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Welcome to Pennard Vets - Small animal veterinary practices in Sevenoaks, Borough Green, Tonbridge and Maidstone, offering a full range of pet services. We believe in preventative medicine, but, when your pet becomes ill, Pennard Vets prides istelf on offering the latest equipment and techniques to help find out the problem quickly and effectively.

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Reviewed by: Alice on 19/10/2015

Overall rating:


“Tonbridge Pennard Vets Practice”

Having recently undertaken work experience here (and being a regular customer) I cannot stress enough how lovely and friendly all of the staff are. Highly professional and always have our pets needs at heart. The staff get to know you and your pets personally in order to make the most accurate diagnosis for your animal. All the nurses are so inviting that our dogs now enjoy and even look forward to coming to the vets for their monthly weight and health checks! The vets are also highly skilled and we have placed our trust in them multiple times for procedures and have never been let down or disappointed with the treatments. Would never hesitate to recommend this practice and the staff within it.


Reviewed by: The BT pack on 25/06/2015

Overall rating:


“Warm welcome”

Over the years Pennards have helped look after various issues with all of my dogs.
The services they have been able to offer have helped with avoiding going to other referral practices and meant i can deal with it at my own vets. They all care and do a great job and wouldn't have it any other way.
Thanks Pennards :-)


Reviewed by: Ian & Mr Pickles on 16/05/2014

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“Thanks to Caroline”

Just wanted to say many thanks to Caroline whom I saw today with my cat. Professional and knowledgeable, yet friendly too as always. Many thanks - Ian and Mr Pickles ! XX


Reviewed by: Andy on 09/03/2014

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“Thank you for helping me look after my old dog”

This week my old dog was not very well, he is in his twilight years and every extra day is precious. My family have used Pennard Vets for many years and have found the service to be fantastic. The clinic has modernised and offers the latest treatments. In an emergency or when I have been worried it has always been possible to speak to or see someone who can reassure us. This week my old boy was not himself, with the vets help we decided on a treatment plan which suited the circumstances. We can trust the whole clinic to do the best for us at what is going to be a difficult time.


Reviewed by: Disgruntled ex-customer on 02/03/2014

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“Driven by profit, not aninal need”

We were with this practice when it was Eton Vets. They were always one of the more expensive vets in the area, however they did appear to be driven by what's best for the animals. Since it was taken over by this chain we have witnessed a steady decline so it now appears to be driven by what's best for our profits, irrespective of what the animal may or may not need. That includes unnecessary visits/re-visits, blood tests, etc, etc all at highly inflated prices.
Given the medical history of one of our pets we were reluctant to change vets. Having now done so we only wish we had done it a lot earlier. The new practice, and their approach, has highlighted just how bad Pennard has come. So based on comparing our experiences over a long period of time, and with different practices, is unless you have very, very deep pockets and don't mind causing your pets unnecessary stress, avoid this chain at all costs.

Pennard Vets

We are sorry to hear that you have not been happy with our service recently. Eton Vets has been part of Pennard Vets for over 10 years with the same long standing and well respected values unchanged. Our priority has always and will always be our patients and their best interests and offering the right approach for them after informed discussions with their owners. We would always encourage any feedback on concerns with any aspect of our service, so that we can discuss it in full and make any improvements necessary. We would invite you to speak to our senior vets so that we may investigate where you feel we have let your down. Please contact the practice at your earliest convenience.


Reviewed by: Jessica on 05/08/2013

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“Big Thank you to Pennard Vets in Tonbridge”

I would just like to say a big thank you to Pennard Vets in Tonbridge. I know for my mum who regularly visits with our puppy Ozzie, and previously with our old doggie Marley, the support from the team at Pennards is unrivalled. A friendly, caring, educational and warm culture at the vets means that nothing is ever a problem. Most recently, when Ozzie decided to escape and go on his own adventure, the quick response from the vets was comforting until he was found! I would highly recommend Pennard vets to anyone with a pet who is apart of your family. Keep up the good work!


Reviewed by: Jo on 20/05/2013

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“Bailey survived thanks to the care from Pennards”

Bailey back in January had a very bad car accident. His tail came clean off and a few times nearly did not make it. The whole staff took Bailey on like he was theirs and made him better. After all Bailey went through he loves going and seeing the staff. He really was looked after with the highest level of care. Bailey is now 16th months and is still a lovely caring dog who's accident has not changed him. Well apart from no tail!


Reviewed by: J. A . Jones on 11/01/2013

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All the staff at Pennards feel like family, nothing is too much trouble, even if its the slightest thing that you may be worried about.
I have a six year old lab that is constantly in trouble, eating everything from a rabbit to a pair of socks and I am constantly re assured by Caroline and the nurses and kept informed of whats going on at all times.
My lab, Oscar loves them all there even though he has been operated on 5 times! He still bounces in there without a worry which is the best sign of all. Thankyou Pennards for looking after us both


Reviewed by: Sue Kidby on 09/01/2013

Overall rating:


“Friendly caring Vets - whole practice team excellent.. Definately recommend”

Always receive excellent service nothing is too much of an effort. Caroline & Claire top Vets very caring, friendly and my dog loves them. They will always spend time with me and are always at hand if I have any concerns. My dog unfortunately is not very healthy and has to visit them regularly but nothing is too much of a trouble for them.