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Tel: 01925 244443

Unit 2 Latchford House
40 Thelwell Lane
Cheshire WA4 1LW

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The friendly team at your local Vets4Pets in Warrington are waiting to meet you!

Every Vets4Pets veterinary surgery is equipped with the latest in technology, which means we can offer your pets the personalised care they need.  At Vets4Pets our aim is to treat every pet we see like we would our own, but don’t take our word for it, come along and ask for a practice tour to see for yourself.   


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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Rebecca on 18/06/2016

Overall rating:


“Friendly Helpful staff who go above and beyond ”

Just moved my 7year old female British short hair to the Warrington branch in Latchford a week ago as they are closer to my home and have good disabled access as I am a wheelchair user for her annual check over and vaccine.They allowed us to wait in a consultation room as my cat gets extremely stressed and brought in a cloth which had been sprayed with natural pet calmer on it for me to put in to her travel crate which helped a lot they allowed me to take it home with her. They treated her with great respect and when she had a reaction as she is sensitive to vaccines and I had to take her in the following week they got her in the same day I saw the same lovely vet who gave her anti-imflamatory and antibiotic & printed off all her treatments incase I had to see the emergency vet & said if I have any concerns whatsoever to bring her back on the Saturday morning.The vet also asked if we would call the surgery on Monday just to let them know how she is. I can not fault the service from the receptionists to the nurses and vets everyone has been so friendly and helpful and love all the animals that come in which fills me with great confidence about taking my little princess into the surgery. Which all equals a very happy owner.


Reviewed by: Becnicko on 19/02/2016

Overall rating:


“My Cassie Dog”

Well, Rhiannon is by far the most amazing and supportive vet I have ever come across, my baby Cassie (a 7&1/2 year old cocker spaniel X Irish staff) had a huge infection in her jaw on 1/01/16 and Rhiannon was great but warned me her lymph nodes were up and it could be possible lymphoma! I got a biopsy done at RSPCA greater Manchester and the vet there confirmed lymphoma and basically told me to put her to sleep there and then as I couldn't afford chemo! Rhiannon however agreed with me, my Cass is still wagging, running, licking me to within an inch of my life and I couldn't do that to her so we agreed steroids, within 24hrs Cassie's nodes were down to nothing and she is still a bounding, loopy pooch enjoying her runs and all the treats and affection but without Rhiannon I wouldn't be coping, she's a true superstar and an absolute credit to vets4pets latchford!! Thanks to her I get to keep my girl longer, happier and I know that when the awful time comes she will be treated with respect and dignity!! I could never thank Rhiannon enough for her continued advice and support, by visit, phone or email she is always there!! God bless you Rhiannon, a genuine animal lover and helper!! Much respect and thanks!!!!


Reviewed by: Debra on 08/10/2015

Overall rating:


“Excellent Caring Team”

I have 3 cats and just getting my 4th. I have used vets4pets for the last couple of years and cannot fault them. Ian and his team are caring and always have time to listen to any concerns and give advice.

I have recommended them to 2 other friends who are all also pleased with the services they have recieved.

I have not only used them for routine stuff such as vaccinations/neutering but had to have a cat in for an emergency operation after swallowing a 5 pence piece and I just cannot fault Ian and his team Thankyou to you all keep up the good work.


Reviewed by: Sarah on 14/07/2015

Overall rating:


“The extra mile”

This is my first time i have owned a dog let alone a dog that is dog aggressive. All the staff i have met in the vets are really friendly and know us well. The staff at the vets know our situation and are happy to help. Even if i go in just to collect my dogs perscription i will find the staff friendly and will always ask about Balla. The staff take a grate deal of time seeing us and never rush us. Also when we bring Balla and there are other dogs they will let us go behind the desk. I can not fault the vets in anyway


Reviewed by: Tom on 15/04/2015

Overall rating:


“Out Standin Service”

I have only been to this surgery 3 or four times from the moment you
walk in you feel at home.

If they make the person walking in the surgery feel like that then you
know that your pet is in really good hands.

shelly makes you feel welcom from the moment you walk thro the door and the vets do an out standing job they are very friendy and tell you what they are doing and why they are doing it.

The animals that i have taken there are very relax and in no strees
at all.

I would recomend all my friends to go here and i would not go anywere
else with my pets.

Well done all the staff at warrington i love coming in to see you.

Mr T.A.Murphy


Reviewed by: CooperFamily on 11/04/2015

Overall rating:


“Caring personal touch”

Iain and Rhiannon are both fantastic vets. They never rush during a consultation and always want the best for your pet. We had to recently have our beloved dog PTS. Iain was so understanding and afterwards came in and held our beautiful girls paw...a simple but moving gesture that shows he cares. Can not praise these vets highly enough. Will never go anywhere else. the reception and nursing staff are also friendly, welcoming and understanding. A great practice! Keep up the good work! The Cooper family


Reviewed by: Kate on 20/01/2015

Overall rating:


“The best vets I”

After having pets all my life & my present dog Mollie for 6 years I've been on a lot of 'vet visits'
Mollie isn't an easy dog to handle but Rhiannon at the Warrington branch has always been particularly mindful of this & has calmed her and made the visit as bearable as possible, letting us wait in a 'quiet room' away from the other animals until her appointment.
Everyone at the practice including the veterinary nurse & the reception staff are all lovely & so helpful.
I would definitely recommend them as being the best in Warrington (from my personal experience!)
Thank You x


Reviewed by: Alfie's Mum on 13/11/2014

Overall rating:


“Warringtons very own SuperVet!!!!”

Best vets in warrington, having had to visit on many occasions I have nothing but praise for the whole team.
Their understanding, empathy and personalities shine through.


Reviewed by: Sarah on 03/10/2014

Overall rating:



Reviewed by: Pauldvf on 12/06/2014

Overall rating:


“Saved our Sasha”

Brought Sasha, our dog, for a trip out with the cats to be vaccinated. Fortunately that was the day Sasha gave the first signs of being ill and so the vet was willing to fit her in, even though it was very busy day at the practice. They found Sasha was suffering from heart failure and got her refereed to a cardiologist ASAP. We later found out it was cancer causing the problem but without being checked over that day at Vets4Pets Warrington, we know she would not be with us now as her own vaccination was not for another 6 months and the cancer is fast growing. Sasha is now doing great with fortnightly chemo. She is that special personality we all love, both demanding and affectionate at the same time and she is a special part of our lives. We all are thankful she came on that trip to Vet4Pets Warrington that day and they saved her life that day!