Vet4Life - Shepperton

Tel: 01932 229900

7 Station Approach
Middlesex TW17 8AR

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Our team of qualified vets and nurses, trainee nurses and reception staff are dedicated to providing a high quality of care for dogs, cats, rabbits and other small animals, including exotic pets.

Our recently refurbished clinic is equipped with state of the art facilities. Consultations are by appointment and we provide our own Out of Hours service at our Shepperton clinic or by home visit.

We can perform Keyhole surgery for a range of procedures including spaying and biopsies. This minimally invasive technique is less painful and has a quicker recovery time for your pet.


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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Paula cook on 14/11/2014

Overall rating:


“Amazing vets”

My 3yr old english bull terrier Bruce
My boy Bruce had to have patellar luxating correction and had surgery I'm so pleased with how teddintion and shepperton have treated him and would recommend this vet to everyone thank you for all your hard work.
Miss cook.


Reviewed by: colette & dave on 20/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Honeydew the rescue bulldog”

At last we've found a vet we trust with our precious Honeydew.
We adopted her from bulldog rescue in 2012,sadly she was a neglect case & needed loads of TLC.
Finally when she was well enough to be spayed we found Ian Stroud & we opted for keyhole surgery,the recovery was amazingly quick & the practice was amazing.
I would certainly recommend them to anyone


Dear Colette, Dave and Honeydew,

Thank you so much for your lovely review. We are glad to hear that honeydew, and yourselves, are happy with the service!

If you have any feedback for us that can help us improve further we are always keen to hear it.

Many thanks,



Reviewed by: HP on 01/08/2014

Overall rating:


“Amazing and trustworthy staff”

We have been taking our little cat Monkey, to the shepperton clinic since he was a kitten
The staff are fantastic with him and extremely friendly.
We were very lucky to have found such a wonderful clinic for our amazing little cat.


Reviewed by: Sandra on 18/06/2014

Overall rating:


“Emergency Cover”

I would like to say how impressed I was with the Emergency Cover that was provided by Shepperton Veterinary Centre for my cavlier king charles spaniel on Sunday evening. We had come back from after attending a family event and found her to be in a lot of pain, she was hunched up, shaking and screamed when her face was touched. Obviously not wanting to wait until the surgery opened on Monday I rang the emergency vet number and spoke to a lovely vet called Tristan. He arranged to meet me at the practice within 30 minutes where he gave my little one a thorough check over and treated her very quickly for her pain and discomfort with re-assurance that I was to call him again if I had any further worries. We left armed with more medication and within an hour she was much more comfortable. Considering the visit was on a Sunday evening I felt that the charges were in line with other Emergency Veterinary services. It was so convenient to take her to our local surgery and not to some veterinary centre that would maybe have meant a longer journey, and also the extra stress this would have caused for her being in an unfamiliar environment.


Reviewed by: The Shelleys on 08/04/2014

Overall rating:


“Best of the best”

We have been customers of the Shepperton Vet Centre for over 5 years with a variety of animals; rabbits, cats and now a dog. The compassion shown when having to make the sad decision to have our aged cat put down after a valiant fight to save her was very comforting and their support and advice in dealing with another cat's long term skin condition has been invaluable. As for their puppy socialisation classes and general support and advice on all animal health and wellbeing, it can't be beaten.
We highly recommend their services to anyone in the Shepperton area.


Reviewed by: Chancer's Mummy on 10/12/2013

Overall rating:


“Chancer thinks...” are great, you looked after him when he was very, very sick, he was cared for like he was your own and now he's better you still love him. He love's coming to the vets and being made a fuss of, you have advised us and guided us, we are first time puppy parents and you help us get it right! You have helped with everything from food and harnesses to doggy tags and I'm sure we will need more help in the future. Chancer was on his last legs when we bought him in to you and you gave him back his life! He is now an amazing puppy that is loved immensely, he is our baby, our world! Thank you for being amazing!


Reviewed by: The Freeman Clan on 09/09/2013

Overall rating:


“Best vets in the area”

Having been told by another vet locally that 'we are running a business' when an item was queried on a bill, I changed to Shepperton Veterinary Clinic as soon as they opened. The difference was huge. I now feel that my animals welfare is the most important thing, not how much money they can make from me.

There is a warm welcome every time I visit, all the staff are exceedingly helpful, know all my animals and seeing the same vet is very reassuring.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Shepperton Veterinary Clinic.


Reviewed by: Jodie, Phil and Squiffy the cat on 27/06/2013

Overall rating:


“The best vets we”

We needed to find a local vet having just moved to the area. Like all pet owners we wanted to find the best care for our little fluffy so I went in person to the vets in the area before making a choice. I got a warm welcome at Shepperton Veterinary Clinic, it had a nice feel to it and the lady that greeted me was helpful and informative about the services they offer. She also asked my cats name and this is something that the other vets didn't do so that was the clincher.

Since then I have nothing but praise for all of the staff there, Squiffy the cat even likes it and behaves perfectly when getting checked out and having his claws clipped!

And if that wasn't enough, the fantastic service goes beyond registered pets. I found a gorgeous dog running around in the road near to where I live and having searched in vain to find its owners I phoned the nearest vets only to be told they don't open until 9am so couldn't do anything until then. I then phoned my vets who said to bring the dog straight in - he was fussed and given water and I felt relieved knowing I was leaving him in good care. I even got a call later that day to be told that the owners had been found and he was back at home. When I found an injured parakeet that couldn't fly in the garden this week I knew who to call straight away for help.

If you live anywhere close to Shepperton then I would thoroughly recommend this veterinary clinic. You can also check them out on Facebook where they regularly post useful information about how to look after pets and you can see pictures of their happy patients for yourself... if you look hard enough you might just find the picture of a sweet little parakeet recovering from a poorly wing!


Reviewed by: Paul, Dave & Percy on 20/06/2013

Overall rating:


“Great vets!”

We have been visiting Shepperton Veterinary Clinic for three years and have found Ian, Lara and the team to be excellent!! The vets and nurses are easy to talk to, knowledgeable and caring and have a genuine passion for animals.