Ely Veterinary Surgery

Website: http://www.companioncare.co.uk/ely
Tel: 01353 662 079

Cathedral Veterinary Surgery
Companion Care
64 Newnham Street
Cambridgeshire CB7 4PE

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Practice Details

  • Highly experienced vet professionals
  • Owner-managed surgeries so that you get to know your team
  • Modern equipment and extensive facilities
  • Full range of treatments from health checks to emergency operations
  • Complete convenience - open 7 days a week, plus extended hours!
  • Value for money

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Best possible rating: 5
Average rating: 4.9
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Honor Kennedy on 21/07/2014

Overall rating:


“Healing hands”

My dog was just generally unwell. Very lethargic and not eating well. I inherited her when my brother died and she and he were 4 days before being found, The first vets I took her too insisted she had a thyroid problem £25o later they then said she needed the same amount again for cushings disease. I then took her to Cathedral Vet's, He was a little flummoxed but after a extremely thorough examination, agreed to me keeping an eye on her and going back asap if she needed to. Well I am pleased to say not 5 days later I got the most fabulously excited greeting ever form her; She has come on leaps and bounds and becomes more the dog we knew when my brother was alive. Now the only conclusion we can come to is the Mr Haliday has healing hands Or I have had a dog suffering from depression of the man who doted on and she on him. Either way He healed her. So we have a new vet, and one I cannot thank or recommend enough.


Reviewed by: Jo Simpson on 25/03/2014

Overall rating:


“Caring and professional”

My dog receives the best care, and seems to enjoy her visits to Mr Halliday and his team.


Reviewed by: david steele on 05/10/2013

Overall rating:


“excellent vetinery practice”