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Reviewed by: Stephanie O'Rourke on 18/11/2014

Overall rating:


“My Honest View of this Practice”

If you care about your pets then take them to the Head Vet, Bruce. He is an amazing guy !! There are not enough great words to describe how great this vet is. To name a few things - he is skilled, incredibly knowledgeable, explains everything simply to you, he's warm and he really is the BEST !!!! I have also met a lovely lady called Negar and she also impressed me very much indeed. You will always receive a warm, friendly welcome by the reception/nursing staff in particular Ann, Tracy Franklin and Rebecca Layson who will do everything they can to accommodate your needs.


Reviewed by: Owner of lunatic cat on 30/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Top quality service and great patience with my very difficult kitten”

I took my kitten for castration and vaccinations at Goddards, and was very impressed with the service I received. I was impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of the vet surgeon negar. It's clear Goddards are looking to make the practice far more modern and progressive, with a higher standard of care. The vet nurses were fantastic at taking care of my embarrassingly naughty and feral kitten. Finally its good to see the once dark and cluttered waiting room get a much needed face lift. I would definitely recommend this practice.


Reviewed by: Rob on 30/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Excellent service”

I use this vets practice for my cats and dogs and have found that since the changeover to Goddard Vet Group the service has improved immensely.
Would highly recommend this practice


Reviewed by: Roger Sharp on 20/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Where has the previous excellence of this practice gone in a few brief months?”

Until a few months ago my local vet was an independently run practice that was focused on providing excellent care for sick animals. Then it was taken over by Goddards.

Times change and we must move on but I cannot think of one single improvement that has been made. The opening hours have been reduced, home visits have stopped, access to local specialist services have been dropped in favour of one distant corporate facility, the waiting room has been left in a shabby state for weeks whilst waiting to be decorated. Worst of all is the new charging policy. My dog occasionally had a swollen paw that £50 of antibiotics would put right. The new Goddards vet said their charge would be over £700, which included tests, xrays, anaesthetics and operating costs. This information was delivered by someone who may be a competent vet but who possessed the social skills of a rattlesnake - and that is being hard on rattlesnakes. This may be the way things are done down under, and maybe you can bully some people this way, but it's obscene. Goddards seem to think they have a monopoly of veterinary services in the area. I think they'll find out they don't. There is at least one 'On the hill' and virtually within walking distance. I would only use Goddards in the future if they truly were the only vet in the country.

Jeremy Robinson
General Manager Goddard Vet Group

The ongoing improvements to the practice have advanced rapidly. The beautiful new reception is completed and with increased space for two receptionists. This is in tandem with the earlier creation of an additional consulting room, thus creating a capability to see clients without the long delays of old: the operating theatre is now dedicated for that purpose only, a vital requirement in achieving sterility. Equipment is being replaced and we now have new digital radiography and an ultrasound scanner to assist diagnoses on site without the need for referrals. The next step is to modernise the surgical facilities with the objective of matching the modern standards of the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme.
Repeated dispensing of antibiotics for a case is not good practice without efforts to look for an underlying cause and if you contact me then I would be happy to explain further. I am sorry for any social shortcomings of the locum vet you saw who was with us for a very brief time. We are happy to recommend the local night service and refer cases requiring a specialist to the best available, be it at Stone Lion Wimbledon or elsewhere, depending on the needs of the case.