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Medivet Esher
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Hinchley Wood
Surrey KT10 0SH

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Our branches provide a dedicated local service to clients, offering a comprehensive, quality service at affordable prices. Our branches can also provide access to 24 hour services.

As a part of the Medivet family, your pet will have the benefit of the skills and experience of over 200 vets throughout the company. Our staff aim to provide a welcoming and professional environment for both pet and client.

We offer both diagnostic and surgical care as well as a wealth of additional benefits to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Petra on 03/05/2015

Overall rating:


“Professional, compassionate and totally dedicated to our pets”

There's not much more we can say other than that we think you are all absolutely amazing and that we have always trusted you implicitly with our pets. We've always felt that Medivet Esher goes above and beyond the call of duty. You have been with us through good times and bad, and the care you have shown throughout is testament to what a professional and totally dedicated vet practice you are. We wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Thank you for all that you do. Miles & Petra xxx


Reviewed by: Julia on 07/03/2015

Overall rating:


“A huge thank you to Louise and all her team”

From the moment I dashed into the surgery at 5.00 pm on a Friday evening about 5 weeks ago with our beloved family cat who had been hit by a car, I knew we were in safe hands. Jasper was very poorly and needed emergency surgery that evening. He spent a week as an in-patient, being cared for by the lovely staff both at Richmond and Esher and was finally allowed home, still being fed via a feeding tube which was a bit daunting for us non-medical people to administer. However, after lots of advice and explanation from the nurses, all went well and Jasper started to show an improvement. Louise even gave us her mobile number to contact her over the weekend in case we had queries which was very reassuring. We're sure Jasper has been very grumpy cat and posed a challenge to the vets at times over the past weeks, but we're pleased to say he's making a good recovery, all down to Louise and her team's excellent care and professionalism. We were particularly impressed with Louise's communication, always calling us herself to give an update on Jasper's condition and being very clear and honest about his progress. All the staff at the practice are so friendly and lovely which certainly made our many visits easier. Thank you to all of you, you have been very kind and I would highly recommend your practice to anyone reading this.


Reviewed by: Wayne on 17/12/2014

Overall rating:


“Outstanding service”

There is a fair bit to consider and quite a few potential problems when relocating an animal overseas. We had several anxious moments in preparing for our dog's flight to Trinidad & Tobago as a result of him missing a booster vaccination. Thanks to Louise however, and her kind and patient assistance in sorting through all the little hurdles we had to overcome, our dog made the flight and is now safely with us enjoying a new life in the Caribbean. It was the most worrying part of our international move so we are really grateful for the efficient and professional help we received. Louise worked relentlessly to get problems sorted while always managing our expectations in a realistic manner. We highly recommend this practise to anyone that wants to know your pets will be looked after above and beyond expectations!


Reviewed by: Isabel on 17/09/2014

Overall rating:


“ Thia.”

Thank you to look after Thia.


Reviewed by: Jayne Belstead on 08/09/2014

Overall rating:


“Exceptional Care”

Our beautiful dog Sydney (7yr) tragically had to be put to sleep 2 months ago.
She had sudden liver failure and from the start of the 4 days from when she was first diagnosed to when we had to put her to sleep, her care went above and beyond.
All the nurses and staff treated her with the love and care i would have given her, Louise however went beyond being a professional to being a friend.
She showed so much compassion, love and exceptional care. Constantly kept me updated day and night, completley honest and never sugar coated anything.
We laughed and cried together and the day we put Sydney to sleep, i have never experienced such compassion from all the staff. They showed such a level of respect for our family as we came to be with our girl in her final moments.
To have Lousie, who had been Sydney's vet throughout her life, be the one to put her to sleep with me at her side, was so precious and something i will remember forever.
We now have a new bundle of joy in our life and i wouldn't be taking her anywhere else.
Thank you to all the staff at Manor, you are always there and its not until you really need them do you realise how incredible they all are


Reviewed by: Caroline on 28/08/2014

Overall rating:


“above and beyond”

Unfortunately we have recently had a distressing medical emergency with our beloved labrador. I am so grateful to have Louise as our vet and Manor Vetinary clinic as our practice. They have been tremendous and gone way above and beoyond the call of duty. Louise is professional, thorough, efficient and compassionate. I feel as though she has looked after my wonderful dog as if he were her own. Everyone in the practice has been brilliant - from the warm and helpful reception staff (Stephanie, Shirley, Sally) to all of the nurses (-even lovely Sarah H who had only been there for a few weeks showed that she has the kindness required in this job). Louise leads a marvellous team and it is probably only when you really need them that you truly realise how incredible they are. Thank you to ALL of the superb staff.


Reviewed by: No on 14/08/2014

Overall rating:


“Flatcoat Retriever”

We have two Flat Coat retrievers and we recently noticed on our 10 year old female, an infection under one of here nails on her front right paw, which was starting to cause her some stress.

