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Reviewed by: Tammy Williams on 26/03/2014

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“My vet saved my Tammy”

I would like to say how grateful we are for the vets at Companion Care in Llansamlet for savings my Tammy's life.

In October 2013 I went home and tried to feed Tammy but she did not want to eat. Not like her at all as she is a Labrador and we all know how greedy they are. My husband phoned the vets straight away. It was too late to go to Companion Care so we went to PDSA. My Tammy had a high temperature and was given an injection and a blood test.

The following day we phoned the vets in Companion Care and were told to get down the vets straight away. We took Tammy down and they saw that she was jaundice. They took her bloods and the results came back in 20 minutes. Tammy's levels for the liver were very high (in their thousands). Tammy was put on antibiotics and special food. I cried my eyes out all the way home.

All over the weekend was the worse not knowing if she would make it. We took her back to the vets on the Monday. Her blood test was done and showed that the levels were starting to go down.

It was another two weeks before we knew that she was ok. Her levels went back to normal. We so happy and elated.

Thanks to Companion Care for their warmth and professionalism in dealing with Tammy. They knew exactly what to do.

Thank you so much from Michael and Ruth x