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Practice Details

  • Open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
  • Accredited under the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme
  • Fully equipped with the latest medical and surgical facilities
  • Referral services including Diagnostic Imaging, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Hydrotherapy offered within the group
  • Free pre vaccination consultations and health checks for registered pets at six and nine months of age

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Leo's owner on 03/10/2015

Overall rating:


“Thank you ”

This practice will always be to me a very special place. Having taken my dear dog Leo every week for the last 6 months for his chemotherapy, their care and professional approach always made such a difference to a difficult time. Leo loved everyone there and would always be happy to visit for the day. I'm glad he didn't associate feeling rough the next day with his visit.
Sadly Leo didn't make it and I'm eternally grateful to the hospital for making a really tough decision a little more manageable with such care and compassion for my dear sweet dog.
I will miss him and our regular visits
Thank you Goddards Wanstead for everything


Reviewed by: Donna Benkhedda on 09/09/2015

Overall rating:



I brought my beautiful moggy cat to this vet since 2005 when we got him as a kitten. He turned 10yrs old in the summer. We would take him to Goddards for an annual check up which we thought we were doing right by our cat looking after him well. They would give him an immunisation every year behind his neck (I never knew why as cats from my childhood never had this done). A few weeks ago we noticed lumps behind his neck and not realising how serious it was took him to another vet that was more affordable. It turns out he had cancer and 4 days later the tumor went into his spine and half his body was paralysed - we had to make the hardest decision to put him down rather than let him suffer and say goodbye. They said it can't be proven but usually when cats get cancer it comes up where they had been injected with immunisations and it's safer to inject them in the leg so they can have the leg amputated to save their life. I have now been told that cats only need immunisations once in their life time. I know they say there's no connection to the immunisations/injections but that's proof enough for me to blame this vets for immunising my cat for pure greed not for the well being of my cat who died at 10yrs. My whole family are devastated as we had such a special bond with him and he was always lavished with love and attention! I expected at least 15/20yrs from this moggy cat who was much loved and such a beautiful character. I would never recommend this vet or any other vet who immunises cats for no reason at all but to fill their own pockets. I let my cat down by bringing him for his annual check up...I will never forgive myself for this!

Tom Flynn
Clinical Director, Goddard Veterinary Group

We were very sorry to hear about your cat's condition and do sympathise with you on the loss of an obviously greatly loved family member. Our records show that you have not been seen at our practice since 2012 and this makes it very difficult to make any specific comments. Vaccination against the various forms of feline influenza, enteritis and leukaemia are very important in protecting millions of cats every year from the incredible suffering which these diseases bring and this is why we strongly recommend it. Very rarely, cats may develop tumours at the site of trauma or inflammation and tumours at the site of injections can occur, but with a frequency estimated to be between 1 per 10 000 to 30 000 vaccinations administered. Annual check-ups are the best way to ensure pets health in order to provide protection against infectious disease and to identify illnesses at the earliest stages possible so maximising the chances of successful treatment


Reviewed by: Leece on 07/09/2015

Overall rating:



Visited Goddards in Wanstead tonight and was approached by, I can only explain as someone who was quite rude on reception. 'X'. I asked if I could buy a couple of sachets of food and they asked me if I had ordered them. I said no, they then said well you should really order as we use what we have for animals in the hospital. I was then asked for my pets name and address and told on several attempts of them putting my information in, I wasn't on the system. Eventually she found me but said she had the spelling of my pets name down differently to what I had given.......I had never had any problem with my pet being found previously? This person then went off and came back and said there wasn't any food on site. I was a little concerned as if my pet was in hospital and needed feeding would be a little worried if no food was available. I came away feeling very upset and dissapointed in the way I was treated. After spending little under 1400.00.

Ellie Stock-Bishop
Hospital Manager - Goddard Veterinary Group

I was very sorry to hear that you felt that the service which you received recently was disappointing and that we did not have available the particular type of food which you required. I thank you for providing the feedback which has been discussed with the member of staff involved. We do stock a lot of veterinary prescription and life stage diets, both to feed our inpatients and also for over the counter sales. There is such a wide range of products on the market though that we do not have the space to stock them all, as does a pet food store, and therefore have to ask clients to pre order certain less common food so that it is guaranteed to be available for them to collect at their convenience. I am sorry that you were not assisted in a more helpful manner and would very much like to discuss your concerns further. I would appreciate a call to discuss how we might help you in the future and I look forward to hearing from you


Reviewed by: Greg on 15/08/2015

Overall rating:



Summer my jack russel is being treated for epilepsy for over a year now at Goddard's and has come a long way as she now has her fits under control. The staff are very friendly and helpful and they all know Summer. They are a little more expensive than some other vets but the treatment is very good, and as long as you have pet insurance it shouldn't be a problem.


