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Just like our branches, the Medivet Southend 24 Hour Hospital provides a dedicated local service to clients, offering a comprehensive, quality service at affordable prices.

In addition it is staffed 24hours every day, providing a round the clock service for hospitalised inpatients and consultations for new cases, both routine and emergency. It also acts as a referral centre for other local Medivet branches.

As a part of the Medivet family, your pet will have the benefit of the skills and experience of over 200 vets throughout the company. Our staff aim to provide a welcoming and professional environment for both pet and client.

We offer both diagnostic and surgical care as well as a wealth of additional benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Reviewed by: SophieCornwell on 24/06/2015

Overall rating:


“Amazing :)”

Medivet in Southend are absoloutly amazing! They saved my rabbits life and treated him so well. I only had him for 3 days before he started going downhill (he hadn't had the best care where I had bought him from) & they bought him back to life! He was a totally different rabbit from even when I first got him, he's so full of life! I can't thank them enough!

Sophie & little Grey (the rabbit)


Reviewed by: sarah on 02/05/2015

Overall rating:


“Excellent practice”

Medivet Southend have been looking after my 3 Labradors for years now!
I can't rate them highly enough in every aspect they are great.
From elbow dysplasia operation on Max carried out by Gareth
When he was only young to even minor things like vaccinations!
The latest being Rexs castration on Monday!
Top service friendly caring staff.
Would always recommend Medivet Southend.
Thanks from Sarah,Max,Gus and Rex


Reviewed by: Tracy on 16/04/2015

Overall rating:


“Think twice”

Think twice before using this vets - I have an outstanding invoice of over five thousand pounds despite having already paid two thousand via my pet insurance and my complaint is unresolved and now with the RCVS. I am devastated at the loss of my beautiful dog. Vets must learn to acknowledge when mistakes have been made and learn from those mistakes!

Medivet Southend

We grew to love and deeply care for Cujo and were devastated by his loss. We pride ourselves in providing the highest possible standard of care. Our aim is to always treat each pet as if it was our own and each pet's welfare is at the centre of all of our decisions. We discussed Cujo's treatment plan with you openly and regularly throughout his time under our care. Costs very much depend on the varying size and depth in a particular case and the necessary treatment. However, treatment would only be carried out once discussed in full and approved by the owner. We are more than happy to re-discuss each option that was available to you in Cujo's treatment and the costs involved. We provided only the highest standard of care to Cujo during his treatment and did everything that we could. The loss of a pet is always difficult for everyone involved. We are happy to discuss Cujo's treatment and case with the RCVS.


Reviewed by: becki on 07/01/2015

Overall rating:


“after care”

Would just like to thank the you for our card we received today, after Dexters sudden passing last week, the card and seeds are such a lovely gesture. I can't remember the name of the lady who delt with us but she was lovely. Thankyou again xx


Reviewed by: Sonja on 27/12/2014

Overall rating:



Reviewed by: carolyn on 28/12/2013

Overall rating:


“lovely staff”

our dog Max was admitted christmas day and had to have his spleen removed. he is still at the vets at the moment but we just wanted to say that up till now every sngle person we have come into contact with has been so lovely. they have all been so understranding and havent minded us phoning day or night and also have been great about us visitng Max. they have kept us up to date with everything that is going on.hopefully he'll be home soon.thank you all


Reviewed by: Gizmo Cody on 23/08/2013

Overall rating:


“Recommend to anyone in Essex area”

Gizmo the shituz nearly died! But medivet southend 24 hour service were amazing all on standby to help, and very professional and explained everything to e thank you soo much medivet and Sharon


Reviewed by: Nigel on 16/05/2013

Overall rating:


“A Brilliant Practice with Excellent Care”

I felt I had to write this since utilising the services at Medivet Southend Branch Eastwoodbury Lane.

My 11 year pet beagle Dillon was previously being cared for by a local vet when during the night in March 2012 at 2 am he developed haematuria and so were directed to this practice. The staff were brilliant, kind empathic and caring. We had to leave Dillon and collected him on Sunday afternoon following a resolution of his problem. We were asked to return to see Gareth Richardson the following week in March. He gave Dillon a check and we enquired if he could undertake a cruciate ligament repair since our local vet wanted to refer Dillon to a Newmarket practice. Obviously we were not happy with having to travel so far. Unbeknown to us Gareth was an accomplished orthopaedic surgeon and agreed to accept the case. Within a few days Dillon was home after having a most expertly performed cruciate ligament repair. The care and expertise given by Gareth and the staff at the practice was excellent.

During 2012 we had the misfortune to have Dillon admitted for two further operations one being a partial meniscectomy and a further cruciate ligament repair on his other leg. Once again we had no hesitation and were grateful that Gareth and his team were on hand to provide the expertise required. I had decided at this point that I would now consider that Dillons on-going care would be with this practice. Unfortunately during this 2013 Easter break an encounter with a large Labrador left Dillon lame again and in need of further exploratory and remedial surgery for a torn meniscus cartilage. Gareth again performed the surgery and two weeks later Dillon has been discharged. The skill and empathy shown by Gareth is exemplary and is a shining example to many on how veterinary care should be planned and delivered. If it had not been for that one night in 2012 we would not have been aware of the services provided by this excellent practice.

