Chase Vets - St Leonards (London Road)

Tel: 01424 424870

103-105 London Road
St. Leonards On Sea
East Sussex TN37 6AT

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Chase Vet Group is committed to providing quality care and treatment to your pet whom we consider to be a member of your family.  We offer exceptional and affordable care, 7 days a week. Chase operates a 24 hour service from our Greenleaves surgery in Bexhill.  This covers 8 of the 9 Chase surgeries.  The surgery is run by 3 dedicated and experienced emergency vets who are well established in the community.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: MrsA on 24/03/2015

Overall rating:


“Excellent Care”

I have been with Chase for eight years and the care is excellent. They are compassionate and caring with fantastic expertise. They have nursed my dog and cats through illness and emergencies as well as listened to any concerns I have.

I cannot rate them highly enough!


Reviewed by: Nick on 02/07/2014

Overall rating:



When we brought Dennis in to the Bexhill surgery on a Sunday nearly two weeks ago, we thought that we were saying goodbye for good.

But thanks to Adam and Nikki (sp?) and the nurses at London Road and Greenleaves, after 9 days TLC we brought him home again today.

I cannot speak highly enough of the attention to detail, the care and the regular updates as to Dennis's health.

But more, much more than that was the very obvious fact that, from the charming receptionists through the nurses up to the two vets dealing with our cat, they cared.

He's still on the road to recovery, but we remain eternally grateful.


Reviewed by: Michaela Morton on 26/04/2014

Overall rating:



Adam....Adam is a Legend. I can't thank him or praise him enough for his dedication and thinking outside the box help he gave us. His dedication is second to none . My dog had a very challenging illness and we worked as a team together. Adam kept me fully informed with clear explanations all the way through and he was completely open to any o my suggestions ,we worked together as a team. If I didn't understand he would draw clear, concise pictures for me so that every step o the way I knew what was going on. This was so important to me. There is nothing worse in my eyes than some vet just doing their own thing and not including me as the owner carer of the dog. That dog is part o my family, I am living with my family day in an day out ... I want to know everything so that I know what to do to support and complement the treatment . Adam did all this an more. He left no stone unturned, We were a team? Adam if you ever read this I can't thank you enough rock! There are plenty o vets out there that could take a good lesson off you going forward :) in addition the excellence and dedication at this surgery does not stop with Adam. Julie the wonderful vet nurse, I owe you lots hon, Thank you so much for going the extra mile to make sure Hex got the drugs that were outside your normal ordering lists. You are the matron o that surgery. When I called you in tears o distress, you were on it , all I wanted you made sure I got,supportive and professional ,you are the iron fist in a velvet glove there. Thank you so much for your help hon. You went the extra mile for us, a proper matron with common sense and the discipline to make sure it got done. you rock. ;) xxx


Reviewed by: Emma on 10/01/2014

Overall rating:


“All good!”

We took our rats, mice and dog to Chase vets London Roadregularly a few years back (sadly we have no animals now!).. we were always treated respectfully, kindly - the practice was incredibly clean, lots of information about animals,illnesses, tips available in the form of leaflets - an area for lost animals or animals needing homes on the wall. We regularly asked to see Adam the vet who was literally THE BEST vet I've ever seen and I've seen a lot! He was professional but very friendly, open, consistently gentle and compassionate with all of our animals from tiny to large! I absolutely cannot fault him. Thank you Chase Vets!