Scarborough Veterinary Surgery

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Companion Care Vet Surgery
Inside Pets at Home
Seamer Road Retail Park
Seamer Road
North Humberside YO12 4DH

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  • Highly experienced vet professionals
  • Owner-managed surgeries so that you get to know your team
  • Modern equipment and extensive facilities
  • Full range of treatments from health checks to emergency operations
  • Complete convenience - open 7 days a week, plus extended hours!
  • Inside Pets at Home: a one-stop shop, with parking too!
  • Value for money

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Scarborough Veterinary Surgery

Companion Care Vet Surgery Inside Pets at Home Seamer Road Retail Park Seamer Road Scarborough, YO12 4DH
01723 503 144
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Jojo on 30/03/2014

Overall rating:


“A sad time”

In January we took our 17/18 year old Border Collie, Molly,to Pets at Home, Companion Care in Scarborough. We had visited several times previously with Molly, our new puppy Poppy and our previous dog, Howard, all have always been treated extremly well.
Molly had been rescued twice before coming to live with us and as a result has always been very nervous of new people and places, Joao spent time allowing her to come to him not rushing her and not insisting on her being lifted onto the table, instead her got on his hands and knees to examine her, we had thought it was time to say good bye to Molly but the great news from Joao was that with steroids we could have more time, maybe a week maybe a few months. Previously Molly had been to see Joao with a lump under her tail and with lumps in the gland area around her throat, on both occassions the vet had recommended no action as all where benign, not causing pain or discomfort and at Mollys age would only cause her more problems. After a massive improvement on the steroids, Joao said we would need to find the balance of the correct maintenance dose so we started to decrease the dose over a few weeks. Molly remained active and healthy even managing to climb stairs unaided, enjoying walks again and eating everything she could find. One morning we came down stairs to find she was not as well so we increased her dose back up to the previous level, after two days and Molly seeming worse and unable to stand, we realised that she was not going to improve and phoned the vets. We where given an appointment quickly (as always) and I wrapped Molly in her favourite blanket and carried her in, once in the surgery Joao looked at her and simply shook his head we all knew the time had come, the process was simply explained to us and options about staying or going, cremation and ashes gently discussed, once all decisions had been made Joao left the room, before returning he knocked on the door to see if I was ok for him to come back, he brought a nurse with him and gently placed a cushion under Mollys head. The nurse told me it was ok to talk to Molly and soon she was asleep. I was told i could stay with her as long as I wanted, asked if I wanted the blanket she was wraped in to go with her and told the ashes would be back in about a week. As I left the recptionist stopped to say how sorry they all where and then a few days later we received a simple card from the staff passing on their condolances. The service and care from everyone at Companion Care, Scarborough has always been excellent but at this sad time they went the extra mile and my husband and I are very grateful for the understanding and sympathy from them, this is the same standard of care received by my father when he took his elderly dog, a large Alsation cross dog that he could not lift so was shown the back entrance and met by staff with a trolley who lifted the dog from the car for him.
Two years previously we had had a very different experience with a local vet having to put Howard to sleep, the vet at that time made no atempt to let Howard get to know him, gave us only basic details of what was happening and after Howard was asleep offered no sympathy only asked for the bill to be paid.
My husband and I will continue to recommend Scarborough Companion care to anyone with any pet as well as taking our pets to them.
We wish them continued success but cannot see how they could fail when giving this level of care.
Thank you.