After monitoring it closely, we decided to make an appointment our Medivet in Manor Road North, which both our dogs have been registered since they were puppies.

After close examination, the vet recommended some Xrays to see if there any underlying cause. Unfortunately the Xrays showed deterioration of the bone and that it was not just an infection but the start of a growth on the toe

The vet explained the toe was no longer of any use and recommended its amputation and for it to be sent away for biopsy. They were quickly able to schedule the amputation.

We took her along and mid afternoon we got a call to say, the procedure had all gone to plan and she was recovering nicely and we could collect her that evening. They sent toe off for analysis and 5 days later we were advised the growth was cancerous, but the signs were that they had caught it in time and was limited to the toe and had not spread.

Over the course of the next two weeks we returned to the vets on many occasions so they could monitor her progress and for the bandages to be changed, until finally the stiches could be removed

Now a further two weeks on . Our dog has made a complete recovery (albeit with one toe less) and is back to her normal self and not bothered in the slightest about being one digit short. With the hair paw now growing is difficult for even us to tell, she has had a toe removed.

Thank you Medivet for your professional guidance and actions; And for genuine care you showed our dog through the entire episode.


Reviewed by: Fiona Pinnington on 06/08/2014

Overall rating:


“Recently joined the practise”

Have recently joined as I was very unhappy with the vetinary treatment I was getting for my old Labrador. I could not be happier; the service has been exemplary, and I now feel I am doing my best for the old boy for his remaining time


Reviewed by: joey on 20/07/2014

Overall rating:


“So pleased !!”

I have two rabbits a cat and a puppy. Manor vets have been excellent in helping me care for these precious pets.
They also saved the life of an old dog we used to have when she was misdiagnosed at another local vets This saved her life and gave her loads more years with us.
Staff are friendly and very helpful , the practice is light, large and airy and rarely run late for appointments.
They always do their vey best to accommodate me if I need an appointment at short notice.
Finally they always pay loads of attention to my animals as well as me!.
Keep up the amazing work you are doing and thank you from the Bradbury family.


Reviewed by: Wendy Lynch on 27/06/2014

Overall rating:


“Dental care”

I have been taking my much loved cat, Punch, to the practice for about 16 years. Over those years, the vets have been advising me to have his teeth cleaned. I resisted, as it would necessitate a general anaesthetic, until recently.

Over the Easter weekend, Punch's face swelled up on one side. We had to take him to the emergency vet (£££) who advised that he had an abscess. Additional vet visits were required and antibiotics were duly administered over a period of 2 weeks. It became clear that he was going to need to undergo treatment (cleaning and possible extraction of 2 teeth). This is where it became complicated. Not only is Punch old (17-ish) but he also has a thyroid condition and a heart murmur. Precautions would have to be taken and testing would have to be done before they could risk putting him under. Scan and blood tests ensued (£££ now really racking up!!).

Long story short, his teeth have been cleaned (no extractions necessary)and he is a much more contented cat. How do I know? Well, Punch has become increasingly vocal over the years and that can, in part, be attributed to his age and his thyroid condition (apparently), but in the last few months he has become extremely vocal day and night. We now suspect that that was down to the fact that he was probably in pain. I feel very guilty about that.

I urge all fellow pet owners to consider this a cautionary tale and to please attend to you little friends' dental hygiene needs. It's VERY important.
Please note that my reference to £££ is not because I begrudge paying out for his care, quite the contrary, but if I had attended to this sooner, I would have spent considerably less (pet insurance doesn't generally cover dental care). Just another thing to consider.

Thank you to all at the practice for their care and attention, as always.


Reviewed by: Ben the border collie on 06/06/2014

Overall rating:


“Ben the amazing border collie ”

I cannot speak high enough for the care given to Ben ,our very old and very much loved dog . He has been very ill on two occasions lately , but the efficient and friendly treatment Ben received has enabled him to enjoy life for a bit longer . Louise especially , is so kind and caring and very professional . Steph is great too and so kind to Ben and I .The reception staff are lovely and all welcome us with a smile and friendly chat , and know Ben and I by name . We have been clients of Manor Vets for 15 years and would highly recommend them and we would never go any where else . Ben sends a big thank you too !


Reviewed by: Diana on 11/05/2014

Overall rating:


“Grateful thanks”

Although probably not the cheapest practice in the area I have used Manor Vets/Medivet for 15 years and will continue to so because of the excellent treatment and service it provides. The staff are knowledgeable, professional, caring and willing to go just that bit further as evidenced by Louise lending me her own pet cage when my kitten had to be confined for several weeks and giving me her mobile phone number in case I was worried when the practice was closed.


