Braid Vets Hospital

Tel: 0131 667 2478

171 Mayfield Road
Midlothian EH9 3AZ

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Practice Details

  • Excellent welcome packages for puppies, kittens & rabbits
  • Braid Vets Health Plan that saves money and allows budgeting for routine treatments
  • Puppy parties
  • Consultations by appointment 6 days a week
  • Edinburgh's only RCVS Tier 3 approved private Veterinary Hospital
  • Round the clock care by resident Vet and Vet Nurse 365 days per year
  • e-vet Emergency Service for out of hours care

Average Rating

Braid Vets Hospital Based on 42 rating(s)s
Best possible rating: 5
Average rating: 4.6
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Marilyn on 27/08/2015

Overall rating:



Was feeling unwell and the receptionist was very kind and let me lie down and got me a glass of water. Would recommend the practice to my friends.


Reviewed by: Paul & Elizabeth on 27/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Great Service”

Prompt attention for our injured cat


Reviewed by: Shirley on 27/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Friendly and Professional”

Everybody very friendly and professional


Reviewed by: Pauline on 27/08/2015

Overall rating:



Excellent, Staff are nice and friendly and Scott is tremendous with my cat.


Reviewed by: Linda on 27/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Fantastic Service”

Would Recommend


Reviewed by: Joann on 27/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Couldnt recommend highly enough”

Vet and Staff are wonderful


Reviewed by: Murphy&Jodie on 02/07/2015

Overall rating:


“Terrible Treatment”

I have been using Braid Vets since 2002 for my older dog Jodie but recently I have had possible the worst experience any dog owner could have. In short I was advised to put Jodie to sleep when in reality there was no need. I had conflicting opinions based on tests which I was later advised to be un-reliable or artificially high! If I had not waited for further confirmation I would have put Jodie to sleep.

To top it off I spoke with a "Director" and he kept using "Vintage" to describe Jodie.

Overall the service, professionalism (lack thereof) and respect for Jodie was disgraceful. I would not recommend them to anyone.

Mike Hall

Dear Miss M,
We are very sorry that you were disappointed with our recent service. We are also, of course, sorry that you then elected to post such a Review when you know that we are dealing with your complaint internally, and that we would be responding to you by return.
Thank you, however, for trusting us with providing care for Jodie and Murphy since 2002.

Yours sincerely


Reviewed by: Kirsten on 26/03/2015

Overall rating:


“Fantastic. Thanks to whole team”

My dog (10 year) was extremely poorly late on a Saturday night. So it was a trip to the EVet they took her very quickly and she was held over night they were all fantastic at keeping me informed with what they were doing with her and I always felt I could call and ask how my "puppy" was getting on turned out she had a very large bladder stone and was quite poorly and ended up staying with the vet for quite a number or nights.
When she returned for her check up the nurse's knew her by name and it made us feel like she was not just another dog !!
She is now back to her usual springer self if not better !!
Again my self and the family could not thank the team enough for taking such good care of our beloved dog!! Thanks team !!!


Reviewed by: jane robertson on 09/03/2015

Overall rating:


“holistic care”

We choose Braid Vets because they were the nearest and I'm so glad we did. From his first visit, puppy parties, pet plan and micro chipping we knew woody is in good hands. Friendly staff, nothing is too much bother, Woody has a long term allergy problem and we have been advised how to keep him healthy. If you love your pet, you'll love Braid Vets.


Reviewed by: Sheila on 25/01/2015

Overall rating:


“Mis diagnosis”

What's the point in writing review if you have right not to post it. Suffice to say we were not happy at having to pay £314 for an overnight stay and then to go to our own vet to be told what problem was and then have another £200 and odd bill for correct diagnosis and treatment, and told we had an aggressive cat, when in fact she was in considerable pain.

Dear Sheila,

We are very sorry that you feel so dissatisfied with our service. I know my colleague has already been corresponding with you following Roxy's visit to e-vets but, in his absence, I would be grateful for the opportunity to discuss the case further. I can be contacted at the Hospital on 0131 667 2478.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Hall