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Reviewed by: Kelly christiansen on 02/05/2016

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“Kelly Christiansen ”

I want to thank all the staff at the Walton Vale practice for the care and treatment my cat girl Beau received recently. I have only recently registered Beau with this practice and I am very impressed with the friendly service and the professionalism of the staff, also the cost for treatment and procedures is very competitive.
Thank you again
Beau & Kelly


Reviewed by: Glen on 21/04/2016

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“Huge thankyou ”

Took our nearlly 13 year old Labrador sam who is are pride an joy to vets4pets on Saturday for his teeth and
Woo they were amazing very friendly we will never look back they have us for life sam is even happy with them and most off all you get a curtisy call the next day to see how he is doing A MASSIVE THANKYOU TO YOU ALL AGAIN FROM sam and his mum an dad


Reviewed by: on 09/04/2016

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“Vets with a good attitude!”

I spent over 20 years with various pets at another vets in the area. In times of stress I never doubted that I was being charged at an excessive rate, until last year. I was quoted £650.00 for a male castration plus one of the testicles had to be removed from the groin. I also requested the dogs ear canal to be checked whilst under. The price seemed to be really really high.
I decided for the first time to get a second quote from another vets, I chose one convenient for me and my pets luckily this was vets for pets. The quote and work cost £160.00 that's a huge difference!!!! The service for my two dogs and one cat has been spot on. No shocking vet bills and service with a smile from all the staff at the Walton practise. The best bit, it's 7 days a week! Fantastic vets!


Reviewed by: JLCox on 28/08/2015

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“Very upset”

Yesterday I took my kitten in to be neutered. When he returned home I noticed that he was bleeding slightly on his leg and was limping. When I looked closer at his leg I noticed that he still had the needle in his leg from where they had administered the anesthetic.

I am upset at the lack of quality care my kitten received yesterday and won't be using this veterinary practice again.

David Donovan
Veterinary Surgeon/Partner

I am sorry you are not happy with the level of care received last week. We take all feedback seriously and are investigating the issue raised fully and will be discussing this with the charity through which you brought your kitten. If you would like to discuss with us, please call or email the practice. We hope he is recovering well after his surgery.


Reviewed by: Noodle1 on 18/05/2015

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We took the rabbit to this branch to have spurs on his teeth removed and while on the surface it seemed as though they did the job they were paid for, once we got the rabbit home after anaesthetic he began dribbling again. He was taken back the day after and they told us he was fine after keeping him in for the full day but it was clear he wasn't. Our rabbit had to wait over the weekend in pain, unable to eat on his own and having to be hand fed soaked food to just keep his guts moving so his organs didn't begin shutting down.

In the end, only 4/5 days after the initial anaesthetic, we had to take him to another vets who determined he still had the spurs on his teeth which had caused a massive ulcer on his tongue. We had to pay another £210 and wait, worrying if he would make it through the 2nd anaesthetic. Can't convey how disappointing this is to not get the service, particularly when there is a little life at stake.

Vets4Pets - Walton Vale

We aim to provide high quality veterinary care, 7 days a week. We regret that you feel disappointed by the service you received. We are unable to respond to individual cases online, but please do not hesitate to contact the practice to discuss your concerns further


Reviewed by: Susan on 28/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Impressed ”

I was impressed with the service, value for money, professionalism that I called my Mum and Sister & recommended Vets4pets.
They have both now registered with their local Vets4pets..
Finally, a vets who got it right.


Reviewed by: Winston Teddy Burke on 06/10/2014

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“Great Vets with Friendly Professional Staff ”

This vets have been brill with Winston, highly recommend them they are friendly, professional and give you the personal touch. give them a go and they are very reasonable priced as well :)


Reviewed by: Debbie on 21/07/2014

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“Highly Recommend ”

I would highly recommend the Walton vale practice after my recent visit a fortnight ago. Our 13 year old staff cassie hadn't been too good for a while but deteriated so much the last week she was part of our family.

All the staff were so kind and understanding, we were all devastated that we had to let her go, but knew we were doing what was best for her and my "baby girl" would be out of pain.

They were so gentle and patient giving us some time with her before, during her passing and afterwards to say goodbye. It had to be one of the worst things I've ever had to do, so thanks again to the girls and of course the vet himself.


Reviewed by: Chel and Di on 10/02/2014

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“Thank you so much”

Thanks to all the team who helped us over the last couple of years look after our gorgeous 16 year old cat, our own little legend Kray who had diabetes. Unfortunately last week we were told Kray had a tumour on his leg. We usually visit the Old Swan branch but on Saturday afternoon he became so distressed with the pain we had to go to the Walton Branch. Kray was put to sleep in the most respectful and kindest manner we could have asked for. Thanks to David and Heather who gave us the support, time and space to say goodnight to our little mate.

The care and attention Kray has received from all the team has been second to none, we even got our own little photo album which we will treasure after he stayed at the Old Swan branch when we were away on holiday!! That extra mile makes a difference thank you so much.


Reviewed by: vicky64 on 07/02/2014

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Have have switched to vet for pets as I recently adopted a rescue boxer who was registered with them. They are fab, great with my dog and myself, friendly, polite, caring and honest. I was so impressed I registered my other dog with them. I would highly recommend them.