Reviewed by: Jo on 07/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Excellent care”

Andy the vet and the rest of the team were amazing when we had to rush our rabbit Linda in for emergency GI stasis surgery (at 7am on a Saturday morning). The team took excellent care of her and despite the surgery being extremely risky she pulled through and has made an excellent recovery. We are so so grateful - it was expensive but worth every penny. We also had to rush our other rabbit in on the Monday morning (this time at 6am!) with similar symptoms and Andy took us straight through and was really helpful and understanding and quickly gave her pain relief and sorted out the meds we needed to give her. Thanks so much!


Reviewed by: Bee on 22/07/2015

Overall rating:



Reviewed by: Tommy owner on 08/07/2015

Overall rating:


“Thank you”

I want to say a HUGE thank you to Mr Andrew Holloway for the way he treated my yorkshire terrier when he had his CT scan. He spent a lot of time explaining about his condition. I was truly impressed and I appreciate his work and effort. Thank you again!

I am really sorry I don't know the name of the most friendly and helpful receptionist from Wanstead. She was working on Friday, 3rd of July in the afternoon. Thank you again.

R Manole, owner of Tommy


Reviewed by: Doris on 24/06/2015

Overall rating:


“Grateful, but ...”

My cat was brought in to the vet's recently, and just like the last time she was ill, was treated with great care by the vet. However, my main problem here is the cost. They didn't know what was wrong with the cat, and ran many many tests to find the problem, including for conditions for which she showed no symptoms whatsoever. I am trying not be cynical about this.

I am very grateful for the care, believe me, and the fact they probably kept my cat alive, but the cost of one week's care was £2400. That is more than my monthly wage and I had to borrow the money until the insurers refund me (probably a month from now.) What if I didn't have insurance?

Dr Thomas Flynn
Clinical Director, Goddard Veterinary Group

Thank you for your feedback and for your appreciative comments on the high level of care which our vets were able to give to you and your cat. I am very glad to hear that your pet has recovered and I hope now remains well.
Unfortunately, there is no NHS for pets and a prolonged hospital stay involving investigations, intensive treatments and the best care possible can be very expensive, which is why we strongly advocate that pet owners ensure that they take out a good pet insurance policy. Failing this, we certainly do our best to work with a client's budget and help where we can.

In some cases where the diagnosis is not obvious and a pet is not displaying typical signs of a disease, or where the clinical signs are not specific but are common to a large number of different diseases, it may be necessary to run many tests. It is very difficult for me to comment further on the details of your pet's investigations without being able to identify your pet and review the clinical records, but if you would please care to contact me directly I would be very happy to do so.


Reviewed by: Tim on 23/04/2015

Overall rating:


“Excellent service”

Just wanted to drop you an email to say how happy I am with the service my dog receives from Shaun.

I visited the Wanstead branch over a year go due to an emergency and Lauren was so supportive understanding and caring. Shaun then operated on Omar (aka Roman). The after care service was second to non and felt he really went the extra mile to make sure Roman received the right after care at home. All other vets I have been to before would not even touch Roman for a check up :-( Shaun has taken his time to get to know him. We popped in today for his annual jabs and a health check. Shaun spend a good deal of time with us doing a thorough check of him head to toe.

I have nothing but good words to say about your Wanstead branch.

