Goddard Veterinary Group - Walthamstow

Website: http://www.goddardvetgroup.co.uk
Tel: 020 8520 5455

117 Grove Road
London E17 9BU

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Practice Details

  • Accredited under the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme
  • Complete healthcare for pets including vaccination, neutering, parasite control, dietary advice and weight management
  • Comprehensive surgical facilities and fully equipped operating theatre including radiology
  • Renowned referral services offered within the group for more complex cases
  • Free pre vaccination consultations and health checks for registered pets at six and nine months of age
  • Complimentary nurse consultations offered for advice and general pet care
  • 24 hour care is provided 365 days a year by Wanstead Veterinary Hospital

Average Rating

Goddard Veterinary Group - Walthamstow Based on 18 rating(s)s
Best possible rating: 5
Average rating: 5.0
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Vet Practice Reviews

Reviewed by: Evie on 04/12/2014

Overall rating:


“Fantastic vet practice!”

So impressed with this surgery! Klaartje, Lorna and Regan are fab - so friendly and patient. Klaartje has been brilliant with my cat during my two visits in the last few weeks - really felt like he was in the best possible hands. Completely recommend this practice.


Reviewed by: Naomi on 17/07/2014

Overall rating:


“Exceptional Practice”

I have only recently moved to the area, and the first thing I did, even before finding myself a doctor, was to find a vet for my rats.

I am so glad that this practice is my local. The staff are so incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and the needs of the animal are put first.

They are a little more expensive than my old practice, but their knowledge of small furries is far more impressive, so I don't mind paying for that!

We have had to visit a little more often than I'd like, but knowing that we are going somewhere so good is reassuring.

Thank you, from me and my boys, for looking after us all so well.


Reviewed by: TRACY on 29/05/2014

Overall rating:



I have been bringing my dog Ronnie to this practice since she was a puppy.

for general check ups etc,and more recently for an infection.
you can see from the way the girls here are with all the animals that come in they are in safe hands.
they shower them with lots of love and cuddles.

Amy the vet is easy to talk to and you never feel rushed Ronnie loves her and is at ease and happy to go there......
I would be happy to recommend their practice to anyone.


Reviewed by: Gill on 27/04/2014

Overall rating:


“Brilliant Vet”

We got Bella the cat almost a year ago - she was a semi-rescue cat and had never had her boosters or been properly looked after. In the first couple of months we had her she was there half a dozen times and each time we went I become more and more impressed with them. The whole team really really love the animals and their care and professionalism shines through all they do. Can't recommend it enough. Particular praise for Lorna the nurse - she's fab!


Reviewed by: Jackie Kearns on 26/02/2014

Overall rating:


“What a wonderful vets”

Had to rush my cat Socks to the vets on Monday due to an injury to his paw.Everyone was so helpful and kind to myself and socks even down to giving me a sweet cup of tea to calm my nerves. His accident means we will be attending the vets on many more occasions.Amy has treated three of my cats over the years she has been working at Goddards in Walthamstow and every visit she has gone out of her way to spend time treating them and explaining to me the options for their conditions.She is always willing to answer any question as are all the staff.we are lucky to have such a friendly vets in our area.


Reviewed by: Katerina on 06/11/2013

Overall rating:


“Lots of care ”


Reviewed by: Sue (cavlover) on 25/10/2013

Overall rating:


“Great vet and nurses.”

I have put a review on before for Grove road practice but I felt I must put one more on. Ten weeks ago our Sophie took a turn for the worse. Though the time was getting on Lorna our nurse managed to get us appointment to see our vet Amy. Sadly Sophie our Cavalier wasn't going to make it home anymore. I cannot thank Amy enough for the gentle way she saw to our girl, Sophie left this world quietly and peacefully. Lorna was there as well with the tissues handy and a hand to hold as I held Sophie as she went to sleep for the last time. It is never easy saying goodbye to a much loved pet but Amy and Lorna's presence helped so very much.
I was given as much time as I needed to say goodbye and wasn't rushed out. I cannot recommend Grove road highly enough, everyone is always so friendly and helpful. I still have Katie our other cavalier and she is always so happy to go to the vets. We tend to always go when Lorna is on duty and she always makes time to get down and say hello to Katie. Amy, Lorna Regan and Emma make a great team.
Thank you all so very much for all you do for our pets and us owners.


Reviewed by: Robyn on 01/10/2013

Overall rating:


“Really a very special place..... ”

This not the first review i have left for this practice, but once again my boy cat Lorca ran into trouble!...he was really pretty sick, and needed to be admitted overnight for IV hydration- The locum vet Angie was very good, caring and knowledgeable, but the real stars were Lorna and her team- Regan and Emma.

Lorna is the most fantastic role model and mentor for her juniors.

Not surprisingly Lorca was terrified and miserable being away from his home and familiar surroundings and would not eat anything.

Lorna called me to say she had turned the lights down, taken him out of the cage, washed his face, and hand fed him....that kindness really made me cry!.

The team simply look after the animals as if they were there own.

I have quite along journey to get to the practice, but would not contemplate going anywhere else.

Thank you so much again everyone, Lorca much better by the way!!



Reviewed by: Mary on 10/09/2013

Overall rating:


“Heart warming ”

Just want to agree with all the previous reviews. We usually attend on Saturdays and see locums, often different ones, and mostly they fit the 'mould' insofar as being informative, respectful and gentle with our very ancient cat. We moved quite some distance away but haven't considered changing vets. A special mention to Lorna who is wonderful.


