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Bath Veterinary Group provides affordable and the best care for your pet 24-hours a day.  Combining the convenience and continuity of qualified vets and nurses at your local surgery backed up with the support of Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital, the group provides exceptional care for your pet.  All our surgeries are accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the hospital is the only practice in Bath and the surrounding area to achieve the highest;  Tier 3, hospital standard.  Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital is home to Bath Veterinary Referrals.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Ann Burnett on 08/06/2016

Overall rating:


“Satisfied customer”

I've given this practice 5*...Very pleased overall with everything..Staff are friendly and nothing seems to much trouble...Particularly happy with the professionalism of our Vet Jon Shippam..good sound advice and everything was explained in a manner we understood...He had time for us and respect for us and our dogs..highly recommend this Veterinary practice ..thank you!


Reviewed by: mojosmummy on 02/03/2016

Overall rating:


“mojos saviours”

this animal hospital is the best as far as im concerned,they saved my cats life twice now,im forever grateful to them,other vets are only interested in the money aspect,but this vet hospital goes out of their way to make sure the animals are cared for respectfully,i wont take my cats to any other hospital ever again,rosemary lodge are the bom diggity ....


Reviewed by: jethro on 19/12/2015

Overall rating:



i would just like to tell you all,how very happy i feel about the way we were treated,you all have great customer skill s,i just want to give Alister my heart felt thank's for the wonderful job he did on jethro, it took a long time to heal, but it was worth the wait!my greatful thank's to you all,and i would like to wish you all,a merry christmas & a happy new year,THANK YOU ALL.
regards Elaine


Reviewed by: LL on 07/12/2015

Overall rating:


“Grateful thanks to Rosemary Lodge”

Thanks to everyone at Rosemary Lodge but a special thank you to Alisdair and Sabele for their wonderful care of Bruiser and to all the staff who cared for him - it was a difficult two weeks but we appear to have turned the corner!
I am so grateful that I still have my "boy" with me and in all honesty it was worth every penny to have him back home!


Reviewed by: Gilly Vaulkhard on 20/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Thank you.”

I would like to thank Amelia (Vet) at Rosemary Lodge for helping Florence to cope with her fears of nail clipping. She talked with me beforehand on the telephone in order to discuss the best method of treatment - and recommended Zylkene to take before Florence's visit. And her gentle and approach throughout our visit was wonderful - and truly helped Florence.

I would also like to thank Caroline (Reception) who very kindly brought me the Zylkene on her way home - this was such a terrific kindness and a way beyond the line of duty.

Thank you from Florence too x


Reviewed by: Miss Jewell on 29/06/2015

Overall rating:


“Money first, animals second”

Whilst there is no doubt that the Vets are extremely skilled and the nurses are exceptionally kind and helpful, as a whole this practice puts money before the animals.
I have been registered at this practice for a few years with my greyhound who has a common problem (partially ripping a claw and then requiring an anesthetic to completely remove it). When I last took him, I was required to pay a deposit of £100 which is fair enough I guess but when I went to pick him up after surgery, I was demanded to pay the remainder of the balance (another £140) before I was even allowed to see my dog.

I could understand this if I was a new patient, had bad credit history or previous problems paying a bill. As a semi-regular, it's disgusting and patronising to be treated this way especially as my mum is spending over £500 a month with her rescue animals at this practice and they are well aware that we are related.

Unfortunately they have the monopoly but I would like to move my business to an independent if possible.

Helen Biggadike

I am sorry that your greyhound needed to have his dew claw removed and I am sorry to hear that you feel we put too much emphasis on asking you for payment.

We have a standard protocol for patients admitted to hospital which includes:

* ensuring you have an accurate estimate for treatment before you give consent for the treatment to be given;

* asking for a hospital admit fee, usually £150, to be paid when you admit your pet to hospital assuming your estimate for treatment exceeds this amount;

* providing you with updates on your pet's progress during their stay in hospital and discussing with you any changes in treatment plan and ongoing costs if necessary;

* asking you for payment in full before you collect your pet to go home unless you have arranged to make a direct insurance claim for treatment and have left us all the necessary paperwork.

