Goddard Veterinary Group - Kennington

Website: http://www.goddardvetgroup.co.uk
Tel: 020 7735 6541

351 Kennington Road
London SE11 4QE

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Practice Details

  • Accredited under the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme
  • Complete healthcare for pets including vaccination, neutering, parasite control, dietary advice and weight management
  • Comprehensive surgical facilities and fully equipped operating theatre including radiology
  • Renowned referral services offered within the group for more complex cases
  • Free pre vaccination consultations and health checks for registered pets at six and nine months of age
  • Complimentary nurse consultations offered for advice and general pet care
  • 24 hour care is provided 365 days a year by Stone Lion Veterinary Hospital

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Goddard Veterinary Group - Kennington Based on 7 rating(s)s
Best possible rating: 5
Average rating: 4.4
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Thanh on 17/05/2016

Overall rating:



Goddard Vet has been taking care of my 2 kittens for 1 year. All the nurses are very friendly, polite and extremely helpful. Roger is always calm, professional and enthusiastic. I would definitely recommend Goddard for everyone I know.


Reviewed by: C.E on 27/05/2015

Overall rating:


“Totally inadequate service for rabbits”

I took my rabbit to the Kennington Goddard Vets after explaining the symptoms on the phone to the staff. When I arrived for the appointment the vet showed very little interest in my rabbit straight away and told me she was a dog and cat vet and could not give me any advice other than tell me to go to see an exotic specialist vet who might be able to help. She did not offer any other information spontaneously and was abrupt when I tried asking further questions. I expressed how annoyed I was that I was not told there wouldn't be a vet able to review my rabbit properly dispite me explaining the symptoms on the phone.

When I left I was given a bill of £70 for the consultation and for anti inflammatories, which I had to push for.
I will never bring my rabbit to this surgery that claim to work with rabbits. They are completely incompetent and unprofessional. I am very angry and feel like I have been ripped off! I advise everyone to stay clear and seek surgeries that have a vet who is accredited by the rabbit welfare association.

Jeremy Robinson
General Manager

I was very sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction when meeting our locum vet.
The appointment was accepted as it was hoped that we would be able to treat any lameness and because it would be impossible to make any diagnosis over the telephone, however, during your 30 minute consultation it became evident to the vet that there appeared to be neurological issues and that a referral to a specialist was indicated. Pain relief medication can hinder findings during the examination of an animal and so your rabbit was sufficiently medicated with an anti-inflammatory injection before leaving us.
I do hope that the outcome for your rabbit was favourable


Reviewed by: wool8911 on 08/04/2015

Overall rating:


“Very good vets”

Hi there,

I have been using this vets now for the last 7 years for all three of my cats. they are always there for helpful advice and also very good at getting to the roots of the problems quickly. They deal with my insurance claims which is very helpful and prices are very reasonable. Would highly recommend


Reviewed by: Camilla on 28/01/2014

Overall rating:


“Very kind to nervous animals”

My greyhound was very frightened of vets, but has improved hugely thanks to the calmness and kindness of the vets here. They are always helpful and professional and go the extra mile. The surgery is bright, clean and airy - highly recommend.


Reviewed by: Kizzie - Shy's Mum :) on 04/09/2013

Overall rating:


“defo the nicest vet ive been to yet”

The staff were all amazingly friendly, supportive and helpful. Very polite in a stressful time the Vet was extreemly nice and senstivie to finances and our concerns for Shy our cat. I would defo use them again.


Reviewed by: Katherine on 02/05/2013

Overall rating:


“Friendly and knowledgeable practise”

My cat has had quite a few health problems since I got her - each time I've gone to Goddards in Kennington, and each time Roger has put my mind at rest (if not my credit card - thank heavens for pet insurance). A really good practise.


Reviewed by: imogen on 24/02/2013

Overall rating:


“would definitely recommend/ rabbit friendly”

From the friendly and helpful reception staff to the very professional treatments provided by Roger I would certainly recommend Goddard's Kennington branch. It can be very difficult to get good veterinary care for rabbits as many vets lack the extensive experience due to the poor care and attention suffered by many pet rabbits, such that they often die without ever seeing a vet. Roger is a great addition to the neighbourhood and his care and attention in successfully treating gut stasis in two of my rabbits recently was exemplary.