Thank you again

Kind Regards

Tim Johnson


Reviewed by: Nina on 25/03/2015

Overall rating:


“Angry Emily”

I brought my cat Emily in for an emergency and I was kept informed of costs and procedures throughout the process. I was very upset and the team showed me kindness and have called me each day to u p date.As I travelled quite far I was helped in the night and reassured that Emily would get the help she needed. She is an angry cat but the team have looked as after her. Big thanks to everyone who looked after her :-)


Reviewed by: Kim on 10/09/2014

Overall rating:


“Room for improvement ”

I took my cat here recently after we noticed he had began snoring very loudly at night. Subsequently the vet discovered our cat had a lump on one side of his throat. Because this requires further investigators we were referred to Wanstead (a very odd location I thought) Unfortunately, the vet was running late and we had to wait an 45mins on top of our appointment time with a very stressed and frightened cat - the waiting didn't help. When we were finally seen, the vet was very professional and clearly highly trained. However, I was very disappointed to find out the radiologist was not in on that day, meaning our cat could've been spared a days stress of having to stay as an impatient. I feel this should've been made known to me on the phone. The extra day not only costs extra but greatly increases my cats stress level. Furthermore, because my cat is an un neutered tom, the vet informed me he might have to be placed on a mixed ward with some dogs, which I'm really not happy about as he is terrified of dogs. This really must improve. I cannot fault the medical services, but the level of organisation could have been improved in my experience. Lastly, as with all vets, I found me pricing incredibly expensive, which bars many normal animal owners from benefiting from medical treatment. The vets medical experience is exceptional.

Jeremy Robinson
General Manager Goddard Vet Group

Thank you for your feedback and in particular the praiseworthy comment about our vet. There are complex and private issues involved here and I would like to write and explain points that you may have missed and which would be inappropriate in this forum. I am sorry that you had to wait for your appointment but pets' health and welfare comes first for us and in vets' efforts to provide a first rate medical service we may have to spend more than the allotted time on some cases, something difficult to predict before we see the pet. I would like to emphasise that we do have separate purpose built, segregated and air-conditioned wards for dogs and cats.
It was in fact the requirement for the services of a specialist ultrasonographer (and not a radiologist) which caused the perceived delay in having this particular investigation done. The need for an ultrasound scan was only identified after the consulting vet at the hospital examined your pet and it was therefore not possible to advise of the ultrasonographer's timetable beforehand. The ultrasonographer, to whom you refer is someone who leads within this profession but his involvement at the Royal Veterinary College limits his consultancy time with us to two days a week. We are proud of the fact that we retain his advanced-level specialist service, superior to that of even the best of vets one expects to encounter in general practice. Other options for alternate investigations were discussed but you preferred, and it was agreed, to wait until this specialised ultrasound scan could be performed. There is no NHS for pets and the best of veterinary care costs a lot to provide and that is why the practice strongly advocated the insurance of pets in order that best treatments are affordable.


Reviewed by: Stacey on 11/02/2014

Overall rating:


“Clinically good, not so good at keeping me informed. ”

I took my puppy in with a suspected abdominal obstruction. She was in for a day and a half for IV fluids and observation and while I was happy with the treatment, despite my repeated phone calls on the second day no one could give me any update on her progress (I had been told to expect surgery). When I arrived early evening to see her I was told that she was fine and could go home, and she had in fact started eating again six hours earlier (and that some one should have called me to tell me that). So, happy with the treatment but not so much with the unnecessary six hours of anguish thinking she would need surgery.

Jeremy Robinson
General Manager

Thank you for your comments and we are glad that you appreciated our high clinical standards. We constantly strive to provide the best care possible for our patients and the pets' needs will always come first. I understand that you will have been very concerned and we are sorry that you were not kept up to date with information as you had expected. I would be happy to investigate further if you would care to contact me directly, and hope that in the meantime your puppy continues to remain well.


Reviewed by: Mel on 04/02/2014

Overall rating:


“Outstanding Professionalism”

I would just like to briefly thank all of the staff at Goddard's vets, Wanstead for their outstanding professionalism and the standard of their care over the Christmas period, 2013. My ferret Hubert Cumberdale managed to lay his paws on something he really ought not to have, most likely a human painkiller. I am aware that the prognosis under these circumstances are really not good but with some top class intervention his little life was saved. Hubert was at the vets for 4 days during which the surgery made sure that I was kept up to date at all times. I was allowed a daily visit where even though it was clear that staff were rushed off their feet they still made time to speak to me and keep me updated. Although you can't put a price on my little Hubert's head, I really appreciated being informed of the running total every step of the way. Once again, I can't even begin to express how grateful I am for all your assistance and have already recommended you via Facebook to a number of different ferret owners.


