Goddard Veterinary Group - Wimbledon - Stone Lion Veterinary Hospital

Website: http://www.goddardvetgroup.co.uk
Tel: 020 8946 4228

41 High Street
London SW19 5AU

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Practice Details

  • Open 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year
  • Accredited under the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Practice Standards Scheme
  • Fully equipped with the latest medical and surgical facilities
  • Referral services including Diagnostic Imaging, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Hydrotherapy offered within the group
  • Free pre vaccination consultations and health checks for registered pets at six and nine months of age
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    Goddard Veterinary Group - Wimbledon - Stone Lion Veterinary Hospital Based on 18 rating(s)s
    Best possible rating: 5
    Average rating: 4.6
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    Vet Practice Reviews

    Reviewed by: Sandra on 04/06/2016

    Overall rating:


    “Thank you!”

    We took our bunny to the vet at 10pm really worried about her, and Dr Frost could not have been more helpful, reassuring, and compassionate. The surgery was really busy, even at that hour, and yet it felt like he had all the time in the world for us. He examined her thoroughly, talking us through every step, and then he explained the treatment and aftercare and made sure we understood exactly what we needed to do to look after her. She felt a lot better after a few hours and was right as rain the next day. We couldn't be more grateful.


    Reviewed by: Digbys mum on 25/04/2016

    Overall rating:


    “emergency care”

    This evening I visited Stone Lion veterinary hospital
    Firstly I called and was calmly reassured and given advice. then invited to attend the out of hours clinic
    Directions were given and advised of possible costs.
    On arrival my pet was immediately treated, once the problem was under control, I again was reassured and advised of what to do next.
    I paid for the treatment provided and suggestion were made regarding insurance but no hard sell at all.
    I left feeling confident that my pet was well.
    I would highly recommend this service to my friends and family.


    Reviewed by: Craig Tubb on 10/03/2016

    Overall rating:


    “Thank you for helping Ted our rabbit”

    Despite being very late at night, Dr Frost was highly professional, engaged, and really cared about our poorly rabbit Ted.
    After a thorough examination, some injections, and some prescribed food, his gut stasis cleared up the very next day - with great relief from my partner and I, and Ted's best friend bunny too.

    Thank you Stone Lion, we know where to come if we have problems again.
    Craig and Amy


    Reviewed by: Wendy on 01/04/2015

    Overall rating:


    “just great thank you ”

    Short and sweet. Exceptional. Ladies on reception just lovely. Vet excellent. Many thanks from us and Reggie (reg)


    Reviewed by: D Dixon on 14/09/2014

    Overall rating:


    “Thank you”

    I just wanted to note my grateful thanks to Stone Lion for their kind, caring and prompt service in the event of my poor old cat's sudden illness. My own vet does not have this out-of-hours service but here, she was given immediate attention as I walked into the centre and I was very well supported with the decision I had come with to have her 'put down'. Thank you so much to the kind receptionist, knowledgeable and reassuring vet and the veterinary nurse for their help with my cat's and my distress.


    Reviewed by: Budd on 13/08/2014

    Overall rating:


    “Unsympathetic ”

    Our rabbit was developing cataract. The lady ophthalmologist was distant, cold and unsympathetic. Luckily we found out about Southampton Vet Hospital where the rabbit was operated. She is now back to normal having regained her sight and confidence.

    Jeremy Robinson
    General Manager

    Rabbit cataract surgery is rarely recommended due to the high complication rates with the surgery plus the risk issues subjecting rabbits to general anaesthesia. Most rabbits are absolutely fine as long as they are safe and secure. This was explained during the consultation and it was assumed that the client was happy with that. Some ophthalmologists refuse to accept rabbits as referral patients at all but perhaps the client viewed the recommendation not to proceed to surgery as 'unsympathetic'. A thorough ophthalmic examination was performed and the findings discussed. In view of the high complication rates which can occur in rabbits with both anaesthesia and surgery, together with the fact that the vast majority adjust to their blindness to lead near-normal lives it was considered in the patient's best interests to wait and monitor. However, we are pleased to hear that another ophthalmologist was able to operate and the the surgery has been successful but his would not alter our original finding.


