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Hartree Way
Grange Farm
Suffolk IP5 2BZ

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Orwell Vets provide a lifetime of care for small animals at its four surgeries in the Ipswich area; Grange Farm Hospital in Kesgrave, Berners Street Surgery in Ipswich, Stutton Surgery and Perfect Petcare - the Ravenswood surgery and pet shop.

With a purpose built animal hospital at Grange Farm, the practice is able to provide 24hr nursing care for all in-patients and their own vets providing out of hours emergency treatment, with full diagnostic and surgical facilities. Providing a friendly, professional care for your pet.

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Average rating: 4.7
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Chrisdowns78 on 12/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Rabbit tooth trim”

Took my rabbit in for tooth trimming and he was made to feel very relaxed and comfortable while she carried out the procedure,rabbit is his usual crazy self eating everything he can.


Reviewed by: nikki on 18/06/2015

Overall rating:


“Thank you”

A weekend emergency appointment which led to emergency treatment for my 13 year old lab, the service we received was brilliant, would recommend your services without a doubt. Thank you very much.


Reviewed by: Tony B on 23/04/2015

Overall rating:


“Sympathetic & Understanding”

We have been with the Berners Street practice for just over 12 years and they have always taken fantastic care of Gizmo. She took ill very suddenly and sadly died 2 days later. Zoe took great care of her in her final hours and could not have been more helpful and understanding


Reviewed by: Mark Pepper on 23/04/2015

Overall rating:


“Very happy”

A top practice, excellent care and very friendly staff, particularly the vets.


Reviewed by: Norma on 11/04/2015

Overall rating:


“Small furries say "Thank you"”

It's such a relief and surprise that moving out of London has brought us to a real animal hospital! When rabbits are unwell they can go downhill very quickly and whatever the time of day or night the Orwell practice is ready to help, whether with phone advice or an admission.
I'm always impressed by how ready the vets are to talk with each other and discuss a possible problem. To me, that is true professionalism
Receptionists, nurses and vets are involved, knowledgeable and friendly.
Finally, the night staff are the regular vet staff, not a locum practice,which means there is continuity and they know my animals already.


Reviewed by: SophieMiles on 06/03/2015

Overall rating:


“Family cat put to sleep”

I brought my elderly cat to be put to sleep after a period of her being quite unwell and not wanting her to suffer. The vet was extremely understanding and made me feel at ease with what was a very difficult decision. If only humans had this option. The vet was heart felt and had a lot of time for me and my pet. Thank you so much.


Reviewed by: NeilP on 27/02/2015

Overall rating:


“Grange Farm”

The staff at Grange Farm are always polite professional and caring towards my dog "Chester" mad boisterous chocolate lab & "Molly" my quiet moggy.
Always try there best to fit me in with a suitable appointment time, and have gone out there way to fit Chester in for his nail clipping. ( big thanks to Tracy, as she flys through the doors hanging on to him).
I would always recommend Grange Farm Orwell Vets to anyone, fantastic service.


Reviewed by: graham on 12/01/2015

Overall rating:


“sad day”

many thanks to Charles at the grange farm surgery for his compassion at the sad loss of our pet dog Harley. I would recommend this vets to anyone who wants the best treatment of their treasured pets.


Reviewed by: Andres on 17/12/2014

Overall rating:


“Worst case of bed side manner”

My dog had an accident and I rushed to Grange Farm after 9 pm. The vet at the Practice was unsympathetic, indifferent and aloof. He actually made us feel like we had disrupted his evening. At the high prices I have been charged up until then, I do expect more service from Orwell vets.
He "explained" to me what had happened to my dog in a pedantic way by describing the condition using medical latinised jargon. In reality, what I need in a moment of stress such as that one is a vet that can clearly describe the issues in plain English, whilst showing a sympathetic manner and reassurance, both of which I did not get. I would not recommend this practice as there are very good vets in the area nearby that charge half as much as Orwell do.