Reviewed by: Philip Herlihy on 04/02/2014

Overall rating:


“Professionalism when it counted”

We rushed our beloved Seamus (age 14) to Wanstead Hospital (first visit) when he had a seizure, as a number of chronic health conditions converged on him. Reception and nursing staff responded instantly, whisking him into theatre where a vet (D.V.) was waiting, returning to take details only after he was being seen. After he had been 'stabilised', the vet carefully and sensitively explained our options, helping us understand the seriousness of his situation, and giving us just the right balance between telling us and asking us what was best for him. She then supported him and us impeccably through what needed to be done. Veterinary care doesn't get better than this, and wouldn't need to be.


Reviewed by: CLARK on 15/11/2013

Overall rating:


“Very sensitive and caring”

Our two Westies have been with Goddards since they were sickly puppies back in 1999. Cookie went to sleep on November 5th. Jessie continues to thrive. Both the administrative and the medical staff could not have been kinder from the moment we arrived until the time we left.
They were sensitive, sympathetic and made a very difficult time that little bit easier. I'm delighted to have the opportunity to thank them all in print.


Reviewed by: owner of jones on 15/11/2013

Overall rating:


“Thank you so much for sorting out my cat”


Reviewed by: Peggy Coleman on 06/11/2013

Overall rating:



I have been with Goddard's Wanstead for 5 years. My six cats have always received excellent care. They have excellent staff and facilities and have always gone the extra mile to offer the best treatment possible. I have been there at 10.30pm, 6.30am and a bank holiday for various emergencies and the standard is still faultless. I am very grateful to have this excellent facility so close and only wish they could treat me too. Quite literally life savers.


Reviewed by: Donna Lennon on 06/11/2013

Overall rating:


“Helpful, professional & caring ”

I have used Goddards for nearly 20 years now, first their Chingford Surgery & Wanstead Hospital since 1998. They've always looked after my cats superbly and were fantastic when my six-month-old kitten, Tigger, got run over and had to have his hip/leg pinned & plated - he's now 14 and a very happy, healthy cat. Thank you, Tom, Dani, Lauren, Lisa & the rest of the Wanstead team for continuing to provide my animals with great care - and for looking after Fred wonderfully when he came in for his neutering & microchipping procedure yesterday.


Reviewed by: Delta on 30/10/2013

Overall rating:



I have been with with practise for over 40 years all my 5 dogs have been with them, I would never change. They always have time for me and my dog, very helpful no matter how busy they are, and when things to do go to plan they take as much time as needed with you. Well done Goddards Wanstead.


Reviewed by: Yes on 25/10/2013

Overall rating:


“Friendly staff and vets”

Although I have written a review for my local vets at thamesmeade I had one of my dogs referred here for quite a big op,the receptionists were friendly and helpful when you arrive and the vets explained what was going to be done very clearly and were friendly and put you at ease as obviously your apprehensive as you have a sick dog and your worried abt them.very pleased with how I was treated there.


Reviewed by: Yes on 25/10/2013

Overall rating:




Reviewed by: Re: Louie foster on 25/10/2013

Overall rating:


“Lovely people ”

Lovely staff from the front desk to the vets , but I must say I found that the nurses and ward girls that look after the animals throughout their stay really are wonderfull and have the patients of saints ,!!!!!
I would also like to thank Lisa for making Louie the first ever pet of the day , he is most impressed! .
Finally a big thank you to jasmine who went above and beyond her duties to make Louie's stay at wansted a more enjoyable one . Thank you guys


Reviewed by: Delta on 25/10/2013

Overall rating:



Forty years and 5 dogs later and still with Goddards Wanstead.
I would not go any where else, a brilliant vets nothing is to much trouble for them. My vet Lauren is so understanding with my dog, and my dog has so much trust in her.
Thanks you all


Reviewed by: Joanne W on 18/09/2013

Overall rating:


“Thank you Goddard Wanstead”

I wanted to start this review by saying thank you to the vet / vet nurse on the night shift on 17/09/2013.

I telephoned first and the answer machine told me to come in if I needed to be seen, which is a good way of doing things. I brought my (heartbreakingly) suddenly deceased cat, along with my other cat for a precautionary check-up, to the surgery quite late at night, and the staff couldn't have been more helpful, considerate and compassionate.

