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  • Great value vaccinations and neutering 
  • Affordable 24 hour emergency service
  • Open: Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm, Sat: 9am-4pm
  • Car parking
  • Highly trained and caring staff
  • Permanently low prices

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Kate on 25/04/2016

Overall rating:


“Amazing Informative Staff”

Just like to say,how well lilly has been treated today.Mirco chipped,Vaccine,bug box.
The staff have been amazing and Informative.
Very caring and patient with lilly who can Be rather a handful at times. Well-done and Thank you.
PS Thank you Claire for ringing last week to rectify the problem with the last visit.


Reviewed by: Monche on 23/04/2016

Overall rating:



I can't believe ..... 18 hrs waiting and finally just hear how much more we must to pay.

Claire Donaldson RVN
Practice Manager

Dear Monche, I'm very sorry to hear of the delay Buster experienced. I am aware that the Senior Veterinary Surgeon has already spoken to you last week regarding this delay, if you would like to discuss this further, please do not hesitate to contact me at the surgery on 02476386855 or email

Kind Regards


Reviewed by: Carole J on 15/04/2016

Overall rating:


“Professional and friendly”

Since moving to Nuneaton in 1997, we have had 8 dogs and they have all been treated at your vets, from puppy pack to end of life. In all cases, the staff have been totally professional, friendly and where necessary compassionate. One of our current dogs recently needed an operation which was costly but after comparing the price with other practices was actually very competitive. The process was explained to us very clearly as was the amount of after care he would require. I would have no doubts whatsoever in recommending their service.


Reviewed by: Meg on 28/03/2016

Overall rating:


“Great service and staff! ”

Fab advice and always 5 star service! I always deal with Lucy who is so kind and has buckets of patience with my nervous rescue whippet. Would highly recommend them.


Reviewed by: harrym on 24/02/2016

Overall rating:



My dog was prescribed ISATHAL for his eye at a cost of 13.42 you can buy the same stuff at 6.92 I will not be using this vet again

Claire Donaldson RVN
Practice Manager

Dear Harry,

Unfortunately the eye medication for your dog, Isathal, is a "Prescription Only Medication". This means it can only be prescribed by a Veterinary Surgeon. The amount of £13.42 also includes the cost of the prescribed fee. We can write written prescriptions for owners, however the cost of a separate written prescription is £9.50. With this in mind, if you were to purchase a written prescription and then buy the medication somewhere else, this would work out a bit more expensive for you. I hope this puts your mind at rest that you have not been overcharged. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any more queries on 02476386855.

Kind regards


Reviewed by: Jade88 on 22/02/2016

Overall rating:


“Fantastic vets!”

I have been with your best for a good few years now and the service there is amazing. All staff and Vets are friendly, kind, caring and loving to animals. Rachel and Liz are fantastic! They don't rush to get you out the room, they take as much time as you need and they are loving to your pet too. Your best is amazing and I would recommend them to anyone. I love every staff member and vet there as they are all fantastic :)


Reviewed by: Alison on 29/01/2016

Overall rating:


“Superb service, despite losing our beloved hamster”

I dashed to the vet this morning after finding my daughters hamster seemingly dead but still making noises and twitching which was very distressing.
I had no appointment and was very emotional but the receptionist took the hamster straight off me and rushed her through to the nurse before taking any of my details.
Unfortunately it was bad news, however, I must commend the staff for their superb service and sensitivity. They offered me a drink, a seat and unlimited tissues. I never felt rushed to have to leave and they offered to take care of her little body which I did decline so that we can bury her in the garden.
If we do have another animal in the future, I will have no qualms about using this vets again and would highly recommend them.


Reviewed by: Andrew H on 26/09/2015

Overall rating:


“Neglect ”

When I took my puppy there for his puppy pack the first time was fine but the second time they insisted that kennel cough was essential but in fact your only ment to give dogs this if they are in fact going to be put into kennels and also while trimming his nails the vet cut his paw and failed to Wright this down on his notes witch is neglect and and I had to take him to another vet to fix the illness that they made him have so I wouldn't advise this practice to anybody also on complaining they refused to give the vets name that delt with my puppy

Claire Donaldson RVN
YourVets - Nuneaton - Practice Manager

Dear Andrew H,

Unfortunately it seems you have been given some incorrect information. The kennel cough vaccine is not only for dogs going into kennels. This nasty infection can be spread anywhere dogs come into contact with each other, this may be in the street or at the park or a number of places. Sometimes nails bleed when they are clipped, this can be perfectly normal and happens when the quick on the nail is particularly long. Please be rest assured that this is not an illness. I would be more than happy to speak with you, should you have any more questions or concerns, please give me a call at the practice on 02476386855.


Reviewed by: Pets passport on 24/08/2015

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“Pets passport”

Had a pets passport updated but unfortunately a mistake was made to the dates of cover incorrect date written on passport vet then amended the date and stamped over the correction
Got to the passport control at Portsmouth was told because the dates had been altered possible that we would not be able to take our dog with us they said under no circumstances could she travel with us although we had her old passport with us with the correct dates, they said because the old passport had been voided they would not take it as being correct. After about 15 minutes they relented and allowed us to travel on the provision that she was seen by a vet in France and re injected with the rabies virus this was done but we could not return back to the UK for 30 days. So we are not too happy with Your Vets

YourVets Nuneaton
Lucy Robertson, Senior Veterinary Surgeon

I am so sorry to hear about your issues whilst travelling to France with your dog, it sounds very stressful. I have double checked the guidance notes for amendments on Pet Passports. The guidance notes clearly state that:

'Any amendments to the passport must be made by the OV (Official Veterinarian) by drawing a single line over the incorrect entry. The correct information must be written legibly above the deleted entry and then signed and stamped the OV with the official stamp.'

It appears from what you have said that this amendment was done correctly according to the Pet Passport guidance notes. It would be worthwhile pointing this out to the officers at passport control to prevent this type of error being made in the future.

King Regards


Reviewed by: Colin on 09/08/2015

Overall rating:


“New Building ”

I think the building that the vets have moved to on Camphill Road has a nice layout and I have enjoyed the opening that was held today.