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Manor Lane
Holmes Chapel
Cheshire CW4 8AB

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At Cheshire Pet in Holmes Chapel we believe that your pets deserve only the very best of care.  We are all pet owners with a many and varied menagerie between us, so we really understand just how important they are to you and your family.  That's why we offer a friendly and professional service, fair prices and a personal approach.  So whether you are an old friend or a new client, Cheshire Pet is always here for you.

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Reviewed by: Grasshopper on 23/03/2014

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“Wish I had met them sooner”

I got my rabbit referred to Molly. He had mobility problems in his back legs. Molly was the fourth vet we had seen for the problem and the first who wanted to x-Ray. The x-ray revealed not rheumatism, as had been suspected but a degenerative bone tumour and two fractures. If we had not had this information we would have had a huge dilemma as to how long to prolong his life and I would always have had doubt in my mind that we had done the best for him. All the staff were compassionate and understanding of my worries and grief, and I am sure he was in the best possible care. It would be amazing if more vets had Molly's skills and knowledge about bunny medicine.