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Reviewed by: L Mills on 05/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Outstanding Pratice”

Yet again Goddards have been so brilliant I have to write a 2nd review for this wonderful practice. We recently lost our chihuahua Frank and the staff have all been amazing from the nurses to the front team they all showed genuine care and support to us they could not have been more sympathetic to our distress. Frank had the best attention and care and this even followed to the wimbledon branch who looked after him till the end.Thankyou to everyone and the lovely card I received after frank passed signed by everyone was greatly appreciated and heartwarming. Negar Anne rebecca and Tracey are lovely and thankyou for your time when I was ill myself x


Reviewed by: Review Goddard on 28/06/2015

Overall rating:


“good practice”

My cat has had to come to the surgery several times in the last few months. The staff are not only friendly towards myself but also treat Duth as if they have known him for years. There is hardly ever any waiting time and it is soooo easy to get an appointment either on the same day or when I want it. At my last appointment I was with the vet for nearly half an hour while she, for the first time, looked at and treated the cat. Everything they are doing and every medicine/tablet is explained so that I can understand.
Well done.
Jan Blackmore


Reviewed by: Mullins Moggies on 27/04/2015

Overall rating:


“Wonderful little practice”

This has now turned into a wonderful little practice!
No more delayed appointments, no rushed appointments, the vets call you back when they say they will and nothing is too much trouble.
Our diabetic boy has to regularly go in for the day to have his blood glucose level monitored and I can drop him in for the day with complete peace of mind that he is getting looked after and completely fussed over.
Negar and Elsa are extremely dedicated and absolutely fantastic with him, not to mention myself seeing as I am completely neurotic over his condition and constantly asking questions. The nurses are all brilliant and take great care of our boy and ALL the front desk team (not just a couple as was the case before the change in ownership), are friendly, accommodating, compassionate and genuinely caring and I am delighted that Trish stayed on after the acquisition by Goddard's.

Thank you all for giving us the confidence back in the treatment of all our pets. You really have made a difference.


Reviewed by: Carole on 18/02/2015

Overall rating:


“Very kind vet lovely service ”

Due to the changes at this vets I went elsewhere due to others recommendations. However, decided to go back and don't regret this decision, the surgery is now lovely and modern and feels much better. The staff are very friendly and welcoming, unfortunately I was there to have my beloved cat pts and the vet Bruce was so caring and lovely which helped us through this tough process and we will certainly return to this practice again. I recommend you go here for a caring service.


Reviewed by: mrs l mills on 03/01/2015

Overall rating:



I had been with Waterdene for over 11yrs with my various pets and did have my concerns when Goddards took over and didnt think any vet could replace Mr Dibble! I can honestly say im so glad i stayed the improvements to the pratice look great, fresh and clean and above all updated. Bruce is lovely and so knowledgeable Nick Ann and Rebecca are brilliant,recently i had a very poorly 11mth bulldog (lily) and Negar has been truly amazing her support and dedication was above and beyond not only did she wait out of hrs for me to collect medication we also spoke on the phone nothing was to much trouble.she then pushed for a specialist hospital referral (just b4 Christmas) and the next day lily was undergoing an emergency bowel operation. No words will ever express my thanks to Negar and the whole team, they have been amazing i will always support and recommend goodards 100%


Reviewed by: Diane Davies on 18/12/2014

Overall rating:


“Excellent veterinary practice, professional, so caring, they go the ”

Goddard Veterinary Caterham practice provide an excellent service, very professional and so importantly so caring. I sadly had to have my little silver tabby cat put to sleep at the weekend due to a serious heart condition and the vet, Elsa, who attended her (at our home) could not have been more gentle, professional and sympathetic to our distress. Also the sympathy and kindness shown by reception staff when I attended the practice the following week to settle my account was lovely. It helps. All the previous care my cat had received from Bruce prior to her eventual deterioration was superb. Thank you.


Reviewed by: Ginette Spriggs on 10/12/2014

Overall rating:


“Huge improvement”

Since Goddards took over this practice it has improved hugely. The empathy of the vets towards the animals and their owners is excellent. When my dog had to have tests, then an operation, all was carefully explained and results discussed afterwards. Appointments are not rushed. This did not happen previously. The place is cleaner and brighter and waiting times are kept to a minimum. Taking your pet to the vet is expensive, but I have not noticed a huge hike in prices here. My follow up consultations were £20 which is less than the previous practice. I have already recommended this practice to friends and would have no hesitation in doing so again.


Reviewed by: K Delaney on 29/11/2014

Overall rating:


“review of Caterham Goddards ”

My partner and i went to Waterdene for years with our several cats but have been very disappointed since the change to Goddards. The prices jumped up rapidly and it seemed as if all that mattered was to paint the place up as an excuse to charge a lot more. We were very disappointed when the open surgery was taken away and sick animals had to be sent to another vet rather than kept in house. The original staff have voted with their feet and I don't blame them. We have done the same and gone elsewhere.

