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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Alison on 29/01/2016

Overall rating:


“Superb service, despite losing our beloved hamster”

I dashed to the vet this morning after finding my daughters hamster seemingly dead but still making noises and twitching which was very distressing.
I had no appointment and was very emotional but the receptionist took the hamster straight off me and rushed her through to the nurse before taking any of my details.
Unfortunately it was bad news, however, I must commend the staff for their superb service and sensitivity. They offered me a drink, a seat and unlimited tissues. I never felt rushed to have to leave and they offered to take care of her little body which I did decline so that we can bury her in the garden.
If we do have another animal in the future, I will have no qualms about using this vets again and would highly recommend them.


Reviewed by: Andrew H on 26/09/2015

Overall rating:


“Neglect ”

When I took my puppy there for his puppy pack the first time was fine but the second time they insisted that kennel cough was essential but in fact your only ment to give dogs this if they are in fact going to be put into kennels and also while trimming his nails the vet cut his paw and failed to Wright this down on his notes witch is neglect and and I had to take him to another vet to fix the illness that they made him have so I wouldn't advise this practice to anybody also on complaining they refused to give the vets name that delt with my puppy

Claire Donaldson RVN
YourVets - Nuneaton - Practice Manager

Dear Andrew H,

Unfortunately it seems you have been given some incorrect information. The kennel cough vaccine is not only for dogs going into kennels. This nasty infection can be spread anywhere dogs come into contact with each other, this may be in the street or at the park or a number of places. Sometimes nails bleed when they are clipped, this can be perfectly normal and happens when the quick on the nail is particularly long. Please be rest assured that this is not an illness. I would be more than happy to speak with you, should you have any more questions or concerns, please give me a call at the practice on 02476386855.


Reviewed by: Pets passport on 24/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Pets passport”

Had a pets passport updated but unfortunately a mistake was made to the dates of cover incorrect date written on passport vet then amended the date and stamped over the correction
Got to the passport control at Portsmouth was told because the dates had been altered possible that we would not be able to take our dog with us they said under no circumstances could she travel with us although we had her old passport with us with the correct dates, they said because the old passport had been voided they would not take it as being correct. After about 15 minutes they relented and allowed us to travel on the provision that she was seen by a vet in France and re injected with the rabies virus this was done but we could not return back to the UK for 30 days. So we are not too happy with Your Vets

YourVets Nuneaton
Lucy Robertson, Senior Veterinary Surgeon

I am so sorry to hear about your issues whilst travelling to France with your dog, it sounds very stressful. I have double checked the guidance notes for amendments on Pet Passports. The guidance notes clearly state that:

'Any amendments to the passport must be made by the OV (Official Veterinarian) by drawing a single line over the incorrect entry. The correct information must be written legibly above the deleted entry and then signed and stamped the OV with the official stamp.'

It appears from what you have said that this amendment was done correctly according to the Pet Passport guidance notes. It would be worthwhile pointing this out to the officers at passport control to prevent this type of error being made in the future.

King Regards


Reviewed by: Colin on 09/08/2015

Overall rating:


“New Building ”

I think the building that the vets have moved to on Camphill Road has a nice layout and I have enjoyed the opening that was held today.


Reviewed by: Michelle Glen on 10/07/2015

Overall rating:


“To thank Lucy.”

Thank you lucy for explaining my concerns, about the vaccinations. My daughter and myself are still upset on the loss of our beautiful Roxey. But we have to look forward to having another dog in the future. Although I am picking my new Rottweiler puppy next Thursday, I can not wait he is a beautiful teddy bear at the moment. But thank you for phoning me that was very good of you. Thank you. Michelle Glen.


Reviewed by: anonymous on 24/06/2015

Overall rating:


“Competitive but not at cost of animal care”

My two small dogs were recently spayed and the care they received in my view was second to none! The process was explained particularly well, I understood everything that was going to happen. There was no ambiguity around care or cost. I was delighted with the team and would certainly recommend to family and friends.


Reviewed by: Dean on 27/05/2015

Overall rating:


“Both excellant and very poor service!”

