Goddard Veterinary Group - Northolt - Mandeville Veterinary Hospital

Website: http://www.goddardvetgroup.co.uk
Tel: 020 8845 5677

15 Mandeville Road
Middlesex UB5 5HD

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Practice Details

  • Open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
  • Accredited under the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme
  • Fully equipped with the latest medical and surgical facilities
  • Referral services including Diagnostic Imaging, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Hydrotherapy offered within the group
  • Free pre vaccination consultations and health checks for registered pets at six and nine months of age

Average Rating

Goddard Veterinary Group - Northolt - Mandeville Veterinary Hospital Based on 74 rating(s)s
Best possible rating: 5
Average rating: 4.8
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: A. Nawaz on 11/11/2015

Overall rating:


“Knowledge is Comforting ”

The family German Shepherd was suffering for many months from some skin allergy or something more serious.
Frequent visits to the vets for some kind of solution was getting frustrating, we were doing the right thing but was the advise and endless bills getting to resolve the issue - NO! -

one phone call to Mandeville and request to see Jeremy was the beginning of the dogs happiness and our relief - within 3/4 days Rocky was looking great and feeling as good as he had been 6 months ago.

Jeremy got to the issue within minutes, gave us the right medicine for Rocky and most of all the family was at last not tearing their hair out as Rocky had been doing.
IF Dogs could talk sure he would say "Thanks Jeremy!"

Knowledge is Comforting !


Reviewed by: Jo on 22/10/2015

Overall rating:


“Thank you to the staff for being so kind to me and my fish”

I wanted to write and say a special thank you to Natalie, one of the nurses, who recognised my sadness for my dying fish. She was comforting, informative and very professional. All round I received an amazing service and had no idea this hospital was almost on my doorstep. I was very upset about my dying fish and the vet Tomaz I spoke to was amazing and helpful. I was then supported by Natalie during his final moments and she was also amazing. Thanks so much. I would recommend this service without hesitation.


Reviewed by: O Flynn on 21/10/2015

Overall rating:


“Thank you ”

This practice has looked after my little best friend Murphy for all of his nine years.
Murphy has had problems with his anal glands for the best part of seven years and constantly had to have them drained and often had to have antibiotics for infection. I would like to thank all of the excellent vets at this practice who have treated Murphy over the years and more recently to Catherine and Mattia who both provided me with excellent advice as well as their care for Murphy
No choice left for me but to go ahead with removal of his anal glands I was very worried as I had read up on all the scary stories about this op
Last week Jeremy performed the op on Murphy and
It has been a total success. I would like to thank Jeremy very much This is delicate surgery indeed and Murphy is well recovered only because of Jeremy's skill
I would advise any owner who has a dog with anal gland problems not to let it linger on and the dog suffer have the glands removed - preferably by Jeremy at Mandeville!
Also my thanks to the lovely ladies at reception -always welcoming and very helpful


Reviewed by: Karen Clarke on 05/10/2015

Overall rating:


“Long Term Trust”

We have been using this vets for 11 years and have always found them to be professional, caring and accommodating. 11 years ago our puppy of 12 weeks was very ill we took him to another vet who had him for 2 days then called me to say "come and get him but not sure if he will make it", my dad advised us to call Goddards as he had used them for years and was always happy. We arrived with our very sick puppy and to our delight they saved him, we went on to have 11 wonderful years with our dog all thanks to Goddards and for this I will never forget, sadly our boy went to sleep forever September 2015, the staff at Goddards were sympathetic and supportive to us.

We have now gone back with our new Labrador puppy and would never entrust another vets with our precious dogs.


Reviewed by: Pippin on 17/08/2015

Overall rating:


“Pippin thanks you”

I had been told my cat had two serious problems. A second opinion from Goddard reduced my concern considerably and they were far more positive.
Pippin still has to undergo an operation but I am confident she will receive the best care.
Natilie was very professional and showed her concern for me and Pippin.


Reviewed by: Hk15 on 12/06/2015

Overall rating:


“Extremely satisfied with the service my dog received ”

My dog was very well taken care of throughout all his procedures, the operation went smoothly everything was done very quickly very efficiently and the staff were very helpful and our vet was extremely considerate and caring.


Reviewed by: charlene on 10/06/2015

Overall rating:



Both my chihuahuas are looked after by this vet, and they are wonderful in every aspect would recommend to anyone who wants the best care and attention for there little furry friends.


Reviewed by: Sharon and Gary Knarr on 03/06/2015

Overall rating:


“Rosie the Boxer Knarr”

I have to say that the Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Nurses and staff at Mandeville Veterinary Hospital, Northolt! have done so much for my darling Boxer Rosie! She nearly died 2 weeks ago and these guys saved her! She then went and had surgery for Mammary Tumors and a complete full on spay and bless her thankfully she came home this evening and happy to be home but on a lot of pain relief but alive! all thanks to them, thank you so much. I know she won't be here in the next 5 years but she' s here now and our home just wouldn't be the same without her :((( staying awake trying to stop her from chewing drain/tube sticking out from her tummy along with tons of staples xxxx luckily no worky for me tomorrow got to look after her xxx


Reviewed by: Claudia on 02/06/2015

Overall rating:


“Care and treatment of my cat and dog”

Mattea has been excellent in her care of both my cat and dog who unfortunately have been quite ill over the last few months. She listens carefully to worries and concerns , her calm manner and the way she deals with the animals make both them and me feel at ease ,not to mention her clinical diagnosis of both . Thankyou mattea for looking after my pets so well .


Reviewed by: Hayley on 08/05/2015

Overall rating:


“Brilliant service”

I recently rescued my cat from the RSPCA and therefore wanted to ensure he now has the best quality of life after having such a sad and distressing beginning. Goddard Vet Group - Mandeville Northolt, did not disappoint. I was very happy with the friendliness of the staff and company, I had an amazing welcome straight away from the receptionists and throughout with the nurses and vets and definitely felt I had made the write choice by coming to Mandeville.

They are currently doing some work within the reception area which was a little noisy at the time however you could tell it was going to be beneficial to clients in the long run as I think they said it was an expansion for another consulting room.

Ultimately, I am very pleased with the results of care for my cat, they handled him very well as he can be a bit scatty at times and the vet dealt with him with utter professionalism and you could tell she had had experience through her practice.

Thank you Mandeville.