    Reviewed by: Pet owners friend on 21/07/2014

    Overall rating:


    “The moment we all dread”

    Thank you so much for the complete help and support I received when my cat needed emergency help. From the person who answered the phone to the very suitable receptionist to the very informative and sympathetic vet this experience of my having to say goodbye to my loved pet could not have been improved on. My grateful thanks to you all.


    Reviewed by: J.Hobbs on 09/07/2014

    Overall rating:


    “Fantastic out of hours service”

    My 17 week old Springer Spaniel puppy was suddenly very sick this week. She went from being completely normal to vomiting non stop within seconds and was unable to move at all. Having read about parvovirus and the dangers in puppies I was naturally pretty concerned about the welfare of our dog. After a couple of hours she still hadn't stopped vomiting so I called Lion Stone and spoke directly to the out of hours Vet. He was extremely helpful over the phone and suggested a few tests to look out for dehydration and that I should bring her down for an examination.
    When I arrived, the place was clean and the staff friendly. In fact our little pet decided to shoot diarrhoea over me, the floor and up walls of the reception area!! It was immediately cleaned thoroughly and no fuss made.
    I found both the vet and the nurse took great care of the dog and the examination was in no way rushed. In fact they both seemed to "go the extra mile" to ensure the diagnosis was correct and given the age of the puppy the care given was fantastic. In fact the vet recommended we take her home rather chase the extra £ and keep her in over night as he would expect her to be much better by the morning. I was even chased down the road by the vet while driving away to ensure I didn't give her the antibiotics that evening!!
    Thankfully she made a full recovery by morning and I'm extremely grateful for the service and the cost was not out of this world considering it being emergency.
    Well done guys I now have a healthy dog and 3 happy daughters!


    Reviewed by: Mackay_S on 29/05/2014

    Overall rating:


    “Caring and conscientious”

    My poor cat Hugo was hit by a car a few years ago and Goddard vets sent him to the Stone Lion Hospital where he ended up staying for 3.5 weeks as he was so poorly. It was touch and go a few times but each time he pulled through. I will be eternally gratefully for the care they gave to my cat and for how they also treated me letting me visit him whenever I wanted to.
    It was an expensive episode but he's worth every penny! Thanks again for putting him back together.


    Reviewed by: Luke Fisher on 16/05/2014

    Overall rating:


    “They just encouraged me to euthanise my cat”

    My cat had a broken tail and although it was a serious case the vet on call had no idea how to deal with the problem so they just strongly suggested putting my cat to sleep or getting a pet taxi over to the Royal Veterinary College in Potters bar the other side of London. They just gave me the impression that there was no hope for my cat but on subsequently reading up more I found that there was a 50% chance of full recovery.
    So after a lot of pressure to put her out of her misery I reluctantly agreed to have her euthanised. I regret this and I believe you should give your pet every chance to live and I think the vet on call was just trying to save face in just getting her put down because the condition was beyond her expertise.
    When they put my cat down it was unsuccessful and and not without pain- they resorted to sticking two needles in her liver to end her life- again another example of the amateurism of this vet on call.
    After all this I got a bill for £400 pounds and after paying the vet did not even bother to see me out of the building.

    Shocking stuff.

    Jeremy Robinson
    General Manager - Goddard Veterinary Group

    This cat was examined by one of our experienced emergency and critical care vets who found that she had sadly suffered a very serious injury in which the base of the tail had been pulled away from the pelvis. Both her examination and x-ray revealed that the extent of the injury was so severe that there was no reasonable prospect that the cat would recover sufficiently to enjoy a good quality of life. In much less severe cases it is possible for nerve damage to be reversed but the advice in this case to euthanaise was the kindest one given the nature of her injury which was not of the type where recovery could be hoped for. We are quite experienced at treating so-called tail-pull injuries, particularly given our in-house specialist in neurology so I know that had there been any reasonable prospect of recovery, this would have been the option recommended. Losing a loved pet is never easy, particularly in traumatic circumstances and I am sympathetic to this owners anguish.