Parkside Vets - Barnhill Surgery

Tel: 01382 739634

58 Dalhousie Road
Angus DD5 2UB

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Parkside has 3 pet surgeries, in and around Dundee but also has an equine centre and we carry out work on farms and small-holdings.  Our 4-vet Equine team is distinct from the 12 vets working with pets.  

We work our own on-call, so your emergencies are always seen by a Parkside vet.  

We can offer free on-site parking, long consulting hours and a host of specialties (which you can see on our web site) from highly-trained professionals.

We are a nurse training centre and Accredited by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons for your peace of mind.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Granny Pat on 29/01/2016

Overall rating:


“Total Trust”

My dog has an ongoing illness which was difficult to diagnose at first, she was 4. She is now 8 and runs into Barnhill surgery, after all the treatment has had, she trusts all the staff and I think she prefers Alan Hill's company to mine sometimes. I can always get an appointment quickly so she is never left in pain.
My girl thinks she owns the practice.
Thank you all so much for the care you have given to Sapphi long may it continue.


Reviewed by: Verity on 18/11/2015

Overall rating:


“Kept my cat incredibly calm”

My Maine Coon is a bruiser and likes to scrap with the cat down the street. The result of this is he had an abscess on his head (again). Took him to Barnhill to get antibiotics and to check I was cleaning it well enough.
Eve was fantastic with Sammy, normally he would swipe someone for giving him needles and poking and prodding his open abscess but he was calm and well behaved.
Needless to say he surprised me and my partner at how well behaved he was, especially as last time he had an abscess the vet had to put gauntlets on to treat him.
Sammy loved Eve and I will certainly be taking him back here for any treatment that may be required. His wound is healing well and I am still amazed at how good he was.
Big thank you to Eve.


Reviewed by: Georgetaylor on 06/10/2015

Overall rating:


“Great as ever”

Back recently for routine stuff. Polite, thorough, professional, easy free parking(!) and impressive new surgery. Can't fault Parkside.


Reviewed by: Ian & Elizabeth McRae on 28/06/2014

Overall rating:


“Total Quality Life Saving Care”

We have been with Parkside for many years, thankfully usually only with routine treatment for our cats which was always of the highest quality, and with genuine care for our little friends. Recently however, when our cat Max was involved in a touch and go road traffic accident, all the stops were pulled out which meant that Max survived what could so easily have been a fatal incident. From the minute I took our unconscious and severely injured little man in to the Barnhill practice he was treated exactly as I would have expected a human to be treated in A & E. The initial treatment saved his life so that he could be transferred to the Dundee practice for intensive care. In both practices the treatment was of such a high standard that our little chum is now back home, a bit slow as he recovers fully and without his tail which was seriously damaged, but he is alive and recovering well. We would not consider taking our pets anywhere else, and I can wholeheartedly recommend Parkside Vets to anyone. They really care about their patients and are genuine life savers.


Reviewed by: jeanette isaakse on 06/09/2013

Overall rating:


“friendly vet”