Boness Veterinary Hospital

Tel: 01582 612604

125 Bedford Road
Bedfordshire MK45 4LP

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As the only Veterinary Hospital in Bedfordshire, and with the only Physiotherapy Centre, you can be assured that your pets will receive the highest standards of medical and clinical care. We have over 100 years of veterinary experience in our friendly team of vets, Supported by 10 qualified registered veterinary nurses, trainees and reception team.

Probably, the finest care in the world!

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Average rating: 4.7
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Erinmai on 27/06/2016

Overall rating:



This is the b st vet I have ever been to my cats love coming here even my cat Magic They also do a lot of work for my mums and my charity stray cat rescue


Reviewed by: Jo smith on 19/06/2016

Overall rating:


“Puppy overdose”

Had to rush my puppy in after she ate some iron pills. Staff were very friendly and understanding.


Reviewed by: Penny on 17/06/2016

Overall rating:


“Grumpy Westie does not like meds”

Warm welcome, lovely staff. Penny my Westie does not like the injection in her nose, they kept notes from a previous visit, got a muzzle and were kind to us both when my laid back little westie got miffed and growley. Meds administered all went well.


Reviewed by: Rico on 13/06/2016

Overall rating:


“Emergency visit”

Excellent service especially for an exotic species a white fronted Amazon parrot


Reviewed by: Tash on 09/06/2016

Overall rating:



Boness staff are caring, friendly and extremely helpful. They are knowledgeable in their fields. Have never had a problem with them.


Reviewed by: Jasper on 17/05/2016

Overall rating:


“Professional and caring veterinary practice”

Nurses clear in their explanation of what was going to happen (and what did happen), knowledgeable of how my dog might be when I got him home - and made just the right amount of fuss of him so he (and I) felt reassured. Fianlly, and perhaps most importantly, the operation seems to have been a total success with no unexpected problems!


Reviewed by: Phil on 07/05/2016

Overall rating:


“Leg injury”

Loved the way my dog ( Hamilton ) was treated, looked after and the follow up treatment he received. My only surprise was when I was told of a additional charge to complete the insurance claim form and the told it was f o c as it is covered under Buster. Smiles all round


Reviewed by: sandra on 07/04/2016

Overall rating:


“Rossi ”

Lovely quick and very friendly


Reviewed by: Danny Power on 20/03/2016

Overall rating:


“Recent Service”

Good service however disappointed with final cost compared to quote originally given.


Reviewed by: JULIE GREEN on 27/02/2016

Overall rating:


“Impressed !”

Just wanted to thank the vet who did the dental treatment on my rabbit this morning (unfortunately I don't know the vets name). Sooty had stopped eating & needed prompt attention. He had some spurs on his teeth & they were causing pain. The vet did a dental while we waited. What impressed me was the vets knowledge of rabbits, the fact that he could do a dental without anaesthetic & the skill he had to do this quickly & to the degree needed as not to alter the angle of the bite by over clipping. He also gave him some pain relief & gut motility meds. After a couple of hours recovery at home & a little tempting, Sooty is happily munching his hay, bouncing around & is a happy bunny again.
Thankyou :)