Alpha Veterinary Surgery

Tel: 01554 830003

40 Station Rd
Burry Port
Carmarthenshire SA16 0LP



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Reviewed by: Judy on 27/12/2011

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This practice is the best one I have ever used. They have 3 walk in surgeries a day, you rarely wait longer than in practices that have an appointment system. They have a very open mind and use alternative therapy when appropiate. I fostered Greyhounds for some years, one of them was frightened to move out of a walk, and when she forgot and ran she rolled around on the ground to relieve the pain. I took her to Alpha and Sebastiano cured her with a touch technique( I've forgotten the name)what pleasure to see her run with confidence and joy.I have taken 30 or more dogs to Alpha and recommend them to any one who asks. Their fees are very reasonable, service good,when one of my Home Boarding guests was cut on a walk at Pembrey at lunch time the vet came into the surgery and put a few stitches in with no huge out of hours fee.