Beaumont Veterinary Centre

Tel: 01392 460300

31 Main Road,
Devon EX4 9EY

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Practice Details

  • Beaumont Veterinary Centre is the only true mixed practice in Exeter.
  • We are accredited under The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme.
  • 24 hour Emergency Service.
  • Membership of Senior Pet Health Scheme, giving specific free clinics.
  • Offering the latest anaesthetic facilities with full electronic monitoring. 


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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Silverton on 22/05/2014

Overall rating:


“Best Vet”

We and our pets have been treated wonderfully. There is always a friendly welcome.
Even during very hard times everyone tries to ease your burden and your pet is treated professionally and kindly.


Reviewed by: john & gill on 27/04/2014

Overall rating:



When Minty became unwell just before Easter we ended up taking him to the surgery at 10pm to see Nick. He was in the next day to start 4 days as an in-patient when he was quickly diagnosed with pancreatitis.
The treatment that followed over the Bank holiday was efficient, effective, kindly and with Minty and both of us at the forefront at all times. We were so pleased at the patient, unhurried, friendly and complete manner in which he and we were treated. Mr Pope. Mr Lloyd and the whole team were wonderful with full after-care and even thorough dietary advice and the handling of the Insurance claim thrown in.
We would certainly recommend them to any pet owners.


Reviewed by: Molly and Pippa on 07/01/2014

Overall rating:


“Endoscopic spay”

Having spent much time researching the subject of endoscopic (keyhole) spay we thought we would share our experience in case it is of help to others. We have two lovely Whippets Molly and Pippa who are both from the same litter and are now 18mths old. We waited until their first season before having them spayed and as this happened four months apart we have been able to try a traditional method (with our regular vets practice) and an endoscopic method (with Beaumont) and thus are in a fortunate position to comment on the differences we noticed.
Molly had the traditional method, Pippa the endoscopic. We noticed that Molly took far longer to come round from the anaesthetic - it was some 10 hours after collecting her from the vets before she really seemed to want to move, drink or eat, Pippa was eating for herself within 4 hours. This maybe down to their different temperaments but may also be related to the amount of anaesthetic needed/duration of the surgery - one for the vet to comment on. Mollys incision being longer v the two small puncture holes on Pippa, meant we had to keep a far closer watch on her to make sure she didn't pull the stitches when stretching etc. Another difference which may in part be down to temperament was the speed at which they were back to their "normal" selves. For Molly this was several days, Pippa was alert and wanting to be active the day after the surgery. However the biggest difference is in the time we were advised to keep each of them on "restricted" activity - Molly was a good two weeks whereas Pippa was just under a week. This last point was a real bonus as trying to keep two energetic, stir crazy girls from running around the house or full on playing with each other or being allowed off the lead was as difficult for us as it was for them.
Obviously the scope of the surgery is different and the long term differences (if any) will only be seen over time but both girls have fully recovered with no ill effects - Thanks to both vet practices for their excellent work.


Reviewed by: helen montgomery on 01/11/2013

Overall rating:


“fantastic staff highly recommended ”

would like to say a very big thankyou to Clive,Nick and all the staff at Beaumont veterinary centre for saving my dog Max's paw after a horrendous infection set in after he cut his paw on glass. Their dedication and time they have put to Max has bean excellent and I cannot thank them enough also a big thankyou to Nick who rescued my mum's false teeth after Max swallowed them when she decided to wrap them in tissue and put bread on top of them did give us all a good laugh though!!!


Reviewed by: Louise on 19/10/2013

Overall rating:


“Fast efficient service, friendly staff, great facilities”

This practice almost definitely saved our new rescue dog.
My first contact was with Nicola, who was kind and efficient, and got an appointment within the hour.
Mr Lloyd worked on our dog all afternoon to make the correct diagnosis and begin treatment.
All the staff we have seen are kind, courteous and helpful.
We are very grateful indeed!


Reviewed by: jemma on 07/02/2013

Overall rating:


“Excellent service- high recommended”

We have just received the highest level of service from the staff at Beaumont Veterinary Centre. They were professional and considerate and managed our expetations in a very sensitive situation. They were careful to ensure we understood each diagnosis and when the time came to make a very difficult decision gave us the support we needed. I would not hesitate to recommend them.