I had to bring my cat in to be cared for when he sustained a severe injury to his eye, the care given at Nuneaton was excellent in dealing with the initial injury and I cannot fault them in this respect.
As it was an eye injury Nuneaton then got him in at short notice to see an eye specialist at yurvets Stechford where I had to take my cat on quite a few occasions in the following weeks.
The care he recieved over these weeks was first class and I cannot fault it in any way however I must say the admin regarding his pet insurance claim has been absolutly awful.
I had to submit his initial claim form twice to the vets as they lost the first one and they were not even able to tell me if they had sent the form off to the insurer.
They were able to confirm I had given them the form but were unable to confirm what had happened to it then.
I waited almost 9 weeks to get the money back,(only to find out that the amount had been processed incorrectly),for the first part of the claim, and now I am waiting to recieve the next payment on the claim.
Having just contacted my insurer regarding the second part of the claim I have been informed by them that they have yet to recieve the second claim form which I passed to Yurvets stechford almost two weeks ago.
When I contacted Yurvets stechford to enquire as to why my insurer has not recieved the form I was informed it usually takes about 28 days for them to send the form off when all they need to do is scan it and email it, which should take about 10 mins.
THe Yurvets website states that they aim to process 95% of all claims in 5 days but I have been told on different occassions that the time is 5 to 7 days, 5 to 10 days, 10 to 15 days and now I am told up to 28 days.
So again to clarify, the veternary care my cat recieved has been first class from both Nuneaton and Stechford but the Admin afterwards has been very poor.


Many thanks for getting in touch to let us know of the issues you've been having. We do have a standard 10 day full turn around on processing insurance claims. Our records show that we sent out the Insurance forms by email to your insurer on 22nd May, and again on 1st June as soon as we were notified that your Insurers were saying they hadn't received the first copy. We are really sorry to hear that you feel unsatisfied with our service and our Insurance Claim department would be very keen to discuss your problems and see if there's anything we can do to help. Please contact us on 01564 701830 selecting the option for insurance if you'd like to ask us anything.


Reviewed by: Michelle Glen on 08/05/2015

Overall rating:


“Alabama Rot.”

Hi there Claire, sorry to bother you again, but the more I here about the Alabama Rot Disease the more worried I get. Could this be what happened to Roxy, me and my daughter want to get puppies in the future. This is putting us both off the idea, as we don't want to lose another dog. As there is know vaccine for Alabama Rot or Weils Desease. Then its abit off putting to be honest. Can you give me any reasurance on this matter. Thankyou. Michelle Glen

YourVets Nuneaton

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for raising this issue with us, I hope that our phone conversation earlier put your mind at ease. As we discussed, Weils disease is another name for Leptospirosis, although we don't know for sure what Roxy died off we did highly suspect this disease. Leptospirosis is unfortunately a disease which is seen in this area, and is passed to dogs via infected rat urine. Here at YourVets we have always vaccinated against Lepto. There has recently been an upgraded vaccine released which covers for four strains of Lepto rather than the usual two. YourVets has made the decision to upgrade every dog under our care to the new vaccine free of charge in order to provide them with the maximum possible protection and of course any new puppies coming to us will also be getting this up-to-date modern vaccine.
Alabama rot is a very rare, relatively new disease which is reported more in the south of the country rather than in the midlands. It causes skin lesions followed by kidney failure and as it is so rare there is still a lot about it which is unknown. This pattern of disease does not fit with Roxy's illness, and as it is so rare, especially in this part of the country, please do not let this stop you experiencing the joy of ownership of another dog. If you ever see any skin lesions which you're worried about or you don't know where they've come from, you can always bring your dog for a check up with one of our vets.

I'm so sorry again for your loss of Roxy, I know she was an important part of the family. I hope this information sets your mind at ease, we promise we would help provide you with the best preventative care to any pet you might get in the future.
Take care,

Lucy. (Senior Vet)


Reviewed by: Emily Cameron on 27/03/2015

Overall rating:


“Very Disappointed!”

