Folly Gardens Veterinary Clinic

Tel: 01684 290088

12 Columbine Road
Walton Cardiff
Gloucestershire GL20 7SP

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Practice Details

We provide veterinary services to Tewkesbury and surrounding areas.  We specialise in providing both preventative health care to pets and small animals as well as a variety of other treatments.

We pride ourselves on our warm and friendly atmosphere that leads to a comfortable visit for both pet and owner.

We are keen to engage with all the customers, providing expert, professional care with community appeal.

We provide a complete range of services including consultation, vaccinations, neutering and many others.

We have branches at Bishop's Cleeve and Barton Road, Tewkesbury



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Average rating: 4.8
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Lis Harvey on 26/09/2014

Overall rating:


“The best vets in Gloucestershire”

Charlie my Parson Russell Terrier absolutely loves her visits to Folly Gardens and that makes me happy. The staff are always really friendly, provide me with the most up to date advice available and Charlie gets a treat from the vets. The surgery is clean, modern and welcoming and I would never consider going anywhere else.


Reviewed by: Bilbo's owner on 24/09/2014

Overall rating:


“Bilbo in great hands”

I just love the way in which the staff at Folly Gardens are never complacent towards, not only me, but more importantly, my cat Bilbo's needs. They are always compassionate to us both and make a visit to their establishment a pleasurable experience in knowing that they are fully capable in all facets of repairing any of Bilbo's misadventures and making us feel at ease in every way. Thank you Folly Gardens


Reviewed by: Sean on 24/09/2014

Overall rating:


“Key to getting our cat back on her feet.”

Back in January, our cat Lollie was hit by a car and her pelvis was detached from her spine -a really serious injury. The Folly Gardens team spent countless hours putting her back together with complex and time consuming surgery.

When perhaps other owners would have chosen to put her down, this was never an option for us and the care and support we received was second to none. Throughout the process, we never felt like the relationship was one of service provider and customer, but that the staff at Folly Gardens were genuinely invested in getting Lollie back on our feet.

There were bumps in the road, but every time we suffered a setback, the option and outcomes were explained clearly and relatably and eventually she made a full (minus her tail) recovery. We can't thank Folly Gardens enough. They always made time for us and they really helped us (and particularly my wife and pet) through a traumatic period.



Reviewed by: simone on 16/07/2013

Overall rating:


“the best vets around ”

I have 2 rabbits at folly gardens, we pay by direct debit for them and the service we get is out of this world. I know if I ever had a problem they would do anything they could to help.


Reviewed by: Alice on 15/07/2013

Overall rating:


“Thanks Jo Mansfield!”

My dog Rupert had got a bad tummy upset, it was coming out of both ends!! Not surprisingly he didn't want to eat anything so I had the challenge of how to get his medication inside him without using the usual edible treats!!! I felt a bit silly booking an appointment just to be shown how to give Rupert his pills but Jo Mansfield was brilliant and showed me how to give him his pills and gave me the confidence to put my hand inside my dog's mouth!!!

Thanks Jo - Rupert is well on the way to recovery - yay :)


Reviewed by: Sally McVicar on 16/04/2013

Overall rating:


“Friendly and professional vets who makes me feel special”

We have moved to the area recently and have, until now been registered at a corporate owned veterinary practice who have been members of a large group of clinics. We have found Folly Gardens Vets to be a, "breath of fresh air". Our dog Polly has had years worth of ear problems but after three months of treatment at Folly Gardens its completely cured. And she loves being made a fuss of! Would really recommend.


Reviewed by: Ian M on 16/04/2013

Overall rating:


“Greast Vet service”

With 3 cats and two dogs we need a reliable friendly vet that is just around the corner.... Folly Gardens ticks all the boxes...