New Priory Vets Brighton

Tel: 01273 540 430

The Deneway
London Road
East Sussex BN1 8QR

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Practice Details

  • Friendly, caring and professional
  • RCVS approved Brighton Veterinary Hospital
  • Great value services - in sickness and in health
  • Vets & Nurses on site 24 hour a day, providing emergency and critical care
  • Diagnostic imaging and cardio-respiratory referrals
  • Excellent facilities and equipment, CT and Digital x-ray, Ultrasound and Endoscopy
  • On site laboratory, Operating Theatres, Laproscopy/keyhole surgery
  • Separate dog and cat waiting areas
  • Off road parking and fully air conditioned
  • Healthy Pet Club - great value
  • We are available 24h a day for advice or help

Average Rating

New Priory Vets Brighton Based on 21 rating(s)s
Best possible rating: 5
Average rating: 4.4
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: VanessaL on 07/11/2015

Overall rating:


“Wonderful Vets”

Such a relief to find such wonderful vets after a bad experience with another Brighton chain of vets. They treat both animals and owners with enormous respect. Friendly staff throughout the practice and some very useful plans to help spread basic care. Would definitely recommend.


Reviewed by: uibpribr on 07/07/2015

Overall rating:



Reviewed by: Andrea Barnes on 19/05/2015

Overall rating:


“Percy Barnes”

Last Tuesday morning my worst fears came true when I awoke to find my beloved 3 year old cat Percy slumped covered in blood and limp in my conservatory. He was initially seen by the Mewes vets in Haywards Heath, who due to his injuries immediately referred him to Priory Vets.

I arrived around six pm last Tuesday with a very distressed cat, who was in a very poor state. He was struggling to breathe and was unable to move much due to his injuries. I myself was in a terrible state and was aware that I could lose my beloved baby at any moment.

From the moment I arrived I was met by incredibly caring and sensitive staff, who took great care of Percy from the word go but also reassured me throughout.

The last week has been horrendous, however the staff at the Priory have been beyond outstanding. They have been honest, kind, caring, realistic and have made a truly awful week 1 million times better than it could have been.

These people genuinely care about the animals as if they were their own, i have seen so many different people there in the last week, yet every single one of them I really couldn't credit more.

In particular Hannah, Polly and Adam have been superb, they may feel they are just doing their job, however the professionalism, kindness and compassion shown by each of them in this last week has been beyond amazing..

In the nicest possible way I hope I won't need to return again, however if I did I would have no qualms about doing so having experienced the warmth, thoughtfulness and compassion shown to me and my beloved Percy this week.

I can't rate this practice or its staff enough.

Andrea Barnes


Reviewed by: Sue Par on 26/01/2015

Overall rating:


“best vets in Sussex”

Been using the New Priory since 1974 when it first opened so have seen many vets come and go but they are always replaced with top quality people. The practice has grown immensely since the early days with a lot of investment, all for the best. I generally like to see either Gordon Richards or John Haggar but realise that the practice has grown and this is not always possible especially in an emergency, I�m usually a bit wary when seeing a new vet but they are always very kind and understanding. for me its very important to have a good relationship with your vet and I certainly do with mine.
I would never go anywhere else


Reviewed by: Dee on 27/12/2014

Overall rating:



Reviewed by: DAVE on 14/11/2014

Overall rating:



I was expecting a lot better. Staff were grumpy, atmosphere was bad and the cost was excessive compared to my last vet (retired) I got the impression that knowing i had insurance they wanted to add test after test and i came away no wiser than i had before except the option of more tests. Okay this practice is high tech and obviously proffesional but nothing was explained to me and i wasn't given a run down on what i was paying for. Wouldn't return there.

Greg Clark

I'm very sorry you weren't happy with your experience Dave. I can assure you we are not 'all about the money' but beyond that it is difficult to comment further without knowing the details of your pet's treatment. If you would like to discuss anything with me, which I would be very happy to do so, then please contact me on 01273 540430 and we can talk about your concerns in more detail.


Reviewed by: Margaret on 21/10/2014

Overall rating:


“Friendly, professional and compassionate ”

I found the Priory after they helped me rehome a dog I had found. I was so impressed by the helpfulness, compassion and friendliness that I registered my 3 cats there.
The vet was so lovely when my cat went in he was purring away and happy. All an owner ever wants.


Reviewed by: Carette on 11/09/2014

Overall rating:


“Highly recommend”

My 2yr old cat, Mia was referred to the hospital by my vets where she was admitted and monitored day and night by staff. I always felt well informed about her treatment and the staff were friendly and took the time to explain all options in her care. The daily updates were a comfort to know that they were doing everything they possibly could. Many thanks to all and I'll be bringing my other pets to them from now on.


Reviewed by: Wendy J on 09/11/2013

Overall rating:


“100% Recommend this practice”

I cannot recommend this practice too highly!
We have been using it for 22 years, for our current cat, Coco, sealpoint Siamese- see FaceBook link for photo and details of his successful cancer treatment at this practice- and our previous cat, Oscar, Oriental tabby, another huge personality, who had thyroid problems and a weak heart but who lived, mainly under the care of John (Haggar)and Andrew (Denning)until the fantastic age of 16 years and 3 months! Coco was only 2 years old when Vicky discovered the huge lymphoma in his neck, and he went straight on to chemotherapy - a demanding and rigorous treatment for both the patient and the staff administering it- every 3 weeks for 18 months; but it was successful and as the post on the practice FB page says, Coco has been cancer-free for over 4 years! Not only that, but he has a great quality of life, racing round the garden, climbing on the roof and keeping the garden free of all interlopers! (two years ago I found him fighting a fox in our back garden, and he wouldn't come indoors for 3 hours afterwards, to make sure it had gone..! nb I am not anti-fox,I feel we must all learn to co-exist..) I cannot praise this practice, which is also a hospital and open 24hrs/365 days a year, highly enough; all the staff I have encountered have been totally professional, as well as extremely kind and caring, in often very difficult circumstances. score is 11 out of 10, if that were possible! With heartfelt thanks to you all :)


Reviewed by: Angela mcdonnell on 06/11/2013

Overall rating:


“Boston terrier syd”

My dog had a c section the vet and all the staff were very good friendly and caring my puppies all 5 are doing well very good after care and follow up appoitments