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Our branches provide a dedicated local service to clients, offering a comprehensive, quality service at affordable prices. Our branches can also provide access to 24 hour services via our linked Richmond 24hr Continuous Care and Emergency Centre.

As a part of the Medivet family, your pet will have the benefit of the skills and experience of over 200 vets throughout the company. Our staff aim to provide a welcoming and professional environment for both pet and client.

We offer both diagnostic and surgical care as well as a wealth of additional benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Bsummer on 09/07/2015

Overall rating:


“Great Vet”

Rui and the team at medivet have always been helpful, understanding and have gone above and beyond their roles to conmfort and support both my puppy and I when needed. My only downside is the very subtle pushing of the petfood they sell instore and the Pushy people behind pet plan insurance. For the knowledge you receive it is worth it though. great vets and great 24hr help line too.


Reviewed by: csestier on 07/04/2015

Overall rating:


“Lost cat is back!”

Great thanks to the team at Medivet Southfields in Replingham Road who brought us back our loved cat who was missing since 6 months!


Reviewed by: Juliet Pearce on 16/03/2015

Overall rating:



I can't recommend Rui and his team more highly. They were so professional, friendly and caring when Max needed weeks of care to get him better.


Reviewed by: Cathy & Zeus on 02/02/2015

Overall rating:


“Battle of the boosters”

Over the past 4 years we have stayed at Medivet Southfields because of the exceptional service, care and dedication the staff have towards Zeus. Zeus had a rotten first year after he got an infection after castration which our vet at the time, Ryan looked after him so well for both the main op and emergency op that Zeus needed when it all went wrong! This seemed to create a vet phobia in Zeus that we've battled since especially yearly boosters!

Twice we have had the Amazingly calm, patient and caring Rui do Zeus's Boosters, his professional approach with Zeus's anxieties allows him to get the job done fast even if it means wrestling Zeus around the consultation room to get that needle in! We always have a laugh about it on the car journey home...

I recommend this surgery to anyone looking for a caring, and professional service. Rui really knows his stuff and is amazing at his job, a man we can trust to get things done as stress free as possible. Zeus loved his reward of a bowl of chicken and for the first time ever didn't bolt out the room after having the injection! Thanks Rui and the Medivet team! See you next year for round 5 of the battle of the boosters!

*Woofs and licks from Zeus*


Reviewed by: Jo on 20/11/2014

Overall rating:


“Exceptional Team and Service!”

The care, attention and client service that Rui, Kim and the extended team (at Southfields and Richmond) offer has been outstanding.

Their concern, empathy and thorough evaluation is of a very high standard and they have always been very patient and considerate with my cats, and myself(!), when it comes to dealing with fur-patient diagnosis and treatment.

They have helped me through a lot of cat issues over the last few years and I appreciate everything they have done throughout this time.

I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a vet in the area.

Thank you!



Reviewed by: Liz on 20/11/2014

Overall rating:


“There in my hour of need”

I just wanted to post this review of Rui, Kim and the team at Medivet Southfields who have been so understanding of my problem catching the poorly Dave who has to go to the vet every month. She seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to appointment time and sits on the fence as if to say "I'm not going!". When I finally manage to cajole her in and get there, the team always make a fuss of her and see to her as quickly and kindly as possible. Maybe not the cheapest vet but we transferred from another Medivet meaning that our cats' entire medical history was transferred with them. And, like most things, you probably get what you pay for.


Reviewed by: Lyall on 29/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Hollywoof Smile!”

Last week my two Yorkshire terriers went in for the first time to have their teeth cleaned, I had heard numerous stories about dogs not making it through the procedure because of the General Anesthtic and i was really concerned about it.

However the Doctor was extremely helpful and put my mind at ease, he explained the procedure as well as the risks but also advised on the consequences if we didn't do it now.

Not only was the procedure successful and I got my two monsters home safe and sound, they both no longer have bad breathe and truly have a HOLLYWOOD smile!

a BIG thank you to everyone at Medivet for treating my dogs as their own!