After a stressful and upsetting 12 months and after over £2000 spent I am saddened and very disappointed that 'Your Vets' in Nuneaton are unwilling to agree upon a payment arrangement for a mere £22 for a consultation needed for a Staffordshire Bull terrier named Nixon. Nixon has had a hard past 12 months where he has undergone surgery to remove his entire ear canal. At the age of 13 this was a risky procedure. The cost of the operation was just over £1000 and was successful in respect to the fact that he no longer suffers pain in his ear. However, whilst recovering Nixon began to experience seizures and was admitted back into hospital. He had a bad few weeks where he was seizing. Once the medication had kicked in I can happily say that Nixon has not experienced another! However, in order to continue his medication Nixon needs a consultation for the medication to be prescribed. The consultation is £22 and because of our financial circumstances at the moment I asked if he could have the consultation and that I would pay in a few weeks when I have the money. 'Your Vets' has been paid by us over £2000 within the last 12 months and all money has been paid on time and we also pay for Nixons medication which he needs each month. I requested this 'one off' 'goodwill gesture' and was refused. This means that Nixon is at risk of more seizures as he will not be prescribed his medication needed to prevent them. As a customer and animal lover I am deeply upset that the Vets I have trusted and been loyal to over the years would be so cold.

Claire Power, RVN
Practice Manager

Dear Ms Cameron,

I am very sorry you feel on this occasion that we have been unreasonable. As explained previously, we had already given an extra two months medication for Nixon as a gesture of goodwill. This was to help you have another two months to raise the £22 for his consultation. We have to follow the professional guidelines as set out by our governing body (the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons) with animals under our care and as such we need to perform a clinical evaluation of all pets on longterm medication, regularly. Unfortunately we are unable to set up payment plans, and I am sure you will understand that many of our clients spend a lot of money on their animals, however if we gave you the privilege of paying weeks after a consultation we must give all of our clients that privilege, which we are unable to do financially. It most certainly is never our intention to put any animals at risk as welfare is always our main concern, however we must abide by the guidelines above and we had already given two months leeway with this. I understand that Nixon has not been without his medication as he was seen last week. Moving forward I would really like to discuss with you how we can get around this in six months time to ensure Nixon always has his medication and is seen on time without any problems or stress to you. You are welcome to contact me at the surgery to discuss further.


Reviewed by: Adam on 17/12/2014

Overall rating:



So I came here because I was not happy with the service and treatment I got from paws vets, I brought my bella up first for her booster and they also gave her a kennel cough up her nose, then the next day I brought my big tobe for a prescription for advocate stuff, I was extremely happy with everything they did and how I was treated. Then a few days later bella had major problems with her nose and stuggling to breath properly while causing her a lot of stress, every sign points to the kennel cough injection, I explained I had already spent all my money over the previous days I have been there. All I rang for was if there was any after effect or reaction when they have had the kennel cough injection, they said I muast bring her up to be checked out so I agreed cause I was worried because she never gets sick, so Ive never seen her like this before. Reality they should of not charged me to look at her since its a reaction to something they did, I didn't get any information on what it was for and why I needed it, then when I was with the vet that actually gave bella the injections, she tried to lie right to my face until she knew that I wasn't stupid and knew it was her that did it, then everything she was saying about what could be wrong and what could of happened was just a BIG work around, so I then explained how all the symptoms and actions bella is showing is from the kennel cough injection, she then admitted it is highly likely it is caused from that, after she realised I knew what was wrong and she knew I was not happy at all, I might be moaning too much but at the end of the day I deserved to be treated by professionals that don't lie to cover themselves and charged for something that I couldn't afford and was actually very very disappointing and on them anyway. Plus I only had £40 on me and in the end it came to about £45, luckily my dad was with me because they didn't seem to reluctant to let me pay the other £5 the next day.

Claire Power
RVN, Practice Manager

I am very sorry to hear that you were unhappy with the service you received when you came to our clinic with Bella. It is our policy that if an owner states over the phone that their animal is struggling to breathe, then that animal must take priority and always be seen by a veterinary surgeon to avoid inappropriate advice being given over the
phone. We do charge for all veterinary consultations as we feel this reflects the time and expertise of the veterinary team and we feel our prices are competitive across the veterinary industry. I can confirm that the vet you saw at the second check-up was in fact a different vet from the one that gave Bella her vaccines. Reactions to vaccines are rare and when they do occur normally happen within 48 hours, therefore given Bella became unwell 5 days later this may or may not have been related. If you require any more information or explanations regarding Bella's treatment, please do not hesitate to contact me at the clinic as I would be more than happy to investigate your concerns. I hope Bella is now back to full health.