The kind lady (vet or vet nurse) checked over my deceased cat and told me what had happened to her, and gave my other cat a good check up. They took care of disposing of my poor cat, and told me to go home and sort out payment the next day. When I called the next day, the receptionist offered their condolences and took payment over the phone.

I was charged a very reasonable rate, far less than I was expecting for a late night call.

Overall, from my dealings with Goddard, you may pay a higher rate for certain procedures, but what you get for your money is a clean, clinical environment, with a caring and professional service.


Reviewed by: Mrs T Smith on 07/04/2013

Overall rating:


“Highly recommend”

We would like to thank all the hospital staff at Wanstead especially Tom Flynn for their high level of care and compassion.

Recently our cat Daisy was taken seriously ill and was admitted into the hospital.

The level of care she recieved By Tom was exceptional. He tried everything possible to help Daisy. His experience clearly is of a very high standard and his kindness was such a comfort at a very difficult time for us.

We would also like to thank the very kind member of staff for bringing her cat in to the hospital to donate blood for Daisy. This clearly shows the kindness of the staff at the Wanstead.

Sadly we had to let Daisy pass peacefully but had great comfort knowing that she had been cared for by such lovely people.


Reviewed by: Jayne - Maxs Mummy! on 25/03/2013

Overall rating:


“Fantastic Vets!”

This vets surgery is a wonderful place. I recently dealt with Lauren the vet at wanstead who treated my lovely Bichon Baby Max who was very ill with a tumour. She did surgery on him to remove the tumour and gave us another 9 months with him before he sadly did eventually die.

The care that Lauren in particular showed Max was spectacular and I know that everything was done to make him comfortable. Im sure that behind the scenes there were many more who cared for him while he had to stay in there. Lauren told me she even went out to buy fresh chicken as he wasnt eating dry food! She treated him as her own. To know that this Wanstead hospital is available and that the vets are so good puts my mind at rest as I have 3 other pets who may need help one day.

I cannot recommend this place highly enough!


Reviewed by: P Alabaster on 19/03/2013

Overall rating:


“Jak's relieved family!!”

Thank You to everyone at Goddard Wanstead for the excellent care they gave on our recent visits with Jak our Siamese cat. Special thanks to Mary-Ann and Danny and all the nurses who helped with his recovery.
I would highly recommend this Vet practise to anyone.


Reviewed by: Frank Forte on 23/07/2012

Overall rating:


“Over the years”

It is with deep regret that my Wife and I are withdrawing our custom from Goddard vet group.
The reason is purely a geographical one. We will soon be moving to an area where there is not a Goddard practice.
We have been customers for over 20 years, (on and off) and I would recommend this practice to ANYBODY that has a pet they care for.
Goddards are not the cheapest, but without doubt there is NO BETTER VALUE for money,anywhere.
We had FIVE German Shepherd dogs together at one point. They all lived far longer than is the normal life expectancy for the breed. One was severely hip dysplastic. He lived to be almost 12 years of age and for all of that time, no time or trouble was spared to keep this lovely dog pain and discomfort free. This in itself is an example of the dedication and humane care give to both ourselves and Rubble (The Dog) himself.
Secondly we had TJ, TJ suffered form a Pancreas disorder, which would have ended her life before her time. Under the guidance of Tom Flynn the head vet, we were able to get her medication right and give her a high quality of life free from pain and discomfort, like we did for Rubble.
Needless to say the other 3 had their moments of need too and were served wellsometimes at a moments notice. In an emergency you will never have to wait at Goddards.
As well as being manned with a very competent and highly qualified Vet at all hour of the day and night. Every member of staff from the very hardworking Reception Staff to the vetrinary and Nursing staff, not only cared for our animals, they showed it in every way possible.
Not to forget. The kindness and care you recently showed to Jodi, A Jack a Doodle bitch puppy(Our latest addittion to the Family).
A very big thanks To Danny the vet, Helen and all the Nurses and once again Julie and her much overworked and stressed Receptionists.
I recommentd this practice to ALL pet owners you will not get better ANYWHERE.


Reviewed by: Grahame Warby on 02/07/2012

Overall rating:


“The Best Service”

Thank you so much for taking care and saving the life of our wonderful cat Charlie. Were it not for your services, Charlie would have not survived his recent terrible medical illness. First class vets, a first class team, and first class services. Superb. Thank you.