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Vets4Pets - Barnsley

161 Wilthorpe Road Barnsley, S75 1JQ
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Reviewed by: Yvone on 19/09/2014

Overall rating:


“Thank you ”

We would like to thank Peter for his help with our little westie. His kind words and compassion was a great comfort to us during our very sad time. Thanks to all at vets 4 pets xx


Reviewed by: Disappointed on 03/05/2014

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“Unhappy customer”

I have taken my dog to Vets for Pets since he was a 6 week old pup but I am very unhappy with the practice at the moment. I booked an appointment for his Kennel Cough vaccination and stressed to the young lady on the telephone that he really did not like having this done and that it might take more than 1 person to hold him to administer it. When we turned up for the appointment he got extremely stressed and wouldn't let the vet near him. We tried to muzzle him but he had got too upset and wouldn't let even us near him. The vet said that there was no-one available to help her with so she suggested we took the vaccination home to give to him at home. We also paid for 2 tablets to sedate him which the vet told us would put him out for a good 6 hours so we would be able to give him the vaccination and him just sleep.
As we both work we waited until Saturday to give him the sedation so we could be at home with him. 4 hours after he was still awake. i called the vets to ask for advice and was told someone would call me back. 3 hours later and no calll back I rang again to be told that I could buy a different tranquiliser and try again. I said I was not wiling to keep giving him tranquilisers that didn't work and would not give him another on the same day anyway. I then asked how long the vaccination would last and was told 2 days which were already up so I would have to purchase another vaccination plus more tranquilisers.I feel the vets do not seem happy or capable to administer the treatment we are paying for.Surely the vet should have told us that we needed to give him the vaccination as soon as possible and not to leave it too long before doing so.There was no apology for not calling back when promised. Customer service has definately gone down hill lately here.

My son has also had similar treatment with his dog over the last few months. The vets do not even go near his dog - he is a 2 year old Rottweiler who has gone to the practice since he was 11 weeks old. H ow can a dog feel comfortable with a vet who won't even come into the room with them? Why make appointments with vets who cannot cope a particular breed? He is not a nasty dog but is treated as so from the minute he walks through the door.

We have always been happy with this practice until recently and I am now looking for a new vet who will treat my dog.

I appreciate it is not easy when an animal is scared and reacts badly but vets should surely be trained to deal with this.

Vets4Pets - Barnsley

I'm sorry to hear your complaint, and I understand your frustration, we try to handle dogs based on our assessment of their stress levels and compliance, it's not always easy to administer intra-nasal vaccines to any but the most placid of dogs. However I have dealt with Sam in the past and I believe I can arrange circumstances to minimise his anxiety and stress to allow the administration of the vaccine. You are correct with your assessment of the oral sedatives, they are often unpredictable which is why we prefer injectable sedations for our work when we do procedures like stitch ups etc. Given the understanding in this matter I am happy to arrange a refund of the vaccine and administer it free of charge. Perhaps we can arrange to make the appointment early one morning before the waiting room gets busy? I'm happy that you've been satisfied in the past and I welcome the opportunity to rectify this situation to your satisfaction. If you're willing, please can we arrange for Sam to see me (Peter)?
I'm sorry nobody contacted you, the message that was passed to me was that I was to await your call today, sorry for any misunderstanding.

Peter Richards