recovery. I have little doubt that David saved her life.

I recently found a lump on Rosie's shoulder. Carole, examined her and said she was certain the lump was a reaction to an injection, which should disappear within a month, and suggested I should monitor but come back if I was concerned. I very stupidly looked on the internet and frightened myself to death. I took her back and although David agreed with Carole he put my mind at rest by taking a needle biopsy which actually confirmed that it was inflammation caused by reaction. With prescribed anti-inflammatory the lump has now gone.

I would recommend for the dedication of the Vets, nurses and reception staff


Reviewed by: Natty on 16/04/2014

Overall rating:



Back in March 2013, my 11 year old cat was misdiagnosed by the Scottish vet there called Carole Lynch, she had lossed her appetite & after getting checked over the vet told me it was due to some bad teeth which they pulled out, after the op she was given a shot of Convenia a long lasting antibiotic which side effects include anorexia that didnt help (read up on it), she then started coughing which didn't ease up (possible damage to the larynx by the breathing tubes), she was not recovering & stopped eating completely, having took her back a couple more times they was of no help as to why she was going downhill, she became very thin, weak & could hardly walk, so i took her to another vets where eventually they diagnosed her with a stomach tumour that could not be operated on & even if they could she was far too weak to get through it, so not only was it costly, my cat suffered in her final weeks due to their incompetence, so in the end i had no choice but to put her to sleep

Manchester Vet Centre
Willows Vet Group

We are sorry that you feel you did not receive the service you were expecting from us. Loss of appetite can be a symptom of many issues and as you state 'eventually' a vet can get to the root cause of the problem by eliminating other possible causes. When an animal presents to us with eating difficulties and is exhibiting poor dental hygiene and bad teeth we would look to resolve the dental issues and run blood tests as an appropriate first stage of diagnosis. However from an ethical and client confidentiality viewpoint we do not feel that it is appropriate to conduct this conversation on a public platform and are happy to discuss the issues in a private meeting should you wish.


Reviewed by: Melanie on 05/03/2014

Overall rating:



I recently went to Manchester vets as my local vet didn't have a scanner.

My dog received the treatment he needed with kindness & understanding.
I couldn't rate them highly enough.

Even though it will mean I have to travel a bit further these are my vets from now on.


Reviewed by: Mel on 05/01/2013

Overall rating:


“Friendly vets and would recommend”

Very friendly vets and staff, always willing to fit you in. They care about your pets and are not just making money. I would recommend to my family and friends, and the puppy packages was brill as we got our first puppy. I have been to other vets with previous animals and this one was far the best. Bella my dog has been there for several things and always been given the 5 star treatment that she deserves.