Reviewed by: Socks and Mittens on 24/04/2014

Overall rating:


“Much better than the NHS”

We are both black and white felines with busy lifestyles. We have been looked after by Manor Veterinary Clinic since 2006.

We love the practice because:
* It is very easy to get an appointment
* The appointments are almost always on time (if not, information and apologies are provided)
* The staff know the patient's name
* The receptionists are always happy to see you
* The vets and nurses greet you with "Hello, sweetie !"
* The nurses are kind and caring
* The treatment is explained in detail and printed notes are given if necessary
(Although us cats can't read, our humans can...)
* Patients' humans can phone for advice

Our staff are very jealous and wish they could be treated at the vets too !


Reviewed by: The Barron Family on 24/04/2014

Overall rating:


“Consistently Good Service!”

We have been coming to Medivet for 5 years for our 3 dogs and fostered dogs. What comes across is the genuine care & interest in the welfare of our pets. They always try & make the experience as pleasant as possible for the pet and owner. In particular 2 of my dogs positively look forward to going there as they are very spoilt by all the staff & given lots of attention!
When treatment has been quite complicated, in each case the vet has comprehensively run through the options for the best route to take in finding a cure. In this way, one feels the decisions are not rushed & you are given the full facts & in every case they only wish to proceed if I am totally happy with the plan. There is good communication amongst all the staff, so even if a vet or nurse has not been dealing with a particular pet's issue, they become informed & there is no need for me to run through the facts all over again! This leads me to the next point, which is the continuity of the staff - from front desk, nurses and vets - the team have remained pretty much the same, which I find reassuring. The staff are all really friendly & despite the (sometimes large) invoice at the end of the visit, we even manage to have a giggle!


Reviewed by: Alfie's owner on 19/04/2014

Overall rating:


“I moved to this practice and haven”

We were recommended Manor vets from a friend when our dog started limping. Since then, we have been on a long and potentially stressful journey to repair my dog's knee joint. However, the vets and practice staff really helped to minimise and alleviate our anxieties. The operation was extremely well handled and we were informed of each step of the way, including how to give our dog the best after-care possible. As well being professional, they also took a great deal of care of our dog and really demonstrated a genuine wish to give him the best they could. All of the staff fell in love with him I think! What's lovely is that now he is known and remembered when we need to visit for smaller things and we feel a loyalty and trust to this practice that we haven't really experienced with others before. We have have owned 5 cats and 3 dogs so have had plenty of experience to back this up! Would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a professional and personal touch.


Reviewed by: Toni on 16/04/2014

Overall rating:



Gosh where do I start! We have been taking our animals to Manor Veterinary Clinic for over 15 years. We have three very high maintenance British Shorthair cats and they have all spent a great deal of time being looked after by the team, in fact I am thinking of having my own chair installed in the waiting area ! Malcolm who is now over 10 years was diagnosed with a serious heart murmur at 6 months and every year we have been taking him to see Jan at the Richmond branch for his cardio scan and check- up (thanks to the recent refurb he can now have all this done at the Esher branch - hooray!). Each year we have been expecting him to deliver bad news and each year we are all amazed at how well Malcolm copes with his problem. Last November however, he did become ill and it was decided that now was the time to start heart meds, Jan and Louise have been wonderful with him. Unlike our two girls, who like to have their tummies tickled by Louise, Mal can be a little trying at times and Louise's calm, kind, professional manner keeps him relaxed. This is only one example of the fantastic care our animals have received over the years.
Going to the vets is stressful for us owners too and Stephanie, Sally and Sheila are as good with us humans as the vets and nursing staff are with our animals. Communication is second to none too. I can't speak too highly of Louise and the team and it's thanks to them that we have been able to enjoy our cats for as long as we have.


Reviewed by: Fionuala Renfer on 09/04/2014

Overall rating:


“Fantastic care”

The practice has been caring for our 3 cats for the past 15 years. We have always been happy with the care and attention they have received. We have been very lucky in all this time that they have not needed any real medical care apart from the usual check ups. Our 15 year old cat Stella developed an over active thyroid. She didn't tolerate the medication, so surgery was her best option to treat this. She had her surgery 10 days ago which went well. Unfortunately she developed breathing problems and was then diagnosed with a heart condition shortly after her surgery. I can only say the care Stella received from Louise and her team was second to none! Louise gave me hourly updates which was so reassuring as we really didn't know how Stella would come out of this.
I think the most important thing was I knew Louise and the rest of the team cared. They showed the greatest respect for an elderly feisty cat who kept them on their toes all day!
Happily Stella has now recovered,and that is really only due to the superb care and medical attention she received on those traumatic 2 days.
I can only highly recommend this practice. Everyone is just lovely. The receptionists,nurses and vets are all fantastic!


Reviewed by: The Sherwood Family on 04/04/2014

Overall rating:


“The best veterinary practice by miles!”