Reviewed by: Oly and Zosia's mums on 29/10/2014

Overall rating:


“First class service every time”

We have used MediVet Southfields from the very start of having our first Polish Lowland Sheepdog (PON) in 2012 and we have continued to enjoy brilliant service and flexibility with our second. Having had to use another vet for an emergency whilst in Somerset and being so concerned about the level of care that our dog was not being given that we raced back to London where MediVet Southfields admitted Oly with two hours notice, gave us peace of mind and communicated brilliantly through the stages of treatment and aftercare.

Oly also had a laprascopic spay procedure at MediVet Richmond and Zosia will have the same when the time comes and again, the level of care and communication at all stages of the procedure was exceptional. They do say 'you get what you pay for' and we certainly haven't been disappointed by the quality of care, flexibility of appointment times and convenience. Our very headstrong and dominant girls love Rui and the nurses in MediVet Southfields and they are very patient with two strong-willed furkids! We feel very fortunate to have MediVet right on our doorstep and he 24 hour MediVet centre in Richmond should we ever need it.


Reviewed by: Louis & Lola on 29/10/2014

Overall rating:


“So Kind”

Louis - What a great bunch of people! I trust them with Lola's care completely. The compassion and kindness they consistently show her is wonderful, and I'm truly grateful to them all.

Lola woof (which means I agree, now can I have a treat pleeeease?!!!)


Reviewed by: suze davies on 29/10/2014

Overall rating:


“delightful team”

At last a vet who gets the balance right! one you really trust and knows his stuff yet is equally as nuts about your loved ones-he even has a newly adopted dog-the medically challenging Scooby who he just could not put to sleep-well done Rui and i do hope you get your new house/garden soon as i know it will not be long before it resembles Noah's Ark.Bring your darlings here as they will be well looked after- i know Medivet is a chain but it really does not feel like one-just the advantages of 24 hour assistance.


Reviewed by: Gill on 18/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Great job”

Rui, very professional but also compassionate, great service, Barbie loves him.
Keep up the good work, Kim also does a great job, maybe more customer training for the front of house team, and little less errors in front of house, other wise, great job Rui.


Reviewed by: RW on 14/10/2014

Overall rating:


“A very good, careful and friendly service”

I came to you with an elderly cat with a fairly complicated and maybe intractable problem.

Roi's care for her was exceptional, I thought. He was gentle meticulous and deeply conscientious. I was also grateful for the way he kept me in touch with his thinking, his deductions and his planning, as he addressed my pet's problem as the case unfolded.

And everything else too. My pet is insured (thank God !) and the practice helped me deal with the insurance company, effectively taking it off my hands. And I have left London now, which means that another vet will be taking over. Roi will be handing over his records to them, which I saw he keeps meticulously, adding to my sense of being treated by a practice fully given over to its clientele and to professional standards.


Reviewed by: Candy's mum on 14/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Thanks a million to Medivet Southfields team.”

My 10 year old labrador had several lumps removed by the head surgeon Rui at the Southfields practice. The operation was lengthy and quite complicated not to mention the care required post op as well. The love and attention provided by the team were first class. I couldn't wish for a better practice whose dedication comes from the entire team. Candy recuperated sooner than anticipated with no complications thanks to all the professional advice and the good vibes they all sent in order for Candy to feel stronger and loved. That is the most important essence in any healing process. They not only look after the patient animal but also the family which makes anyone feel reassured and have a positive mental attitude. They are all about what's best for the patient. I know Rui uses natural products such as Manuka honey and have heard him advise fruit juice for a sick cat. That was a booster to my confidence in them. Thank you Rui, Maria & Ana and the team of nurses. You are absolutely brilliant!!


Reviewed by: Justin on 07/10/2014

Overall rating:



Amazing service and after care. Thankyou so much for helping my very nervous doggie through his surgery, amazing team!


Reviewed by: David Stoneham on 02/10/2014

Overall rating:


“yearly booster”

Rui was professional and took great care and gave him a comprehensive check up and even though Henry was not happy being there , Rui was very patient .

I would recommend Medivet Replingham Road to any local people that would ask about vets in the area .

David Stoneham

PS Rui you need to put an up to date photo or maybe thats your dating website photo .