The staff are always friendly and helpful and Dillon is always excited, as the staff will be aware by his melodic barking when we arrive, to visit unlike the previous veterinary practice where he did display signs of distress when we needed to consult the vet. Overall I cannot praise the practice enough and feel that should Dillon ever need emergency care Gareth and his team will be available and I will not hesitate to take Dillon to receive the expert treatment and attention they provide.

A Brilliant Practice and Excellent Care!!


Reviewed by: Hilary Newman on 30/11/2012

Overall rating:


“A very bad experience”

I had a very bad experience at the hands of this Veterinary practise after my dog Ceaser was transferred there. My dog had to be put to sleep after he was at this practise and never returned home after being admitted for tests. After I complained to the Manager of this practise, I received a letter to which I felt was not constistent in what really happened, and was shocked and upset to receive further correspondence stating that my dog would have died anyway. I found this callous and barbaric, I feel you need to be very very careful as to what you agree to regarding treatment of your dog, and need to ask many questions before you agree to anything. This was the most awful experience I have ever encountered when dealing with a Veterinary practise and it's Manager and would not recommend them to anyone.Goodbye Medivet Southend, I can assure you that I will never deal with you again. From Hilary Newman and " Ceaser"


As pet owners ourselves, we really do understand how distressing losing a pet can be and the bereavement our clients go through.

When serious cases occur it can require a significant amount of potentially costly care (including several tests) to allow us provide the best treatment for our patients.

We have carefully investigated your case and we are satisfied that the care given was of a high standard. All the care we offered was given with Ceasers best interests in mind, to try to help him get well.

We are very sorry that you feel this was not the case, but please rest assured that we always have our patients best interests at heart in everything we do and always aim to deliver the best possible treatment to all our patients.

If you would like to discuss your case further with us please feel free to contact us at any time.


Reviewed by: Mrs J on 12/11/2012

Overall rating:


“Excellent care for very old cat!!”

I took Fluffy in this evening as she has not been herself for a few days. She is a very old lady and has some sort of feline dementia ( staring into space, seeming not to know where she is etc) but this has increased. She has been sleeping even more than usual and not eating or drinking as much as usual. She has been losing weight recently. Receptionist was fantastic on the phone and fitted her in for tonight's surgery. Vet was extremely informative and explained the possibilities and our options very carefully including costs of various tests. She was excellent with Fluffy and very understanding in terms of the whole dilemmas involved in owning a very ancient cat. I can thoroughly recommend this vet practice which I have used since the days of David Harper (pre 1999)


Reviewed by: Matt White on 09/09/2012

Overall rating:


“Rip Off”

ã701 for a small cut on the head? first off i was quoted ã600 which i thought was excessive - had to pay a deposit of ã300 only to then be told the price was going up again.
had it not of been for the fact that my beloved doggy was in pain i would never have got involved in such a con - in my opinion. personally i think these vets just have a license to print money and that is their only driver for the care of any pets.

i have previously taken my other dog to earls hall with pretty much the same treatment required (he is epileptic and fell down the stairs and cut his nose open) this was ã300 all in which included an over night stay as well.

i would not recommend these vets to anyone. needless to say this post will probably never be published.

Rachael Buckwell

We are very sorry that you feel the treatment for your pet was excessively priced. We pride ourselves on providing the highest standards of care to patients, 24hours a day - even when others are closed. In the case of wounds, costs very much depend on the varying size and depth in a particular case and the necessary treatment . We would very much like to discuss your complaint with you in more detail- please give me a call.


Reviewed by: Miss ladlow on 14/06/2012

Overall rating:



Its taken me this long to want to write something after loosing my gorgeous dog Benji.

Sadly he was put to sleep cause of renal failure a few weeks back, just wanted to thank everyone for the kindness, there was one girl in particular i would like to thank she was a Receptionist and her name was Elizabeth, she really looked after me that day, sat with me, and arranged everything for me with Resting Pets.

I just want to say thank you to her for making the journey more bearable.


Reviewed by: mariongran on 21/05/2012

Overall rating:


“Highly recommend”

Our Dog was seriously ill and all of the staff during the evening, Linda (Vet) was really fantastic, I feel that she went above and beyond the call of duty. The dog is now much better and on lifelong medication. When we phone the receptionists are always very professional and empathetic. This is very reassuring at difficult times.
Many thanks to all the staff at Southend.


Reviewed by: Anne on 28/04/2012

Overall rating:


“So sweet”

Just wanted to say how lovely and sweet the receptionist, Elizabeth was when I came in and pick up my dogs ashes, she took time to sit me down and talk to me as I felt so sad, She reassured me about a few things and i could leave feeling a bit more at peace with myself again.

Thank you.


Reviewed by: clare on 05/04/2012

Overall rating:


“Outstanding Receptionist”

I rang yesterday as my mothers dog was due to be put to sleep, and spoke to a Receptionist call Liz Fremont, i found her exceptionally helpful and very compassionate with our situation, i must of rung her three or four times and each time she was fantastic and very understanding.

A real credit to Medivet