Norwich Sprowston Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 01603 484150

Companion Care Vet Surgery
Inside Pets at Home Sprowston Retail Park
Salhouse Road
Norfolk NR7 9AZ

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Practice Details

  • Highly experienced vet professionals
  • Owner-managed surgeries so that you get to know your team
  • Modern equipment and extensive facilities
  • Full range of treatments from health checks to emergency operations
  • Complete convenience - open 7 days a week, plus extended hours!
  • Inside Pets at Home: a one-stop shop, with parking too!
  • Value for money

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Norwich Sprowston Veterinary Surgery Based on 7 rating(s)s
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Average rating: 4.1
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Lou Wake on 22/07/2014

Overall rating:


“Very Impressed- took out their pet plan for my pets”

After increasing high costs and unexpected expensive add-ons from our former vets; we did some homework and came across yourselves.We visited to ask more questions and took out the pet plan for our dog and both cats because it was such good value for money.The receptionist was great and very helpful,as was the nurse and vet we saw. Very impressed with the service ,the staff, and the health care plan and would recommend other people to investigate it for themselves


Reviewed by: Ryan on 21/07/2014

Overall rating:


“Just after your money!!!”

We registered our dog with companion care vets just after moving into the area.
We took him in for a consultation to make sure he was all ok. The vet recommended that
we get him in for some dental work (3 extractions and a scale and polish). We asked him
a rough price for the work. After a lot of running on he came out with between £400 - £600 this
did not include any after care. We thought it was a bit steep but we knew it had to be done so
we were going to wait a few days until we had been paid and then book him in. Fortunately we
spoke to a few people and they told us they were ripping us off. We are now having this work done
at a different vets in Norwich which is a lot more personal and friendly at the cost of about £175 all in.
I would not recommend this place to anyone as they are extremely over priced and very impersonal.

Robert Walker
Practice Partner

I am sorry you feel you have had a bad experience with our practice. We always do dental estimates to include a pre-anaesthetic blood sample to check the health of pets before the anaesthetic and include placing animals on a drip as well as these are often long procedures. These are not mandatory and not doing them makes the procedure considerably cheaper, we just feel it is best practice.
Many practices don't do this as a routine or include them in estimates. We also include pain relief and anti-inflammatories post op in the price and will often over estimate costs rather than under estimate them. Dental procedures are difficult to estimate for as often we don't know what work is required until the teeth have been cleaned to reveal whether problems are present or not.

We thus will often estimate for more work than is immediately apparent. We would much rather over estimate then under estimate costs. We are always more than willing to discuss client concerns about costs and are happy to discuss estimates that we have provided when given the opportunity.

I hope this goes some way to explaining the situation and that we apply sound reasoning behind any estimate we make.


Reviewed by: L Cameron on 02/04/2014

Overall rating:


“Excellent care”

I have been using this practice for a couple of years now and have been very impressed with the care extended to my two dogs. I predominantly use Rob for continuity and find his manner exemplary. He will always talk through the problem and try the most cost effective way to get to the cause of my dogs problem.

He keeps me informed about results by contacting me and has a very caring manner with the dog he is treating.

All in all a very good experience my only wish is that they would bring out of hours back in house.


Reviewed by: Deborah Robbie on 12/03/2014

Overall rating:



I wouldn't go anywhere else, I have been with this practice for years, after a very awful and despicable service from my previous vets on St.Williams Way Thorpe St.Andrew. After such an appalling service, Companion Care have been amazing. During my time with companion care I have had to have a puppy put to sleep, I can't praise Robert, one of the vets enough, he kept me up to date with everything even during the night. the thoughtfulness behind thier practice and that extra mile goes along way with anyone who dearly loves thier pets. In fact when I eventually found a new puppy I named him after Robert, he was that good.


Reviewed by: Lauren on 17/02/2014

Overall rating:


“Brilliant help, Very kind to my pet.”

My dog was ill- so we took it to companion care vets, my dogs files were sent straight from the other vets, and when we took him in, they immediately went to work with him- sadly he had to be put down, but they were very professional with my dog, and after washed my dogs bed and asked if we wanted to keep it, or donate it.
Will be coming here in future- :)


Reviewed by: val on 13/10/2013

Overall rating:


“very good service”

Took my cat in after it was bitten by another cat. the receptionist got me appointment on a Saturday straight away. the vet was very gentle and gave him an injection and he is feeling much better. very grateful for the lovely service.


Reviewed by: adam on 04/09/2013

Overall rating: