Oathall Veterinary Group

Website: http://oathall-vets.co.uk
Email: enquiries@oathall-vets.co.uk
Tel: 01444 440224

30 Oathall Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex RH16 3EQ

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Practice Details

We are a long established small animal practice operating from one site with private parking.

We are committed to providing pets and their owners with the best possible care tailored to the wishes and means of the client.

We have medical, surgical, hospital and laboratory facilities.  We offer Osteopathy and Galen Myotherapy on site, and can refer for acupuncture, homeopathy and hydrotherapy. We offer home visits by vets or nurses.  

Unlike many local practices we provide our clients with an out of hours emergency service at our premises with staff that they know and access to their pet's records.  We have vets on call 24 hours a day and resident nurses.

We aim to be your first port of call for all pet related matters.  If we can not help we will find someone who can.


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Oathall Veterinary Group

30 Oathall Road Haywards Heath, RH16 3EQ
01444 440224
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: lucy on 27/03/2014

Overall rating:



This is the second time I have used this vets, the first time I felt the all the staff were unsympathetic and patronising so I have always gone to the mews vets instead but my poor cat was injured and this was the only vets available in haywards Heath so I took my cat there on a Friday evening.
He had injured his paw and couldn't use it so I had no choice as he was in distress I was told he had been attacked by a dog or fox and they gave him an antibiotic injection and sent us home. Even though I was made to feel I had wasted the vets time This still cost me £130.
I then phoned the vet a week later to say my cat was still unable to walk on his paw and should I return to them or the mews who I was registered with, I was told that they had tried to contact me on several occasions ( this was not true as I have an answer phone) I then spoke to the vet who was again very patronising she kept huffing as if I was just a nuisance and I eventually just decided to take my cat to the mews instead.
I did say to the vet that she and the staff there made me feel unwelcome but I felt she wasn't really bothered I felt as though they just wanted your money.
Since then my cat has been to the mews who's I can honestly say are very caring and lovely to me and my cat. He actually had fallen and fractured his shoulder so was never attacked by a dog or fox .
The vet at the mews actually rung me (funny she managed to get hold of me!) and has explained everything to me in a caring manner, no huffing heard at all.
I suggest you review the way you treat any customer that attends your vets and treat us as you wish to be treated yourself in a respectful and caring manner .

Oathall Veterinary Group

We saw this cat one Friday evening this year when the client's own veterinary surgery was closed for the night and she did not want to travel to the emergency clinic in Brighton.

The cat was lame with no obvious cause. The owner declined our advice that we hospitalise him for further investigation. Therefore he was given an anti-inflammatory injection and he went home with instructions that he should be seen again the next day if he was not any better. The antibiotic was for an unrelated ear infection.

The owner phoned us on three more occasions, all out of hours. Each time she declined our offer to see the cat. She took him to her own vet ten days after we had seen him.

We never consider treating an injured animal to be a waste of a vet's time. It is what we provide the service for.

Any annoyance on our part was due to the frustration of knowing that the cat was still lame but that he was not being seen by either us or the owner's usual vet.

We are sorry if she misconstrued our concerns.


Reviewed by: Sue on 26/02/2014

Overall rating:



I cannot thank Oathall Vets enough in the way they looked after my mothers cat during her final illness and the compassion they showed when sadly the end came. The Vet arranged to see us with a special appointment as the cat knew her and it was a great comfort to my elderly mother knowing that her cat knew the Vet. They have also looked after our cats for many years of which we have four now. They always go that extra mile to make sure that the animals are well looked after with love and kindness. I would not think of going to any other Vets particularly as they have a 24/7 365 days a year on call service which I have used on many occasions. I always recommend Oathall Vets to my friends without hesitation.


Reviewed by: Nick and Kate on 04/12/2013

Overall rating:


“Top Vets”

We've used Oathall vets for years and have always found them to be extremely professional . They have seen an array of pets from us and have always been compassionate and friendly.
We also are impressed with their 24 hour on call service which provides peace of mind knowing our pets can be cared for at any tome of day or night when needed.
We would highly recommend this veterinary practise.