Reviewed by: Lindsayfj on 04/09/2013

Overall rating:


“Highly recommended!”

The service we have received from the team at Goddards Walthamstow has been outstanding from the very outset. Each one of them has worked hard to make us feel welcome, listen to our concerns and have openly discussed options and solutions with us which has been invaluable. Our kitten was recently unwell and the level of care, compassion and professionalism was outstanding. They are always happy to offer friendly advice and I always know that I could just call them up and ask.

I would highly recommend to anyone-in fact we were recommended by friends ourselves and are so glad we did!


Reviewed by: Sophie Venables on 14/08/2013

Overall rating:


“Fantastic Practice”

There really aren't words to describe how brilliant, kind, thoughtful, professional and good the Vets and Nurses at Goddard's are. From our first visit when our cat had just come to live with us, to the last one this morning when he had to be rushed to hospital with Feline diabetes, every person that we have come into contact with has been knowledgeable, patient and kind.


Reviewed by: Rhiannon Finch on 07/08/2013

Overall rating:


“Extremely helpful and loving to my dogs”

I've been taking our dogs to the Walthamstow practice for at least the last ten years and I couldn't recommend them more highly. Very helpful and supportive staff. Professional vet, Amy is the best vet so far. Very proactive vet rather than reactive. Brilliant for the routine stuff as well as acute/emergency situations. The team are so caring to the dogs which is obviously the main thing but they are also supportive and comforting to us. My dogs seem to love going to the vets and pulls into their forecourt everytime we pass on a walk. That's the best recommendation of all!


Reviewed by: Paul, Sharon on 04/06/2013

Overall rating:


“A little cat very well cared for”

We're cat lovers of old, and have always adopted rescued cats. We have also been taking our cats to Goddards' Walthamstow practise for close to twenty years. The little guy we have now has been beset by a number of health issues, some minor, some not so. As ever, everyone involved in caring for Adam is being as proactive and resourceful as they are gentle and loving in their care and treatment of him, and we cannot thank them enough, nor recommend the practise too highly


Reviewed by: Robyn on 15/04/2013

Overall rating:


“Just Fantastic!”

I have only recently found the Grove Road practice in Walthamstow, but i have to say i have never in 30 years of owning cats i have never , ever found a practice like this.

Amy the current vet and her team of nurses, Lorna, Emma, Regan have cared for my my cat Lorca as if he was there own.

Lorca was pretty sick when he arrived to see Amy, but at all times i was filled with nothing but confidence about his treatment.
They always have time to chat, and are so gentle and loving towards the animals..
My only regret is that we didn't find you all earlier!.
Walthamstow is not by any means my nearest vet, but far and away the best i have ever been to, and so worth the extra travel time.
The team here are the gold standard by which all surgery's should be judged.


Reviewed by: Isobel on 28/03/2013

Overall rating:


“Saved my dogs life!”

I rushed my dog Zephyr to the surgery after she was savagely attacked by an aggressive dog. Amy took every step to ensure Zephyrs well being, performing vital surgery and taking the time to discuss Zephyrs needs and concerns in great details with me. Her nurse Lorna and the rest of the team tended to Zephyr in such a warm and sensitive way. She was suffering with extreme shock a was kept overnight to recover. Although it was painful not being by her side, i was so relieved knowing that i could leave her in such capable and caring hands.


Reviewed by: Dithespy on 16/03/2013

Overall rating:


“Wouldn't take my pets anywhere else”

I have been taking my 3 cats to Goddards in Walthamstow for 10 years now. The staff have always been willing to go 'the extra mile' to help in any way they can. They are also aware of how expensive vets' fees can be and take this into account when recommending treatment, without compromising on the highest standards of care. The current vet Amy is undoubtedly the best vet the practice has ever had (well, in the past 10 yrs anyway!) - she gives an honest opinion about any conditions your pets may be suffering from and even finds time to contact you personally if needed. Lorna is just wonderful!! I believe that she loves my cats almost as much as I do ;-) Thank you to everyone at Goddards Walthamstow - I don't know what the 4 of us would do without you!!


Reviewed by: Arkady on 22/02/2013

Overall rating:


“Highly recommended”

I've been taking my animals to the Grove Road practice for 10 years now, and frankly I just wouldn't take them to see anyone else - the staff at Goddards Walthamstow are second to none. They are always professional, courteous and friendly, with all staff well versed in the latest techniques & medications and fully trained. I can particularly recommend them for smaller exotics such as rats for example, and my cats are always relaxed and at ease when I have to bring them in - Lorna seems to be a definite hit with both my boys! If you're looking for a vet I wouldn't bother looking anywhere else - Goddards should definitely be your first port of call.


Reviewed by: cavlover on 27/09/2012

Overall rating:


“Friendly vet and nurses.”

We have been regular clients of Goddard vets every since they moved to Grove road. Our latest vet Amy and our nurses Lorna and Faye are just the best. They are always ready to help and advise us in any way that they can. They are a friendly team at Grove road and do their best to always put us at our ease. Their care of our pets is caring and gentle and their treatment to them we cannot fault. When visiting the vets there is always a moment to spare to fuss our pets to help put them at their ease.
We can higly recommend Grove road to anyone who is seeking a vet.