Words cannot fully express our gratitude to the Medivet team at Manor Veterinary Clinic. We have always been impressed by the services they provide, from the initial greeting through to the after care process, but recently they exceeded all our expectations by saving the life of our young cat.

Had it not been for the wisdom of the receptionist who recommended that I took him in straight away, it would have been too late for him. He had been sick the previous day and was becoming lethargic, but I thought he was just dehydrated. In fact he had only hours to live and required emergency surgery. Everything happened so fast, from the initial consultation, through x-ray and ultrasound, and straight into theatre, they wasted no time at all. Faced with a condition apparently not usually seen in cats, Louise and her team did an amazing job and gave him the best chance of survival. We cannot thank them enough. As soon as he was stable we were invited in to spend some time with him before he was transferred to the Richmond hospital where he would receive 24-hour care for 3 days. This was such a comfort to us, especially as we were unsure what the outcome might be. Once he was at Richmond we were given updates, and reassured that everything possible was being done for him. We were encouraged to call at any time if we were worried.

The extraordinary level of care and compassion shown to us during those stressful few days was indescribable, and we felt supported by every member of the team.

The good news is that Harry is now recovering well and can't wait to be allowed out again! He is a very lucky little boy.

Thank you, Medivet, for looking after us all so well. You are an incredibly gifted bunch of people, and we (and our pets!) are very happy to have this relationship with you.


Reviewed by: Johanna Newhall on 25/03/2014

Overall rating:


“A fabulous team and practice!”

I cannot recommend Medivet Esher highly enough. Over the last ten years they have provided excellent care for my four dogs and two cats.

From the friendly and welcoming reception team, to the caring vets and nurses, the whole team at Medivet look after my animals as though they were their own. They have always been prepared to go the extra mile providing support and reassurance at all times, even out of hours.

The onsite facilities are excellent and the recent refurbishment has meant they can now offer even more services on site, including heart scans, which as the owner of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is fabulous news!

I completely trust the whole team at Medivet Esher and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking for a vet in this area.


Reviewed by: L Baxter on 21/03/2014

Overall rating:


“A friendly, professional service”

What a lovely vet!

All the staff are so friendly and they take such good care of our dog, Pippin.

Pippin is a clingy little thing and, when she was recently admitted for the day, the nurses carried her around and cuddled her all day! I think she had a lovely time!

Everything is always clean and tidy. Our dog is always treated gently and with great care. Any problems are explained clearly and in full.

We are VERY happy with our vet. I'm sure Pippin would prefer not to go to the vet at all but, if she has to, it's great that she goes to one that makes her tail wag!


Reviewed by: Sheila Mann on 17/02/2014

Overall rating:


“Worthy of a recommendation”

If my dog could talk, he would certainly recommend Manor Veterinary Clinic for the love, care and attention that has been given to him especially these last 3 years while he has recovered from several illnesses. Every time we visit, he bounds into the surgery without a care and the last time he was kept in for the day, it took 2 nurses, the receptionist and myself to carry him out to the car as he was very reluctant to go home.

Every member of the staff, whether it be Louise, who is Jasper's regular vet, one of the nurses or receptionist you are always greeted with a friendly smile and affectionate welcome to the pet.

I have to travel about 20 - 30 minutes to Esher but the professional and caring service that they provide ensures that I will never look for a practice nearer to my home.

Thank you to everyone at Manor Vet.

Sheila & of course Jasper


Reviewed by: Patricia Scott on 01/01/2014

Overall rating:


“Would recommend”

I have no hesitation in recommending this practice. The staff are friendly helpful and efficient and the service provided by the vets is extremely professional and very caring. It would be hard to find another surgery in the area where the standards of care are so high.


Reviewed by: Anna Almond on 16/12/2013

Overall rating:



I am the owner of a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Holly, which is fortunate because these are the best dogs in the world, unfortunate because having been inbred for many years they suffer every ailment known to the animal kingdom.
A month ago Holly became very ill with pancreatitis, gall stones, hypertension and renal failure, (no halves here) and I took her to Manor Road Medivet in Hinchley Wood, Esher. Without delay she was assessed and sent to the main hospital in Richmond where she remained for a week.
Both Manor Road vets Louise and Stefano phoned me twice a day with updates of treatment of a very poorly dog. At the end of a very long week we were able to bring her home but only after superb and intensive care from everyone. Once home with much support and advice from the vets Holly rallied and now is enjoying life again which is priceless to me.
Manor Vets not only gives excellent clinical care, it also puts your pet first (with the owner a close second) and the customer always feels welcome and never, never a nuisance. In short Manor Vet provides professionalism on every level, a commodity not easy to always find these days.
The kind and patient phone calls to me from Louise and Stefano kept me hopeful all that week and you cannot put a price on that.
Thank you to all of the fantastic staff.....from me and Holly.
Anna Almond