James Bagnall
Orwell Veterinary Group

We were extremely sorry to hear the feedback left by 'Mr XXX' and the issues he has raised. At Orwell Veterinary Group we are striving to provide a first class service to our clients, that includes excellent care of our clients as well as their pets. This customer care should obviously include things such as sympathy and effective communication so that the customer has confidence and trust in us to care for their pet clinically. Without engaging effectively and appropriately with a customer we cannot ensure full understanding of a problem, involve them fully in treatment decisions, or give them the reassurances they often want. It would appear in this instance that we have failed to meet the standards that we set ourselves and that our clients expect. We have spoken to MrXX on the telephone to get a more detailed description of the poor service he received and the matter has been discussed at some length with the member of staff concerned. The Veterinary Surgeon concerned fully understands the need for excellent client communication and up until this instance has had nothing but positive feedback from clients particularly in relation to the thorough and high standard of his work clinically.
We encourage and appreciate customer feedback whether negative or positive. In reality negative feedback is what drives improvement in our performance and I have no doubt that is what will happen in this instance. I would however like to assure all our current customers or any prospective new customers that this was an isolated incident and not a true reflection of the high standards we set at Orwell Vet Group.


Reviewed by: Steff on 18/07/2014

Overall rating:


“Best Vet in Suffolk ”

Very pleased with the care shown to my dog in the last 7 years. Always recommended this practice to all my friends.


Reviewed by: Lisa on 18/07/2014

Overall rating:


“First Class Veterinary Care”

I could not sing praises enough for this very professional, caring and dedicated team at Orwell Vets. We are regular visitors at the vets with both our dog and cat having chronic conditions and they could not be in better care ranging from our brilliant vet, nurses and great receptionists. They put you at ease at each visit and call you when they say they will. Ive never come across such a caring veterinary practice and its very comforting having a vets thats a hospital too - first class!


Reviewed by: Janice on 11/07/2014

Overall rating:


“Orwell vet - kesgrave”

Very caring professional team - they will always have time for you and your pet however busy they are, I would recommend the staff 100% .


Reviewed by: jasmine bell on 23/09/2013

Overall rating:


“absolutely brilliant”

I love this vets.didnt think anyone could replace my vets from home town. But james at orwell has managed it. The staff are always friendly and james always has time for you. Receiving a hand written letter after loosing my cat tilly in a horrific collision with a car made me feel more at ease and a lot less embarrassed to go back after he had to deal with my hysterical crying when I brought her in on a Sunday. Highly recommend them to anyone and everyone


Reviewed by: delboy on 14/08/2013

Overall rating:


“first class vets ”

Thank you for trying to save my dog but old age beat us. Now you look after my new pet with loving care once again thank you.


Reviewed by: Debbie on 13/03/2013

Overall rating:


“Fantastic staff from vets to receptionists.”

I have been with Orwell Vets since they moved to Berners Street and I have never had a bad word to say about them.My first cat Oscar had a pyothorax when he was 8 which basically meant he was drowning in his own lungs which thankfully he survived. This left him with permanent lung problems for the rest of his life but I was never made to feel I was wasting their time whenever I was panicking over any little problem he had.

When my cats Barney & Archie were shot by someone with an air rifle in 2010 they could not have been more helpful.I was kept completely advised of the situation at all times and being allowed to visit them both each night really helped me cope with the situation.Archie was given a lot of fuss & love during the several weeks he was there. Even when sadly Archie had to be put to sleep their support was wonderful.

I really couldn't recommend them highly enough


Reviewed by: Shirley on 05/03/2013

Overall rating:


“Friendly vet who listen, nurses, have recommened to many.”

Couldnt wish for a better practice, vets who do listen, lovely nurses.

Wonderful hospital plus on call 24/7. My 5 beardies have had the best possible treatment, the practice wasnt open for my other 2. Also my 3 cats had great treatment.