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Every Vets4Pets veterinary surgery is equipped with the latest in technology, which means we can offer your pets the personalised care they need.  At Vets4Pets our aim is to treat every pet we see like we would our own, but don’t take our word for it, come along and ask for a practice tour to see for yourself.   


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Reviewed by: Mr Edwards on 08/04/2016

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Reviewed by: Josephine turquand on 05/02/2016

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“Excellent service for Pippi Longstocking ”

Myself and my family are all fans of Jenny and her team. I have nothing but admiration for the treatment we have always received - sometimes very sad occasions but we have always had such kindness and understanding. I have now had the pleasure of introducing Pippi Longstocking who is a new puppy and once again cannot thank them enough for their welcome and hard work


Reviewed by: Julie on 19/01/2016

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“Fabulous ”

I started using Vets for pets a year ago when another large Northampton practice misdiagnosed my elderly dogs condition. Vets 4 pets swiftly diagnosed the problem and I now wouldn't use another practise for my dogs. I foster dogs too and so visit very regularly! The receptionists are welcoming and the Vets are brilliant and to top it all they are open 24 hours.


Reviewed by: Patricia on 30/10/2015

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“Me and Clyde are very happy bunnies”

I cannot thank this wonderful vet practice enough for taking such good care of my little rabbit Clyde when he needed to have teeth removed. All options were discussed with me and no pressure whatsoever to choose any particular course of treatment. I was informed about the cost at the onset.
When I collected him, his medication was fully explained as well as any further care needs and I was encouraged to make contact if I had any worries.
I have had rabbits for many years and I am left very impressed by not only how they cared for Clyde but also how all the staff supported me. I cannot thank them enough and highly recommend them.


Reviewed by: Stanley on 20/10/2015

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“Outstanding service”

My beautiful springer was attacked by another dog and he had his ear ripped into two pieces right from the top to the bottom, pretty horrific! Please note this was not my vet but was away from home at the time so I rushed Stanley to Northampton vets 4 pets as it was the closest and the only words I can use are 'how fantastic these people are' I have never ever in all the years of having dogs I have never been to a vets with such an outstanding and sympathetic approach to pets and humans! I was covered in blood and Stanley was in a pretty bad way, there expertise and kindness saved 1/3 of Stanley's year and looked after me with a cup of tea and constant telephone calls to let me know how he was doing! I can never thank them enough! We are still under aftercare and even that is outstanding! If only you were closer to home but I will be looking for another practise closer to home after Stanley is signed off! Thank you from the bottom if my heart and if you are reading this don't look anywhere else this team are outstanding......stop looking and sign up! X


Reviewed by: Mrs. Anne Walker owner of Abbi Walker on 17/08/2015

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We took our beautiful long haired ginger pussy cat to our usual vet in Northampton ( NOT VETS4PETS - which will remain nameless) for her booster which was due,this also included a medical examination. The vet informed us that Abbi needed 3 teeth removing and the cost would be £460.00.
As we are both retired and we have another cat and a rabbit we were shocked to say the least. The vet put pressure on us to join the practice Pet Plan which when we read the details will never cover the cost of Dental Treatment!
We decided that we would get a second opinion from the Vet at Vets4Pets in St. James Road the next day. Thank goodness we did. The surgery was very clean and we had a consultation with a lovely vet who confirmed that yes, Abbi did need her teeth out - 4 , not 3! She checked her over properly this time, and quoted us £300.00.
It was Friday 31st July and we were booked in for Abbi to have her teeth extracted on August 3rd.We were given a lot of reassurance and Abbi had four teeth out in the morning. Once the Op. was over I received a call to say she was in recovery and was told when we could collect her. On arrival a lovely veterinary nurse explained Abbi's post Op. treatment and also gave me a printed personalised sheet that explained everything we needed to know. As Abbi had been a bit grumpy in the preceding days - probably due to the pain she was in! she had some knots under her arms that we hadn't been able to remove. The lovely Nurse had removed these while she was under anaesthetic! The following day I received a call to ask how Abbi was. We couldn't have asked for better treatment and with our discount for being retired we paid a total of £270.00 which was remarkable saving.
Thank you all at Vets4Pets!
P.S. She is still looking for her silver sixpences under her pillow!