Reviewed by: Sally Morgan on 23/09/2014

Overall rating:


“Thank You So Much”

Unfortunately, Snuffles, my 15 year old cat died on 22/09/14. He had complex medical problems, which required weekly visits to Medivet Southfields in the last year or so of his life and several periods as an inpatient at the Medivet Hospital, Richmond. Under Rui's leadership, I always felt Snuffles received love, care and the most up-to-date treatment that medicine could provide. When Rui was away, Maria was an excellent reserve and when I was away in August, Eira provided first-class care at my home; I am so pleased they were both on duty during Snuffles' last weekend. I wish to thank Kim, Yorram and Alba for their kind realism, though it is wonderful that Snuffles hadn't 'read the book' Alba and enjoyed another six months of fulfilling life. Sally, Snuffles was your brave heart; I am so grateful. Snuffles is irreplaceable but if, after mourning, I get a different cat, I will again come to Medivet Southfields for the support of you and your team Rui. Thank you. Sally


Reviewed by: Jenny Kugler on 29/06/2014

Overall rating:


“Top Notch”

Up until recently we had 3 dogs - a Chocolate Lab', and
father and daughter English Springer Spaniels. I can only say, that they have only ever been given the utmost kindness, care and attention possible. Rui is exceptionally thorough and warm - explaining everything and all the options, very carefully. Our very elderly Lab' had to be put down in December and they (Rui and the senior practice nurse, Kim) were absolutely amazing. They came to our home and treated the whole sad and distressing process with such dignity and understanding. The nurses always make a great fuss of the dogs when they come - so they positively enjoy going to the vet's:)
I can only add that I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending this practice under Rui's caring leaderhip.


Reviewed by: Dee Hurmey on 26/06/2014

Overall rating:


“Cannt recommend highly enough”

I cannot recommend Rui and his lovely team highly enough, having been seeing him regarding my elderly dog, Dolly, for over four years. During this time I have always found him to be compassionate, patient, understanding and exceptionally thorough. This has been essential in Dolly's case as she has various ailments including kidney, liver, heart and recently has suffered several seizures which have left her very poorly. These issues have been further complicated as she has very low tolerance of traditional medications. However, Rui has consistently thought out of the box and thanks to him Dolly is doing well at the moment. It is rare to find such a combination of professionalism, compassion and excellence which is why I have complete confidence in Rui and the team


Reviewed by: Meghan on 18/04/2012

Overall rating:


“10 star Rating!!! ”

I was asked to give a honest review and I am not sure If I have enough room to write all the wonderful things about the Southfields Medivet!
Firstly, the Staff is Outstanding, Jenna, Sara, Lydia, and the others and the best Vet in London, Ryan N!! Ryan is amazing, very honest, and does not rush you at all,oh and explains everything in detail and also understands that everyone has a budget. I have to say that they are so caring and kind to our black Labrador, they treat him as part of their family! Every time I have called for a emergency(my idea of a emergency), they have given us a appointment immediatley, even if the consulting hours were not open. Nothing is too small of a problem, Stuart had a tick and I was so worried I just walked in and they removed it for me and did not make me feel like I was being a worried pet owner.
I have never had a negative experience at this Branch of MediVet. I think the only negative is the size of the clinic, I wish they could have a bit bigger of a waiting area as it is hard to have numerous pets in the waiting area, only a minor thing.

I would Highly recommend!!!

Thanks for all your help and kindness towards Stuart!!!
xxxxx Meghan Agatep


Reviewed by: Jeannie - Daisy's 'mum' on 03/04/2012

Overall rating:


“If this practice treated humans - I'd be first in the queue.”

I can't praise Southfields Medivet highly enough for the treatment they give my beloved (ageing) rescue tabby cat - Daisy. I know most 'owners' feel anxiety when we have to take our furkids to the Vet - trust me, I do, but the second I walk into this practice I feel secure in the knowledge that Daisy is in the best hands.

The nurses are superb and know me by name - I love them so much for pandering to my almost ridiculous love for my cat! Then there's Ryan Norris the Vet who communicates in such a way that there's no confusion, no undue worry - just a total sense of assurance that your animal is in the best possible hands. Not so much as a raised eyebrow every time Daisy's weight goes up...just a patient "let's try harder" (I'm on it Ryan, I'm on it!)

Impossible to write all that this practice has done for me and my cat over more than 12 years - suffice to say, they are utterly brilliant professionals with that human touch.