Gatehouse Veterinary Group - Allerton

Tel: 01274 480031

232 Allerton Road
West Yorkshire BD15 7AA

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Welcome to Gatehouse Veterinary Hospital, the only RCVS Accredited small animal hospital in Bradford.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic team offer 24hour care to all pets.

Our recently acquired Gold Standard Cat Friendly Practice status ensures that we offer cat friendly service and have excellent knowledge of the latest feline treatment and diseases.

We pride ourselves in offering veterinary treatment for all pets and their owners that excels in quality of care and standards of service through a committed, well trained team.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Nick Bennett on 02/01/2016

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Reviewed by: Rebecca on 10/11/2015

Overall rating:


“Couldnt ask for a better vet”

We have been going to Gatehouse vets since 2007 after a horrendous experience with a previous vets, I made the decision to change vets and it was the best decision I ever made.

Gatehouse Veterinary Hospital is the best vets you could ever wish to have seeing your pets. All the vets are fantastic as are the nurses and reception staff.

One vet though stands out and that is Terry we have 4 cats and he goes above and beyond in ensuring our cats get the best care and attention they need. One of our cats Mollie has a very serious heart defect and if it wasn't for Terry's excellent care and expertise Mollie wouldn't be here. Our previous vet told us we would only have 18 months with Mollie, but Terry has given us 8 years and counting with Mollie, and at present she is doing excellent, and he is never too busy to take phone calls or see her in an emergency if needed, in fact a couple of months ago Mollie collapsed and so we rang the vets straight away and with absolutely no question the receptionist told us to bring her straight down, which we did and despite having a full surgery, Terry saw us straight away, and dealt with Mollie, and now she is doing really well again. We don't know how much longer we have with Mollie but Terry has been honest with us all of Mollie's life and we know we are coming close to the end as she is although doing ok, having some issues and we are on regular appointments with Terry so he can keep a close eye on her.

We previously had another cat who also had a heart defect, we unfortunately lost him in 2012 due to spinal cancer, again Terry went above and beyond trying to save him but it wasn't to be and we faced the hardest decision ever, and when that time came we were dealt with courteously and 100% compassion and we were given the opportunity to spend as much time with Oscar as we wanted.

Another of our cats is terrified of going to the vets but Terry's singing and general care towards him soon ensures he is settled.

I cant recommend this vets highly enough if you love your pets and want the best care for them, then you wont go wrong by going to this practice.


Reviewed by: Jodie Darnbrook on 02/11/2015

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“Saved our puppy”

Our springer spaniel puppy was diagnosed with a blood vessel wrapped around her oesophagus and could not swallow food and as a result was starving and would have died without Simon being willing to take on this risky surgery. Through the correct diagnoses, advice, support and an extremely technical delicate operation which was 50/50 whether she survived, our gorgeous Poppy is bouncing with life and putting on weight! Simon is an amazing vet that I trust with all our 3 dogs and 4 cats, but forever grateful for saving Poppy and supporting us with his fabulous team through an extremely difficult time. Thank you


Reviewed by: layney on 02/11/2015

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“Go over and above to help animals recover”

when my cat stayed in for treatment we were encouraged to visit and nothing was too much trouble, they even went to the local supermarket to get items to attract her to eat again. When my insurance didn`t full cover my dogs operation there was no problem, an affordable repayment plan was arranged without fuss


Reviewed by: Caty on 02/11/2015

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“Top Pet Vet”

Terry, at Bingley, is the best vet I have ever come across. He is so lovely with the animals - you'd think they were his own. He is really helpful and patient (with me as well as the animals!) and relieves anxiety (again, mine, as well as the animals'!).


Reviewed by: Rachel on 02/11/2015

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“Terry the super vet”

Iv used a few vets over the years, then was recommended Terry at gatehouse, he is my real life super vet. Honest, kind and fair.
I never feel my visits are about money or what treatment I can afford, my pets are taking care of first.
Even though Allerton is not local I still recommend people travel there.


Reviewed by: Peter on 02/11/2015

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“Best vets in the area. ”


Reviewed by: Anon on 23/10/2015

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“Condescending, arrogant and stuck up - not getting the service when you have paid for it.”

They used to be friendly when they have friendly staff. The reception staff deter you from using the service again. A disappointment.

Gatehouse Veterinary Group - Allerton

We are very sorry you felt let down on this occasion. Please call our Team Leader Debra Leivin on 01274 480031 so we can discuss the issues further.

Thank you


Reviewed by: A distraught owner of a lifeless animal on 19/05/2015

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Reviewed by: Gail on 19/01/2014

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Gatehouse give prompt, courteous, professional care to your pet. I was very impressed with EVERY member of staff encountered. You can feel the care. My cat needed help very badly and was given it without fuss. When we'd a problem at home one of the nurses stopped by on her rounds and helped, then made sure my cat was okay.
When your pet is poorly this is the kind and quality of help you need and Gatehouse deliver it.
Thank you to all of you.