Reviewed by: connie's mum on 14/08/2015

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“ wonderful care”

What wonderful care was given to Connie my cat after she was badly injured at all times we were kept fully informed of her condition and treatment Connie spent 9 days in there care of course we wanted her back home as quickly as possible but I knew she was being well looked after she is now on the road to recovery but going back for check ups with out the expertise of vets4pets I don't think she would be here today


Reviewed by: Shari Sutherland on 09/08/2015

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I had the terrible decision to have to put my 15 yr old labrador to sleep after he detiroted and collapsed the staff and vet were so kind and it was dealt with compassion for us and my dog after such a hard choice he just went to sleep in my arms so peacefully and I thank them so much for making a hard day a little bit easier and making us feel we made the right choice at the right time


Reviewed by: Sarah on 08/08/2015

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“Compassionate professional”

when our cat was unexpectedly killed by a dog this practice tried hard to contact us, we had recently moved, once we tracked down what had happened the team spent time on the phone with us confirming the sad news.


Reviewed by: Emma on 08/05/2015

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“Avoid if you have small animals!”

I took my two rabbits in to be spayed. Upon arrival, they were to be seen to check they were healthy enough for the surgery. Nothing was done, other than one of the bunnies having her sex checked. No physical exam, no listening to their hearts, nothing. I was then told that it was a risky operation and if the bunnies made it through, then to buy some 'fruity baby food' to encourage them to eat! (Recovery food or mashed up nuggets for syringing was never mentioned!) Stupidly, I left my rabbits with them.

I was called at around 12.15 and told they had come through the operation and were now fine. I relaxed at this point. I had to go in for them at 3pm. On arrival, there was a spillage in the entrance doorway, that should and could have quickly been cleaned up, but it was still there when we left. We were called in and told that the bunnies had lost some body temperature since I was called. Did I want to take them home, or leave them and come back? Could someone not have called to let me know?! I wasn't sure that they'd even been that closely monitored and wanted to get them out at this point; when they were brought through, I was appalled! They looked like they'd been dragged through a hedge backwards and as if they had just left theatre. I have never received any animal back into my care in such a state. They were both so flat and verging on unconsciousness.
I was told that they wouldn't 'bother reading the discharge sheet as you know all about that' and that I would get a phone call at 6.30 that night. The phone call never happened. We spent an evening and a sleepless night working with our rabbits to get them to some sense of normality, to a point where they weren't looking at death's door.
No compassion was shown at any point towards the animals, no post op appointment offered. I am disgusted with the whole experience and certainly won't be going back or recommending that anyone else with small furries does!

Northampton Vets4Pets

We are sorry that the client felt unhappy with the care their rabbits received. We neuter a large number of rabbits and are proud of our minimal complication rates.

The veterinary nurses admit all the animals for their operations, so are not qualified to listen to their hearts or check the rabbits are fit for the anaesthetic. The nurses role on admit is to explain the operation, and run through the risks with any anaesthetic procedure. Once admitted the theatre vet will examine each animal before the premedication is given, so both rabbits were examined and health checked by a vet prior to their surgery.
The rabbits are closely monitored by a dedicated kennel nurse whilst recovering, as all animals will lose heat during anaesthetic procedures. Prior to discharge the animals are again checked to be fit to be discharged - one rabbit had a slightly lower temperature than normal, but was judged to be fit for discharge as was bright, hopping around and her other clinical parameters were normal. I disagree that the rabbits were "verging on unconscious" - they were slightly subdued, as is normal for any animal after a surgical procedure. You informed the discharge nurse that you had had many rabbits neutered before, and knew how to do the aftercare, so a detailed discharge was not given as you had made it clear it was not needed. However, a detailed discharge sheet was provided detailing post op care and feeding.

We are sorry that a follow up phone call was missed at 6.30 - if you were concerned for the rabbits we are open 24/7 and could have given advice or re-checked the rabbits at any time free of charge during the night.

We do not routinely perform post op checks on rabbits as we find they get extremely stressed by travelling to the practice. In fact, most owners are relieved they do not have to bring their rabbit back for stitches out or a follow up. A follow up phone call is made the next day, and checks are available seven days a week free of charge if you have any concerns about your rabbits.

We have many satisfied rabbits and small furry clients, and feel we offer a very good, reasonably priced service for all our patients.