Lancaster Veterinary Centre

Tel: 01524 840033

195 Bowerham Road
Lancashire LA1 4HT

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Lancaster Vet Centre is a great small animal vet practice in Lancaster.  We have personal, friendly and knowledgeable staff and we aim to offer quality service at a fair price.  

For all your pet's health needs and advice make us your first port of call.  From simple advice over the phone to put your mind at ease right through to an emergency appointment for a sick pet - just pick up the phone on 01524 840033 or drop us a line to


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Average rating: 4.9
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Kate Halls on 11/09/2014

Overall rating:


“Fantastic Vets”

My two cats have been registered with this vet centre since they were rescue cats at Animal Care. The LVC team have all been wonderful, steering us first time cat owners through checkups, vaccinations, spaying and treatments. All of the staff have been friendly, professional and caring and the weekend/evening opening times make it MUCH easier for us to get our pusses booked in for timely appointments. Top marks LVC!


Reviewed by: Tracey Jackson on 15/05/2014

Overall rating:


“Would recommend”

I have used LVC for many years and would recommend them for the outstanding service they provide. James, Helen and all the staff have been wonderful over the last nine months caring for my beloved Evie, and when it was time for us to say 'goodbye' they showed such compassion and sympathy, giving us all the time we needed with her.


Reviewed by: Misty and Mishca on 17/04/2014

Overall rating:



With 2 elderly 'rescue cats' Insurance was not an option so we accepted the 'Risk'!
Two years ago both cats had Thyroid operations and were successfully operated on. A year later poor Mishca's second thyroid had to be treated with medication. When we took her to LVC she was at deaths door but because of the care she received she is now back to her 'Perky self' At this harrowing time we were treated with sensitivity and kindness by all the staff! In times of trouble we are grateful to know that LVC would care for our 'Girls'!


Reviewed by: M. Holloway on 20/03/2014

Overall rating:


“Genuinely caring experts.”

I first went to LVC when I had an ill pet rat, having visited numerous local vets with rats and found they did not know the animals' needs at all. At LVC I saw a vet who had the expertise to know how to help. Since then, I've taken cats and dogs there and never been less than completely satisfied. I currently have a rescue dog who is petrified of strangers and who shakes as soon as she enters the waiting area. However, the vets and nurses I've seen with her do their absolute utmost to make the situation as stress-free as it's possible to be.

As well as quality care, the vets I see always know my pets and their history, which always helps if there are ongoing problems. I've been to LVC for everything from emergencies (one dog tore her leg on barbed wire and they fitted me in immediately) to long-term conditions and always been happy, because my pets got the care they deserved. End-of-life care is also excellent, and my experience of saying goodbye to an elderly cat at LVC was as positive as it could possibly be made.

In all, there is nowhere else I would take my pets. I admit I am incredibly fussy as they are my family, so the fact that I would recommend LVC to anyone is testament to how wonderful I think the staff are. I have a lot of experience with vets, both locally and when I have lived elsewhere, and I've never found one practice I've been this happy with.


Reviewed by: Lucy Wilcock on 20/03/2014

Overall rating:


“Friendly, professional and caring”

My husband and I really do rate this vets. From everyday check ups to sad times of loosing a pet they have always been supportive and attentive.
We recently have had both our dogs Corey and Griffin castrated there and right through to their after care and check ups they where brilliant.

Thank you for all you do.

Lucy and Cal


Reviewed by: Stewart on 18/03/2014

Overall rating:


“One of the best vets I've ever visited”

I have been with LVC for many years now, and have never had treatment for my dogs of this calibre. All the staff deal with every problem with patience and professionalism, even when the dog doesn't want to co-operate. We also had experience of their way of dealing with "the last visit" which is with dignity, sympathy, and care.
Also they have an excellent range of referral contacts for the more complex problems, and will happily and willingly refer rather than sticking to the same old treatments.
All in all, heartily recommended - and I have done so on many, many occasions.


Reviewed by: Anonymous on 10/03/2014

Overall rating:


“Review of time with LVC since 2008”

In Spring 2008, based on a recommendation, I transferred all 4 of my cats to LVC, as two of them had major issues which were not being addressed by the vet I was with at that time. LVC gave both of them a new lease of life and they lasted a number of years thereafter. The two remaining cats are still registered there. LVC staff are approachable, friendly and helpful. My experience is of a team of people whose various areas of work within the practice are based on integrity and sympathy for both animal and human clients!


Reviewed by: BFK on 03/03/2014

Overall rating:



2001 was the best year ever for our cat Murdoch and dog Dougal .... we found vet James Glass and his team
Over the next 13 years Murdie and Dougal received constant highly professional care and I was given information, reassurance and a listening ear
Thank you all BFK


Reviewed by: anna on 27/01/2014

Overall rating:


“would recommend”

I have been through a few vets until I came upopn this one and i fully trust them with all of my dogs. they listen to what I have to say about my specific breed and the issues that may or have arised, and have been superb when things have not gone as planned.