Prince Bishop Veterinary Hospital

Tel: 01207 590340

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1 Plantation Street
Co Durham DH8 7PP

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Practice Details

  • Immaculate purpose built veterinary hospital with 24hr onsite nursing
  • All types of surgery available plus In house lab for quicker results
  • Out of hours emergency service available
  • Special offers available, premium plan for pets
  • First vets in North East to offer Keyhole surgery
  • Branch practices

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Average rating: 3.9
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Gilly on 12/12/2015

Overall rating:


“Lotty ”

Lotty is our 5 year old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. In November she became very ill and desperate for help we took her to Prince Bishops at Leadgate. We will be forever grateful that we did. The dedication and care shown by all staff could not be surpassed, and the love that all of the team showed her was truly touching. Lotty was an inpatient for over a week and during that time we were kept fully up to date on her treatment and condition receiving morning and evening calls.
As I write this, she is at home, curled up fast asleep next to our other dog Lily, loudly snoring .. the best Christmas present ever. All down to the dedication and love of a brilliant team.


Reviewed by: joan on 25/09/2015

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Reviewed by: Mary T on 15/08/2015

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“Many Thanks - Top vets in Durham. ”

Once again to the rescue. My pup Liah had managed to open my handbag, removed a bottle of tablets, chewed the top off and had the bottle of tablets in her mouth when I found her. I removed them but then she chewed and swallowed...yes my fault, I know. A quick call to the vets and a race up to the hospital, vets reacted and dealt very quickly. Thankfully Liah is fine. I need to carry meds with me so now my handbag will be kept up and out of reach! I have 3 dogs, bichon frises, I've used this practice for many years and will always do so. My dogs deserve the best....


Reviewed by: Tia on 21/11/2014

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Reviewed by: Anne on 14/09/2012

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“Keeping Carlos alive”

Carlos (my daughter's Shar Pei) was taken ill one night whilst I was looking after him, I wasn't too worried but decided to ring the vet anyway. On examination she said it could be bloat (or GDV) which can be potentially fatal. He didn't seem too bad at the time but things rapidly went downhill and he needed emergency surgery as an xray showed his stomach was twisted.
Prince Bishop's were wonderful even calling in a vet who was actually on holiday to perform the surgery. Thankfully Carlos survived the surgery but it was still touch and go for a while.
He's now fully recovered and I'll be eternally grateful to the vet's at Prince Bishop's for saving his life. If they hadn't acted so quickly he wouldn't have survived.


Reviewed by: kevin on 14/09/2012

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“freindly helpful vets”

hello, i was at prince bishops last week with a poorly one week old shih tzu pup, the vet explained that she thought the pup had colic through taking in air while suckling from her mum,. she gave me some good advice on what to do to keep her bowles open & some medicine to get rid of the gasses inside her abdomen, i beleive without the vets help, the puppy would not be here today, although the vets bill had to be paid, it was nothing to the price of losing a pedigree pup, the pup is now a thriving 2 week old& seems no worse for her colic. thank you prince bishops vets