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Bath Veterinary Group provides affordable and the best care for your pet 24-hours a day.  Combining the convenience and continuity of qualified vets and nurses at your local surgery backed up with the support of Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital, the group provides exceptional care for your pet.  All our surgeries are accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the hospital is the only practice in Bath and the surrounding area to achieve the highest;  Tier 3, hospital standard.  Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital is home to Bath Veterinary Referrals.

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Reviewed by: Richard on 17/12/2014

Overall rating:


“Specialist knowledge and skills saved our boy! ”

Baxter(12 year old cocker) had been suffering with ear problems fir many months and been through two operations at our local vets who, unfortunately, failed to cure the problem. As the cancer in his ear grew we knew action had to be taken and were referred to Alistair at Rosemary Lodge. He confirmed that surgery was needed to remove both the tumour and the ear canal and did the operation the same day. With 48 hours Baxter was home and we were later told the laboratory had proven the tumour had been benign and that Alistair was sure he had removed all the infected tissue and no further spread of the disease was likely. Bax is now back to his normal self and is the best Xmas present to have him still here. Thank you everyone at Rosemary Lodge!


Reviewed by: louise on 07/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Poor service”

Having had my dog spayed and asked to return 10 days later to have her stitches out. We arrived checked in for 9.40,15 minutes later we were still sat there !!!! I asked what was happening a nurse finally came out and took us to a room,when she examined the dog, there were no stitches,What sort of treatment is this POOR......Had to take time off work. ( and this cost £195.00 )

Helen Biggadike
Practice Manager

I am very sorry that you were kept waiting 15 minutes for your check-up with a nurse yesterday. We realise that any delay is an added inconvenience, especially when you have had to take time off work to attend, please accept our apologies for this. I understand that the appointment was a 10-day post operative check up after your little dog was spayed and that you were surprised that she had no stitches to remove. Where possible, we do not use external stitches, this means that there are no stitches to remove as was the case for you. However, it is still very important that all patients are seen at this time to ensure that everything appears to be healing well. Although neutering is a routine procedure, a bitch spay is still a big operation and this is why we believe it is vital for us to see all patients at this point. If there are external stitches we do usually remove them at this appointment too. You mention the fee paid for this procedure which I believe will have included the surgical procedure and associated hospital care, medication and a protective collar to take home plus any post operative checks and care that was required in the following two weeks. I believe this fee is typical for this type of procedure.
Please do contact me at the Rosemary Lodge Hospital if you wish to discuss any matter in more detail.


Reviewed by: Your support on 19/06/2014

Overall rating:


“your support”

This is to say a thank you for the support and help to us to be reunited with our pet what escaped. You were efficient ,professional and supportive in every way.THANK YOU


Reviewed by: Angel on 05/03/2014

Overall rating:



Reviewed by: stephen atkins & jane leveson on 01/12/2013

Overall rating:


“exceptional care and effort”

Many thanks for the care and attention you gave our befriended stray cat Maxwell during and throughout Saturday night and the thoughtfulness when we had to have him put to sleep due to his terrible injuries after being struck by a car in Northend thank you once again for your great efforts in trying to give him his life back.


Reviewed by: Paul Rowlands on 22/11/2013

Overall rating:


“Excellent service but suggestions for improvement. Would recommend.”

Unfortunately my son and his partner took their pup to this hospital recently as it became suddenly very ill overnight and was referred there by a practise in South Wales. Upon arrival they were treated with care and compassion. The surroundings and attention to detail were excellent as was the care given to the dog. They were told that the pup needed to stay in overnight to see if she would respond to treatment. The following morning, the practise telephoned my son and said that unfortunately the dog had passed away during the early hours of the morning. My son and his partner asked if they could bring the dog home to bury it and consequently they made the two hour journey to the hospital to fetch their pet. Upon arrival they were very upset to find that the dog was handed back to them in a blanket. This caused them much distress and certainly didn't reflect the professionalism they had witnessed upon going to the hospital the night before. I am sure that this wasn't done with the intention of causing distress to the owners, but may I suggest that a little more thought be given to the feelings of customers and bereaved owners in such sensitive circumstances in future. Surely it wouldn't be too much to ask if some sort of container could be given to owners collecting deceased animals.

Helen Biggadike
Practice Manager

Thank you for your kind comments about our service and care. We are sorry you felt it was insensitive to return your dog wrapped in a blanket. We do this commonly for our clients in the sad event a pet has passed away. Although this is a very personal issue, we find most people prefer to have them wrapped in a blanket than having them returned in a container, but we will look into being able to offer a different option in the future.


Reviewed by: Thomas - Owner on 19/09/2013

Overall rating:


“Emergency ”

I would like to talk the opportunity to thank everyone who looked after Thomas last weekend. Although I do not regularly use your clinic as I am registered elsewhere I have been to see you on the couple of occasions my cat has fallen ill outside normal hours.

Last weekend your professionalism and helpfulness was gratefully appreciated by myself as Thomas was very ill and needed immediate treatment.

Within half an hour of him beeing treated by you the difference was amazing and he is almost back to his normal very talkative self! I know he was talking to everyone while he was with you as when I was called with updates he was chatting away in the background. This is unusual for him unless he is completely happy and comfortable in his surroundings, thank you.


Reviewed by: Brenda's human on 01/08/2013

Overall rating:


“Saving an elderly cat's life”

Thank you for the speedy diagnosis of Brenda's congestive heart failure and for the exemplary treatment. She is back to her normal demanding self and, while we are aware that we will not have her for long, she is enjoying life again. We will not hesitate to bring her back.


Reviewed by: Clare on 01/08/2013

Overall rating:


“Very friendly & professional vets”

We recently took our guinea pig, Locke, in to see Hannah at Rosemary Lodge as he was off his food. Although it is a bit of a scary time any time one of our pets is taken ill, Hannah was brilliant, really friendly, great with Locke, and really helpful. It was a comfort knowing that when he didn't pick up and sadly stopped eating totally, we could phone and discuss the next step, and he was treated as a priority. I would like to say a huge thank you to Hannah and all the staff who were all fabulous, friendly and good at calming nervous piggy owners! We really did feel like everyone there really cares about the animals, and Locke enjoyed all the fuss made of him (even though he was feeling poorly) Locke was ultimately referred to an exotics specialist as his dental woes got quite complex, but thankfully has now recovered and is today a rather happy chap who is stuffing lettuce in his face as I type. We will definitely bring our pets in to Rosemary Lodge again, and I would wholeheartedly recommend them :)


Reviewed by: Nicky Wilson on 22/07/2013

Overall rating:


“Wonderful Veterinary Care, would highly recommend”

From the reception desk through to the veterinary staff, I have no hesitation in recommending this practice to anyone who loves and cares about their pets. I have had a number of cats 'go through' their care, and have had wonderful support and advice with regard to all, but my last very elderly cat especially. She has been monitored from time to time, when I've felt I needed advice, and I know that, when her time comes, she will be looked after in the very best and most dignifed way, and that I will be offered support as well. Brilliant place!


Reviewed by: Lin Laycock on 09/07/2013

Overall rating:


“Friendly helpful staff, our dog was treated with the respect he deserved by all.”

Everything possible was done for our lovely Labrador Ben and we were so grateful with the help we had in having to make the painful final decision. But are pleased to know Ben kept the dignity he displayed throughout his life.