At the hospital, we see many patients every day and our reception team are asked to follow these guidelines for all clients including our valued, regular clients like yourself and your Mum. On the day of discharge, settling the bill and completing any paperwork before you see the vet or nurse usually makes the process simpler for you too, as once you have reunited with your pet you are then able to leave immediately without having to wait at reception again. However, if you have a particular reason to see your pet before paying the bill this should usually be possible. I am sorry if you felt that this procedure was inappropriate and I am happy to discuss this with you personally if you would like to contact me directly at Rosemary Lodge.

Despite this I am pleased that you found our vets extremely skilled and our nurses exceptionally kind and helpful.


Reviewed by: Tess on 10/04/2015

Overall rating:


“Really great service for ducks.”

A year ago I had the misfortune of having my two pet ducks attacked by a dog. We rushed them both to Rosemary Lodge, not really knowing if they could help. Sadly, one had to be put down, which they did in a respectful manner. The other had to have surgery and lots of after care which they did for a very reasonable price, and they knew a lot about birds which was great.

Although my pet was not a usual animal such as a cat or dog, she was treated so well and they understood and respected how much she meant to me. She is now a very happy and healthy duck again. I found this website today, and felt that it would be useful to leave a review just in case other poultry owners in the area are looking for great care.


Reviewed by: sophie on 17/03/2015

Overall rating:


“Excellent but very expensive service”

Sophie had severe stomach problems last Sunday afternoon and Rosemary Lodge was the emergency service available. I cannot fault their attention to the problem, which has now much improved, but the fees charged were, even allowing for out of hours service, exceptionally high. Drugs supplied cost £28.54 and the Consultation Fee was £30.00 (no problem with either of these) but an Out of Hours Fee of £89.45 (inc VAT) seems totally unreasonable. The total bill of just under £153 was quite a shock, and I wonder how pet owners of limited means cope in a similar emergency.

Helen Biggadike
Practice Manager

We are pleased to hear that Sophie is on the road to recovery. The out of hours fee is necessary to provide the emergency care we provide, and is less than that charged by many other emergency clinics


Reviewed by: Richard on 17/12/2014

Overall rating:


“Specialist knowledge and skills saved our boy! ”

Baxter(12 year old cocker) had been suffering with ear problems fir many months and been through two operations at our local vets who, unfortunately, failed to cure the problem. As the cancer in his ear grew we knew action had to be taken and were referred to Alistair at Rosemary Lodge. He confirmed that surgery was needed to remove both the tumour and the ear canal and did the operation the same day. With 48 hours Baxter was home and we were later told the laboratory had proven the tumour had been benign and that Alistair was sure he had removed all the infected tissue and no further spread of the disease was likely. Bax is now back to his normal self and is the best Xmas present to have him still here. Thank you everyone at Rosemary Lodge!


Reviewed by: louise on 07/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Poor service”

Having had my dog spayed and asked to return 10 days later to have her stitches out. We arrived checked in for 9.40,15 minutes later we were still sat there !!!! I asked what was happening a nurse finally came out and took us to a room,when she examined the dog, there were no stitches,What sort of treatment is this POOR......Had to take time off work. ( and this cost £195.00 )

Helen Biggadike
Practice Manager

I am very sorry that you were kept waiting 15 minutes for your check-up with a nurse yesterday. We realise that any delay is an added inconvenience, especially when you have had to take time off work to attend, please accept our apologies for this. I understand that the appointment was a 10-day post operative check up after your little dog was spayed and that you were surprised that she had no stitches to remove. Where possible, we do not use external stitches, this means that there are no stitches to remove as was the case for you. However, it is still very important that all patients are seen at this time to ensure that everything appears to be healing well. Although neutering is a routine procedure, a bitch spay is still a big operation and this is why we believe it is vital for us to see all patients at this point. If there are external stitches we do usually remove them at this appointment too. You mention the fee paid for this procedure which I believe will have included the surgical procedure and associated hospital care, medication and a protective collar to take home plus any post operative checks and care that was required in the following two weeks. I believe this fee is typical for this type of procedure.
Please do contact me at the Rosemary Lodge Hospital if you wish to discuss any matter in more detail.