Jeremy Robinson
General Manager, Goddard Veterinary Group

Thank you for your comments and I would like to respond. The open surgery meant unpredictably long waits to see a vet so we took measures and improved the situation by adding a receptionist, creating an additional consulting room and introducing appointment times, all so that you would be seen promptly. Without any doubt, there has been no loss of veterinary ability so if your pet was referred, it would have been because of a need for night care or because of the need for a specialist. Our consultations cost £27 whereas the two other vets in the town are £38.20 and £27. We are aware of the need for competitive prices so on average our other prices will be no more than elsewhere-probably less. We will continue to invest heavily, not just in modernising tired premises, but in equipment such as ultrasound scanner and digital x-ray facilities in order to bring the practice to the standards required by the RCVS inspectorate, a scheme to which we voluntarily subscribe. I respect that bringing about improvements and change is not always as easy as imagined, although you are always welcome to see how far we have come.


Reviewed by: Alison N on 28/11/2014

Overall rating:


“Very impressed”

I have been registered with this practice for years but only recently had cause to visit them a lot when our two cats have become ill. I have been really impressed with the service and how responsive, thorough and caring they have been. Negar has been wonderful and Elsa and Nick also. They take their time and you don't feel rushed through your appointment and always explain what is going on in a really clear and sensitive way. I would definitely recommend them.


Reviewed by: Stephanie O'Rourke on 18/11/2014

Overall rating:


“My Honest View of this Practice”

If you care about your pets then take them to the Head Vet, Bruce. He is an amazing guy !! There are not enough great words to describe how great this vet is. To name a few things - he is skilled, incredibly knowledgeable, explains everything simply to you, he's warm and he really is the BEST !!!! I have also met a lovely lady called Negar and she also impressed me very much indeed. You will always receive a warm, friendly welcome by the reception/nursing staff in particular Ann, Tracy Franklin and Rebecca Layson who will do everything they can to accommodate your needs.


Reviewed by: Owner of lunatic cat on 30/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Top quality service and great patience with my very difficult kitten”

I took my kitten for castration and vaccinations at Goddards, and was very impressed with the service I received. I was impressed by the knowledge and professionalism of the vet surgeon negar. It's clear Goddards are looking to make the practice far more modern and progressive, with a higher standard of care. The vet nurses were fantastic at taking care of my embarrassingly naughty and feral kitten. Finally its good to see the once dark and cluttered waiting room get a much needed face lift. I would definitely recommend this practice.


Reviewed by: Rob on 30/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Excellent service”

I use this vets practice for my cats and dogs and have found that since the changeover to Goddard Vet Group the service has improved immensely.
Would highly recommend this practice


Reviewed by: Roger Sharp on 20/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Where has the previous excellence of this practice gone in a few brief months?”

Until a few months ago my local vet was an independently run practice that was focused on providing excellent care for sick animals. Then it was taken over by Goddards.

Times change and we must move on but I cannot think of one single improvement that has been made. The opening hours have been reduced, home visits have stopped, access to local specialist services have been dropped in favour of one distant corporate facility, the waiting room has been left in a shabby state for weeks whilst waiting to be decorated. Worst of all is the new charging policy. My dog occasionally had a swollen paw that £50 of antibiotics would put right. The new Goddards vet said their charge would be over £700, which included tests, xrays, anaesthetics and operating costs. This information was delivered by someone who may be a competent vet but who possessed the social skills of a rattlesnake - and that is being hard on rattlesnakes. This may be the way things are done down under, and maybe you can bully some people this way, but it's obscene. Goddards seem to think they have a monopoly of veterinary services in the area. I think they'll find out they don't. There is at least one 'On the hill' and virtually within walking distance. I would only use Goddards in the future if they truly were the only vet in the country.

Jeremy Robinson
General Manager Goddard Vet Group

The ongoing improvements to the practice have advanced rapidly. The beautiful new reception is completed and with increased space for two receptionists. This is in tandem with the earlier creation of an additional consulting room, thus creating a capability to see clients without the long delays of old: the operating theatre is now dedicated for that purpose only, a vital requirement in achieving sterility. Equipment is being replaced and we now have new digital radiography and an ultrasound scanner to assist diagnoses on site without the need for referrals. The next step is to modernise the surgical facilities with the objective of matching the modern standards of the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme.
Repeated dispensing of antibiotics for a case is not good practice without efforts to look for an underlying cause and if you contact me then I would be happy to explain further. I am sorry for any social shortcomings of the locum vet you saw who was with us for a very brief time. We are happy to recommend the local night service and refer cases requiring a specialist to the best available, be it at Stone Lion Wimbledon or elsewhere, depending on the needs of the case.