Bristol Veterinary Surgery

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Companion Care Vet Surgery
Inside Pets at Home
Unit 2 Abbey Wood Retail Pk
Station Road
Avon BS34 7JL

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Practice Details

  • Highly experienced vet professionals
  • Owner-managed surgeries so that you get to know your team
  • Modern equipment and extensive facilities
  • Full range of treatments from health checks to emergency operations
  • Complete convenience - open 7 days a week, plus extended hours!
  • Inside Pets at Home: a one-stop shop, with parking too!
  • Value for money

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Best possible rating: 5
Average rating: 4.9
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Serena on 19/09/2015

Overall rating:


“Exceptional Service and friendliness and above all such wonderful caring ”

Everyone at this practice are exceptional ! Their love of animals is obvious and i have never had such caring service from any other vet practice. We have had to have a number of our cats put down which would normally be very traumatic as they had all been with us for years. ALL the staff that have been involved were so very very caring and made these times peaceful and calm.

I have had very bad experiences from other vets - and to move to such a caring / professional practice has been a breath of fresh air - with each and every one being so very kind - this sort of caring is so very rare in this day and age. All obviously love their animals !

Thank you all - Paul / the spanish ? vet lady / Catherine / the nurse who is exceptional at rabbit care ! / the lady on reception who i forget the name of - all so willing to help / advise / support ! ALL of you a HUGE THANK YOU !

I always recommend this practice.


Reviewed by: Tim Fox on 16/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Skilled edaptive listening and comunication”

COMPANION CARE VETS Filton...a good choice.

This is the 2nd visit in 12 months. The first originated from a catalogue of gross failures from our previous vets and warranted
us to select another after 13 years of poor service, even though
the vetinary practice in previous instance has been heralded as
"Exceptional" in various literature!

Our 1st instance was lucky enough to be appointed with Paul himself.
Paul listens and doesn't switch off and tune back in when you start
uttering something that he can finance on. He understands a clients
explanations and examples and...if he doesn't get any...then will

Pauls skills seem to be of ilk with his vetinary surgeons, weather
through his training or their selection at interview.

One lady named "TY" was of immense understanding and so communicative in nature and not the sort to be fluffy and pander to
the whims and thoughts of us. She was able to flit between the
wife and my self's differing knowledge of medical terms and go from
basic to intricate, whilst diverting gaze between us to ensure each was following. Consequently the final outcome for our beloved
Dog was a success as much as could be expected.

Our 2nd visit(16th Aug 2015) was a somewhat urgent visit for our
Dog. However from the reception point to when the vet called us
in was encouraging again(Dog not happy though.)

I'm Guessing as didn't ask. that Ty has moved on to pastures new
as we were presented with a lady named "Sonia Sanchez".
Wow, what a Vet. Our Dog was in dire need of help. This Lady in
the space of 2 minutes had extracted from us both, in limited and
technical form and simultaneously been jotting notes on a pad
(in a straight line), whilst cooing to our Dog to encourage calm
and especially to I could see...that we had got another
Paul "Special."

Our Dog is now in one of those unfortunate states, of see, how it
progresses or eases. Either way. However, Sonia has given us an
exstremely technical insight into how this may have happened and
a lead into its worst state, with empathy at all points.

There's a lot more I could add to this review but the above
should be enough for whom chooses to read the above, to feel
confident in this vets practice and see for them selves what
I have not covered.

So. A great effort and skill to Sonia Sanchez for putting us on
a path of confidence(Dog included) and understanding...why I will
pick the Bones(pun intended) out of any thing said, so as to discount, the waffle from previous vets.

The only Drawbacks with this practice is they can not provide
over night care(Due to the premises they excel and licence from)
What will happen is you will be passed on and have to transport your pet to a heralded choice of limited Bristol Vets that i'm
sure offer the best practice and skill for your loved one.
The most convenient one was not an option for us, as they no
way had previously offered the most basic level of confidence
as I stated at beginning of this scribe.
Still. With the Vets at this practice and there knowledge and
preparedness to pass it on to you, its feasible to offer you
options to avoid this(Unless critical and the enhanced cost premium).

(If You get a receptionist who is fluffy, more interested in
your pin number, calls your Dog a boy when they have the name
and history in front of them, don't tell you there will be a delay
in your appointment time, offer you a surprise 20% discount when
you have bombed them out the water of there suspect itemised billing, collect your Pets ashes with the plaque dated 3 days later, Prescribed and handed a used bottle of medication(Paid as
if new).
Then walk fact run...with your pet or row row your
boat as fast down the stream as you can and head to.......... .COMPANION CARE VETS AT FILTON Bristol.

Hope this helps anyone indecisive of choice.

Tim Fox


Reviewed by: Sinead on 09/02/2015

Overall rating:



Excellent and Fantastic service received from all the members of staff that looked after us and very reasonably priced, follow up appointments after the surgery were great, cannot fault the service we received.


