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Penmellyn Vets - Best of Care: Modern Medicine, Traditional Values

Dedicated to the care and welfare of all companion animals, horses and farm animals.

Our flagship RCVS accredited central Hospital is equipped to the highest standards and staffed with exceptional professionals in all fields.  Our staff are on-site 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is equipped as a local clinic, referral centre and emergency clinic.

We have 5 practices based in Padstow/St Merryn, Newquay, St Austell, Pool and Bodmin.  All branches are supported by our hospital. 

Penmellyn Vets offer Care4Life and Care4Life+ packages helping you protect your pets throughout their life.  Please see our website for details.

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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Julie on 03/05/2016

Overall rating:


“Professional advice”

Having previously been very disappointed with the lack of knowledge and communication skills of a locum vet at this practice I was delighted to meet a vet who reassured me that this practice was worth sticking with. We have been clients since 1981. She displayed an obvious love of animals, was ready to discuss options and was willing to take on board my complaint about an earlier consultation with a different vet.


Reviewed by: Lydia on 03/05/2016

Overall rating:


“Great Vet”

I had to take my very sick puppy in for an emergency appointment. He was given a complete check up, and as the cause of his sickness was unknown, and because of the severity of his symptoms, he was hospitalised. After one night on an intravenous drip, with symptoms still presenting, it was advised to have an X-ray, ultrasound & further tests. He was then admitted for a second night.
I was able to bring my puppy home the next day, and although I am still awaiting the results of all the tests, I have a much brighter & happier dog.
The care my pup received was exceptional & although he was very unwell, he obviously felt secure & calm staying there, and this was due to the care & attention he received.
I feel very secure that whatever the outcome of the tests, Penmellyn vets will do everything to care for my animal.


Reviewed by: ben on 03/05/2016

Overall rating:


“ben hot spot or wet exmma treatment”

very quick friendly to the animal treatment, and helpful advice for continuous treatment


Reviewed by: Pam on 04/06/2015

Overall rating:



We currently have 3 dogs, 2 golden retrievers and 1 rough collie.
We have used Penmellyn vets for over 30 years. Every visit there we have been met with the most caring and professional staff from reception to nurses and vets.
We trust our beloved pets with them and know that they will do everything in their power to ensure their health needs are met.
Our dogs are always greeted with love to make them feel at ease.
We have spent some sad times when that awful time comes to make 'that' decision to PTS, and all staff have shown overwhelming compassion to ease the process. We would never think to go anywhere else for our dogs health needs. Thankyou.


Reviewed by: Corinna on 03/06/2015

Overall rating:


“Excellent care provided”

When my Staffy decided to much on one of my very strong anti inflammatory pulls when I dropped it. The vets were excellent in providing the right care to ensure the substance was removed from her system. They were very loving towards my dog and myself even though it was after 11pm. They made me feel welcome and put my mind at ease. Excellent service would highly recommend this vetinary practice.


Reviewed by: Pete Barclay on 02/06/2015

Overall rating:



I would like to say that the care my dog Fonzi received at penmellyn was second to none. The vets and nurse's were brilliant and they could not have done enough for Fonzi.


Reviewed by: john on 21/05/2015

Overall rating:


“I wouldn”

My pets are all ways treated with the best of care the staff are very friendly and love animals always get appointments when time suits me the vets and nurses always look after my pets as if they are their
own The best vets in Newquay


Reviewed by: Jessica Skett on 20/05/2015

Overall rating:


“An amazing and friendly practise :)”

I was very pleased with the results when I brought my Bulldog Lily in for her spay. They informed me of everything before hand, called me the moment the surgery was over, and gave me an information sheet with everything I needed to know when taking her home. She has healed beautifully and is back out playing with my other two dogs.


Reviewed by: Gary on 20/05/2015

Overall rating:


“best vets around”

Nothing is ever too much trouble for my vets. I have two dogs both with lifelong complicated conditions and they have been brilliant. They really go out of their way to help me and my pets, there is always a welcoming face at reception and all the staff are really friendly. Would definitely recommend Penmellyn.


Reviewed by: KM on 13/05/2015

Overall rating:



Really disappointed and concerned about the varied treatment my beloved little dog received from this vets over the past year. I saw several different vets who all gave me conflicting advice about a bladder stone issue. They also gave me very conflicting advice about what medication was required which I find really worrying. This has been detrimental to my dogs welfare. Plus she has a tiny lump on her neck which I was told to ignore, given her history with mass cell tumors I thought this odd. The lump has now changed dramatically and is now a serious concern. I am really upset and angry about this. Perhaps if she had been given better treatment to start with and I had been offered better advice this would not be happening. Also the older receptionist is very rude will speak one second to you, the next second to someone else, then in the next moment she will answer the phone and forget you are there!! Not good when you are trying to sort things out and have an upset pet with you. Anyway I went back 5/6 times to ask about the lump which I was told repeatedly to ignore - if you care about your pet I suggest finding a practice which genuinely cares about your pet and not just about your money.

I am really so sorry that you feel our service has not been up to the standards you had wished. I have investigated the treatment your dog received over the past year and feel that many of your comments do not reflect the care you and your dog have received.

We first examined the 1mm mass in August 2014 and we advised, and the clinical notes state that the mass should be watched closely for changes or you should have the mass excised. The clinical notes stated that you decided to monitor and watch. We saw you again approximately three months later, again the mass was examined. You advised us that if your dog required surgery, you would prefer to go to a vet based in Birmingham where you had previously had surgery carried out. Our vet contacted the surgery and spoke to them regarding the existing mass, we referred you back to that surgery for the lump to be investigated and potentially removed.

We saw your dog again three months later for a bladder problem, at this time the mass had not been removed by the vets we had referred you to. We then looked into finding the cause of the bladder problem. We suggested a full urine analysis, and that diagnostic imaging (ie ultrasound or x-rays) may be required later. In the following two weeks these tests were performed and bladder stones were found. We gave you treatment to try to dissolve the stones. A month later we re-examined your dog, abdominal palpation suggested that the stones were still present. We advised surgery to have them removed. This was the last time you visited the surgery.

I suggested yesterday by email that we speak on the phone to discuss your concerns, I hope we can make this happen in the next few days.

Kind Regards Philip Harris - Vet Surgeon, and Small Animal Lead Director. Penmellyn Vets.