Blacks Vets - Quinton Surgery

Tel: 0121 248 9003

266 Ridgacre Road
West Midlands B32 1JR

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We are the practice where  Pets Come First

If you want your pet seen the same day, we will always find you an appointment - we want to be there for you when you need us! That's why we have convenient clinics at Lye, Sedgley, Causeway Green and Quinton with access to all the additional facilities of the main Dudley Hospital.

Appointments - Weekday at all our surgeries  8.30am - 7.00pm. Saturday appointments at Dudley Hospital 9.00am - 4.00pm, Causeway Green Oldbury 9.00am - 10.00am, Sedgley 12noon - 1.00pm, Lye 5.30pm - 6.30pm. Sunday appointments are at our Dudley Hospital 11.00am to 12 noon.

24 hour emergency cover is staffed by our own veterinary team of vets and nurses.

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Blacks Vets - Quinton Surgery

266 Ridgacre Road Quinton, B32 1JR
0121 248 9003
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: shelly on 28/01/2014

Overall rating:


“fantastic vets highly recommed”

My dog is 15yrs old and needed extensive dental work, he was slow to recover being of such an old age and was kept in overnight. I was very happy knowing biggles was cared for by kind people with love and affection for my pet, biggles was well enough to come home next day and is back to behaving like a puppy again thanks blacks


Reviewed by: Paul on 08/01/2014

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“Twigs Treatment”

Thursday, 19th December our 10 year old greyhound Twiggy was attacked by a Staffie and then a cross collie joined in. She suffered bites on her hind legs and front left leg. Blacks Quinton branch were able to see to her immediately (where she is well known) and treated by Ted. We then had to take her to Dudley, she was extremely stressed at this point. She was kept in for two days, where she was well looked after and treated for all her bites.
Her rear left leg was very badly bitten and we thought she would need surgery, but on Friday 3rd January Brian Hogan said she was healing nicely and didn't need it.
Thanks to all the staff, and especially Simon Gubbins who is treating her at the Quinton branch.
She is such a good patient and a very gentle and intelligent dog who loves people.


Reviewed by: Helen on 30/12/2013

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Our cat, Bernard, needs to attend the vets regularly due to heart failure. Mr Gubbins and all his team at Blacks Vets in Quinton are wonderful - Bernard is a 'bit of a handful' and doesn't take kindly to visiting the vets but turns into the most placid cat ever when he's there. Highly recommended to all


Reviewed by: Sarah on 04/11/2013

Overall rating:


“Highly recommended!!!”

No words can come close to how brilliant the staff are in the Quinton branch, my puppy is with them and she accidentally fell down steep stairs as my other dog knocked her at 7 weeks old, I rang them and they seen her within half and hour in out of hours, my puppy is timid of people at the moment and the staff understand accept that and let her take her time instead of rushing her for injections ect... She was as well sprayed 2 days ago I was so scared after reading a dog didn't make it but the staff sured me she will be fine and wasn't angry when I kept ringing to ask how she was, I feel blacks vets love pets and it isn't just a job to them, I would recommend to anyone