Beech House Vet Clinic

Tel: 01273 505071

35 Harrington Road
East Sussex BN1 6RF

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Beech House Vet Clinic is a small, friendly, long established vet clinic int he Preston Park area of Brighton.  Our aim is to provide practical and sympathetic care for you and for your pet.  We will be really pleased if you choose Beech House Vet Clinic as your vet.  Our vets are patient, sympathetic, knowledgeable and experienced. Our nurses are great!  We are able to offer you all the services you would expect for your cat, dog or smaller pet. 

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Dee on 26/05/2016

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“Great Vetenary Practice”

I had been a client here many years ago but a change in my location meant I changed to a local practice nearer to me. I stayed with this well known brighton practice for many years but always left feeling like I had been cheated and as they expanded so did their prices, becoming less and less personalble and friendly. I left and came back to Beach House. What a difference.
Beech House are so friendly and make you feel like your recieving a personalable service. I ahve since lost one of my cats who was almost 21 and Beech House have been fantastic. I still have a younger puss and I feel really confident when I take him there that I'm getting advice and treatment that is needed and not just treatment to line the practice pockets. Wish I'd stayed with them for all those years.