Reviewed by: Kerrie on 11/12/2014

Overall rating:


“Vets that love your pets”

I have been taking my pets to this practice for the last 8 years, my 2 boys (cats) are also registered with this practice now. We always receive first class care for our animals, you can really tell how much the vets care for the animals they treat, they even compliment them on how handsome they are! We have had quite a few trips to the vets over the last 2 years with our Tabby boy as he has an allergy to fleas, and also the flea treatment :-( Paul worked hard trying different treatments, recommending different medications for him and finally we found one which works. Even though we have a Veterniary Practice close to us I would rather go to Companion Care Bristol as I know my boys receive top class care.


Reviewed by: Carol on 27/05/2014

Overall rating:



I have both my fur babies registered with Paul at Companion Care Filton. I couldn't recommend them enough. My reason firstly for registering with them was because of their opening hours and because they were open weekends so no panic if there is an emergency on a Saturday or Sunday. Everyone there is lovely and always treat my 2 Dogs with the upmost care. My dogs are really special to me and I need to know they are being well cared for and I know I can trust Paul and all the team with my 2 Babies Casper aged 2 and Ruby 15 weeks Casper broke his leg when he was 4 months old and I couldn't have asked for more care and understanding for myself or Casper on that terrible day
We were both very well looked after by Paul. I have recommend quite a few new puppy owners to Companion care and would have no hesitation in recommending all my dog owner friends


Reviewed by: Hazel on 20/04/2014

Overall rating:


“Buttons lion head rabbit”

I have had great care from the staff at companion care for cats and rabbits over a span of several years .
Not only are they professional but very caring and compassionate
Buttons my lion head rabbit was often in for a cut and blow dry and she loved being spoilt by everyone !

I know it's late but a big thank you for all the help with dusty and buttons see you soon with the new kitten


Reviewed by: Byron on 26/03/2014

Overall rating:



I have already written a review on my first visit to the vet practise concerned,
However having received a letter of apology and a refund of the £40 charge that was in excess of the original quote I would like to now state that all issues have been settled.
I have been advised that the vet with whom we dealt was not following company guide lines, therefore it would not happen to anyone else.


Reviewed by: Nicola on 03/03/2014

Overall rating:


“Excellent vets!”

I have been with companion care for around five years now. Both my dog and rabbit have received excellent care. My dog especially has been in many occasions and there is a genuine sense of concern when he is being seen and Paul and his team always show him lots of attention and try their best to make him feel comfortable which makes me very happy!
The only thing that can sometimes let the surgery down is the reception. One of the receptionists can come across rude and give the wrong information and also can take her time with rebooking etc. but that isn't major. My main concern is my pets and I know they get 100% care and attention!

Paul Guckian
Joint Venture Partner - Companion Care

Dear Nicola

Thank you for your very kind comments about our practice. I have taken on board your comments about your experiences at reception. We strive to ensure all clients have the best service we can offer at all points of contact in our surgery. I will endeavour to ensue that our reception team have more training and appraisals in order to strengthen this part of our team.

Many Thanks


Reviewed by: Byron on 18/02/2014

Overall rating:



writing this review again, and will continue to do so everyday until it appears on this site! I took my dog in for examination by the vet, he needed a few stitches in his side, the vet examined him, I asked what this was going to cost, the vet showed me the screen he had been typing into, he advised me that the cost would be £150, I asked was this the final price including VAT, the vet said yes, thats the final price, when our dog had been stitched the receptionist brought him through and advised me the bill was £190! this was due to extras! vets are really low and will enlarge their charges whenever possible! watch out for it! maybe even get them to print and sign first!

Paul Guckian
Bristol Veterinary Surgery

Dear Mr Vokins

I'm sorry about your recent experience at our surgery with regard to the estimate and what you were charged. I am the owner of the practice and this is an issue that is very important to me. I always stay within my estimate or if it's more than agreed would always contact the client to discuss any further costs that were not in the estimate before applying them as it should always be the client's decision about any extra costs. I have one new veterinary surgeon working for me and also have locum veterinary surgeons to cover my holidays and unfortunately sometimes they are not aware of our policy. I was on holiday when you brought your pet in for the treatment. I note you made a complaint on the website but if you had complained to me directly I would have valued the chance to reply to your complaint before you posed, but it is difficult to deal with if I am not made aware of the complaint directly. I have however refunded the extra cost charged to your wife when she came in for the post-op checks. Whilst I totally understand your dissatisfaction with our service, please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss the issue further.


Reviewed by: AilishDenise on 20/01/2014

Overall rating:


“Great Vet”

I have been using Companion Care Filton for about 8 years. My guinea pigs were in quarintine there when they were babies and made a speedy recover. I have a dog and 4 cats at the moment & I'm at the vets at least once a month for my dogs treatment for a skin disease (which was disgnosed and is managed by Paul) I wouldnt want my pets seeing anyone else as Paul is very thorough when investigating problems. I always get great advice and feel confident leaving my dog in his hands. The reception staff & all the nurses are very friendly and always make sure you are looked after. I recomend Companion Care Filton to all my friends with pets and cannot express how greatful I am for everything they do.